One of the finest gray shades with delightfully warm earthy undertones, suggested by designers as a darker alternative to neutral paint colors to pair with any design style.

LRV 52

Color collections would be incomplete without neutrals that can underline your favorite accents or complement serene and unpretentiously monochromatic interiors. Similarly, the Origin selection from the Sherwin-Williams’ Colormix Forecast 2023 isn’t the same without the expert pick natural paint color – Skyline Steel. Colorists encourage us to live in the present through their trendy colors, and SW 1015 is the perfect canvas to share your current feelings on. A real find for true enthusiasts and a classic in its nature, Skyline Steel has its way with the design world. We will elaborate on the subject.

Skyline Steel Paint Color Features

Under the urban-inspired name hides a mid-tone pale silver tone. It is traced to the Neutral color family and finds itself on the color wheel among lighter and darker shades of gray with varying hints of earthy brown. At Skyline Steel, those are rather beige notes of color that lend this shade of gray a magnetic scent of warmth. As some call it – this stone-gray shade makes you feel secure, welcome, and satisfied. All in all, Skyline Steel is a canvas gray shade with timeless features.

Skyline Steel: Is It Warm or Cold?

Interestingly, the earthy gray paint color is one of the finest cool neutrals at Sherwin-Williams, yet, when compared to true cool grays, Skyline Steel seems much softer. Even colorists from SW refer to this shade as “a delightfully warm stone gray.” How come? If you look at the color sample, you can see this shade is cool. As fast as you apply the paint color on a surface, you notice the rather greige side (a combination of gray and beige), which explains why SW 1015 is indeed warm and welcoming. 

How Does Lighting Affect Skyline Steel?

If your room is on the sunny side, expect the warmest version of the stone-gray shade. It will almost fade into a greige or gray-brown color. On the opposite side, if you like the color as it appears on the color sample, a firm silver-gray slightly played down by an earthy drop of color, consider it in a north-facing room where the cold natural light will bring the gray to the fore. 

During the night, the lack of natural light unfolds the hidden brown-beige undertones, resulting in a darker gray shade. Frankly, we cannot even call it any longer gray. It turns into a greige or light taupe – creamy, soft, and inviting.

Skyline Steel LRV

On the Sherwin-Williams website, Skyline Steel has an LRV of 52. What does it mean? The Light Reflectance Value is determined using a scale from 0 to 100, from true blacks to true whites. SW 1015 is somewhere in between, neither light nor dark. Still, it skilfully reflects light, and you can undoubtedly use it in smaller rooms, even if the lighting conditions are not perfect.

Skyline Steel Undertones

You’ve probably figured it out by yourself. The neutral paint color with a stone character is a stately gray shade with subtle beige undertones, which can sometimes feel brown, rendering the resulting natural and organic sense of safety and comfort. Skyline Steel sometimes gives off a purple-mauve vibe, or it can also be a play of gray and beige.

Similar Colors

Grays, greiges, and taupes are very trendy with colorists, designers, and homeowners. Paint manufacturers thrive in these colors. Skyline Steel is usually used as a darker alternative to neutrals. If you like the approach, go through the following deeper grays similar to SW 1015:

  • High Sierra SW 9588 by Sherwin-Williams – the same mid-tone shade of gray with similar undertones; perfect alternative with a distinguishing slightly higher LRV;
  • Colonnade Gray SW 7641 by Sherwin-Williams – a proud representative of the Top 50 Colors collection and a slightly lighter alternative to Skyline Steel;
  • Viaduct SW 9567 by Sherwin-Williams – a tiny bit darker gray with slightly cooler beige undertones; great for spaces with south-facing windows;
  • Alpaca SW 7022 by Sherwin-Williams – one of the favorite greige shades with a similar to Skyline Steel mid-tone gray base that may seem greige, taupe, and even purple; slightly lighter than SW 1015;
  • Hazelwood 1005 by Benjamin Moore – an almost unnoticeable softer and more purplish-gray hue;
  • Dusted Cappuccino by Dulux – the gray note slightly gives up in this lighter greige paint that feels warmer than its counterpart from SW;
  • Doeskin Gray N200-2 by Behr – a considerably lighter gray with an almost 98% similarity of undertones with Skyline Steel.

Coordinating Colors

Besides the expert choice Shell White, a pleasantly warm white shade, Skyline Steel also pairs well with pure whites, different shades of saturated blue, dark grays, and natural variations of bright colors, such as warm terracottas, earthy browns, and organic greens. The list is pretty comprehensive. Get a taste of each!

