A popular variation of beige, updated and enriched with soft yellow and pink notes that add the right amount of comfort and keep it stylish.

LRV 66

Like any other trends, color tendencies come and go, with some making impressive comebacks. This is the case with beige, which was very popular once, then replaced by gray and greige, and now it seems to enter the trends again.Today, it is not the yellowish beige that renders a striking warm vibe but a neutral beige that goes with almost any style and offers just the right amount of coziness. A prominent paint color in this sense is the irreplaceable Natural Linen SW 9109 from Sherwin-Williams.

Not to our surprise, this paint color is part of the Top 50 Colors collection, which makes it a popular shade and a favorite among designers. Let’s see what hides behind the updated variation of beige that homeowners constantly fall in love with!

Natural Linen paint color features

The new beige has a neutral base with the slightest trace of yellow for a balanced sense of comfort and the tiniest particle of pink that offers depth. Generally speaking, Natural Linen is almost a true shade of beige, whose subtle undertones add individuality rather than spoil its pure nature. Speaking of nature, as the name implies, this paint color perfectly renders the natural linen texture. As you know, natural features are other elements that lead the interior and exterior trends.

Natural Linen: is it warm or cold?

The slight yellow scents are enough to add a sleek sense of warmth. Still, this paint color doesn’t feel overly warm. As they say, everything is under control, which is true about this paint color; by no means cold, yet warm enough to preserve comfort. The subtle particle of warmth will be part of this shade even in spaces with northern exposure.

How does lighting affect Natural Linen?

In rooms with northern exposure, SW 9109 is more of a muted beige that stays true to its nature and doesn’t give up on the soft particles of warmth. On the other hand, Natural Linen seems slightly warmer in spaces with south-facing windows, particularly when the sunlight directly interacts with its surface, bringing the pinkish notes to the surface. From the perspective of artificial lighting, everything is simple – cool lighting acts like northern exposure on the paint color, while warm lighting has an effect similar to southern exposure. 

Natural Linen LRV

This is when we can reveal the real face of Natural Linen. It appears to be a medium paint color. How did we determine it? The Light Reflectance Value of 66, which is considered on a scale from 0 to 100, is a reliable fact to back our statement. Take 100 for true shades of white and 0 for pure variations of black, and you will get it. This value refers to one more aspect – it shows how much light this shade can reflect, which is a substantial amount in this case.

Natural Linen undertones

Nothing new on the horizon. Natural Linen covers nothing more but a few touches of yellow and pink that add uniqueness, yet they don’t take a bit from the neutrality of this paint color, which makes it stand out in the range of beige variations.

Similar colors

Since beige is a trend now, it is no surprise color brands come with their alternatives, even as close as to be called identical and similar to SW 9109. Searching through the color palettes of Sherwin-Williams and other manufacturers, we came up with an array of paint colors you can safely use instead of Natural Linen. Scroll through it!

  • Natural Tan SW 7567 – besides the fact that the names are close to each other, this fascinating beige can be called almost identical to Natural Linen; still, as the name implies, it is slightly lighter;
  • Kestrel White SW 7516 – a noticeably lighter color variation, although the subtle yellow and pink particles kept their place;
  • Patience SW 755 – with a pretty close LRV, this is a clearly warmer shade, yet it doesn’t go far from SW 9109;
  • Sand Castle ECC-51-2 by Behr – identical beige paint; only a thorough analysis would spot an unnoticeably less intense variation;
  • White Valance by Dulux Australia – as with the previous case, almost the same shade of beige, although here, even an eagle eye would not spot a difference.

Coordinating colors

As usual, we would like to suggest you paint colors for the trim, which, in this case, are rather pure shades of white. Next come shades that generally work with Natural Linen, among which white variations with warm undertones. One should not skip shades of blue, green, and coral, all due to the muted effect that colorists from SW came up with when developing SW 9109.

  • High Reflective White SW 7757 – a very clean white shade that works particularly for the trim and other accents;
  • Pure White SW 7005 – a neutral off-white shade with a few touches of balanced gray and blue for a soft and cool variation;
  • Greek Villa SW 7551 – off-white hue with a creamy base that radiates warmth, penetrated by a few yellow scents;
  • Divine White SW 6105 – a paint color astonishingly similar to Natural Linen, although a few shades lighter;
  • Antler Velvet SW 9111 – medium brown paint with a pretty soft base, slightly warmed up, that resembles the velvety texture;
  • Gris Morado SW 9156 – a sophisticated navy blue paint color that seemingly interacted with a few earthy scents, featuring a slight foggy surface;
  • Sea Salt SW 6204 – prominent representative of the new gray-green variations with a soft and airy base that refreshes and sets a calm vibe;
  • Peppercorn SW 7674 – popular paint color that replicates a dark gray, featuring a balance of warm and cool.

Use of Natural Linen in the interior

We would like to show you how this shade works in practice, from specific styles to the general integration of Natural Linen into the interior, which is no less impressive than its description. It is indeed an update to beige paint colors that also brings new approaches to interior design.

A transition from Coastal to Farmhouse

You have probably seen the combination of styles within the same interior in magazines. A prominent example is an interaction between Coastal and Farmhouse, where Natural Linen would serve as a standout transition background regardless of the modern or traditional approach you go with. You can slightly gravitate towards one style or combine them equally. To match the contemporary design rules, keep it sleek from both perspectives with slight touches of Coastal and Farmhouse here and there.

All-beige living room

Natural Linen is such a delightful shade that it would be a shame to spoil it with just a few new colors. This is why designers suggest considering it for all-beige interiors, particularly in the living room. Yes, it is possible to make a statement with a single shade, and SW 9109 feels the perfect one to start with. Minimalist and Boho styles work best for this paint color. One should note that particular exposure has a specific effect on the color, so you should make sure that Natural Linen looks the way you want in your space.

Boho bedroom

From a general point of view, you can apply this neutral paint color to any style. It will preserve its role either way, which is to keep comfort within. Still, the most successful way to integrate Natural Linen into your bedroom is by opting for the Boho style, considering various beige shades, adding texture, and going as unique as possible.

Cozy kitchen

Primarily for the traditional yet no less impressive for modern approaches, Natural Linen is your no-fail option if you fancy a sleek, stylish, and not devoid of comfort interior. The neutral beige for the cabinets requires no to a few accents, such as brass or black elements. Depending on the style, you can go with a black or marble backsplash. One thing to note: no clutter; let the lovely shade of beige breathe its beauty into your interior.

Inviting hallway

Since the updated beige shade has impressive comforting features, it would not work less appropriately in this sense in the hallway, where a lovely paint like this acquires the most inviting feeling and radiates it to the fullest. You can safely decorate the walls, although we suggest leaving them as they are – full of the comfort that you will wait to come home to every day.

Use of Natural Linen for the exterior

Looking slightly lighter when put into practice for the house exterior, Natural Linen seems as warm and welcoming as on the sample, which makes it a go-to paint color. The balanced beige looks exceptionally good on brick house walls with white trim or striking accents, although other