  • Pure White SW 7005 – one of the best white paint colors, a versatile and clean white that works with everything;
  • Shell White SW 8917 –  a very bright and warm shade of white with pearly pink undertones;
  • Natural Linen SW 9109 – a light shade of organic beige with soft yellow-pink undertones;
  • Sleepy Blue SW 6225 – a light and powdery-cool blue, right like the early morning sky in the summer;
  • Niebla Azul SW 9137 – a medium-to-light blue-gray resembling the cool and voluminous clouds on a quiet summer day;
  • Secret Cove SW 9058 – a saturated middle tone of blue with a cool mountain air undertone; a modern accent blue with soothing abilities;
  • Tempe Star SW 6229 – a dark and cool gray-blue, or dark navy blue, if you like, that gorgeously contrasts light colors;
  • Porpoise SW 7047 – a dark gray almost fading into a foggy black, perfect to pair with light grays;
  • Rookwood Sash Green SW 2810 – a deep green-blue giving off a subtle gray undertone for statement accents on a neutral background;
  • Relentless Olive SW 6425 – a dark and energetic olive green with warm yellow undertones that allures with its organic vibrancy;
  • Leather Bound SW 6118 – a bright, earthy brown with faded orange hints as if out of a watercolor palette;
  • Earthen Jug SW 7703 – a brownish terracotta paint color with very bright and warm undertones ready to pair with neutral shades and reveal its full gathering of emotions.

Use of Skyline Steel in the Interior

Painting with colors from the Neutral family is easiest. They pair perfectly with all design styles, color palettes, textures, and decor. Analyzing the use of Skyline Steel in interior design, we came to some great design ideas. 

A Background Color for Texture

Don’t pass by the neutral Skyline Steel paint if you plan on decorating your lounge area, bedroom, or kitchen with natural texture, such as untreated wood flooring, organic linen curtains, natural richly grained rugs, woven throw pillows and blankets, and so on. Even better if you already have all this and need to repaint the walls only. The mid-tone greige from SW allows rich textures to steal the show while staying in harmony with the backdrop color due to its hidden earthy undertones.

Modern Gray 

Instead of clean whites and grays that slightly lose their relevance, paint your walls in Skyline Steel, which has more body and resonates with the beauty of modern interiors. Sizable furniture with unique shapes, boucle accent chairs, curved sofas, distinguishable end tables of expensive stone, large windows, open floor plans, and aesthetical decor all work on the greige background in a contemporary interior.

Serene Bedroom

As friendly as Skyline Steel is with bright colors, it still likes to play it low-key in the bedroom. It attracts calm energy and comfort, which matter most in the sleeping space. Pure whites and dark grays are favorites in a greige bedroom. Designers also use SW 1015 in Rustic bedrooms with a Vintage twist since the irreplaceable wood antiques look lovely on the stone-gray background. Note that the lack of natural light, especially at night, makes the mid-tone gray paint color go a few notes lower and seem darker, resulting in either greige or taupe. This transformation is perfect for a more personalized cocoon effect in the evening.

Neutrally Colored Nursery

In an era when homeowners and designers opt for gender-neutral nursery colors, colorists also have their say. One of the top nursery color choices at SW is the pleasant greige Skyline Steel that accepts accent colors and, most importantly, ensures a safe and calm space for your little ones. Professionals primarily work with pastel browns, purples, and greens as additional colors on textiles. 


Skyline Steel is a comeback color, easily integrating into traditional kitchens with worn-by-time brass hardware and decorated facades. As an inspiration source for furniture designs, experts see it as appropriate in modern monochromatic kitchens, from full minimalist solutions to elegant chic. White marble and light wood are the best pairings.


Skyline Steel suits the bathroom when used on wall paneling in the company of brass or silver hardware and expensive stone. This design option is a blend of vintage luxury and modern color. You can cast a warm beige shadow on the bathroom with proper lighting or inject a strong taupe effect.

Use of Skyline Steel for the Exterior

With Skyline Steel, you can be safe that your exterior house paint color won’t fade out in direct natural light. SW 1015 has enough gray and beige to conquer your heart. Mostly seen on traditional wood houses, the slate gray shade is slowly becoming a favorite for modern house exteriors. Mainly recommended for sunny locations, the greige paint color won’t lose its charm in other conditions as well if paired with pure white trim.

The Skyline Steel SW 1015 paint color by Sherwin-Williams is a renowned greige shade that enriches many timeless color collections with its enchanting neutrality. Don’t sleep on the opportunity and enter the new design season with new neutrals and replace the popular whites and grays with more authentic paint colors, at which chapter Skyline Steel undoubtedly wins.

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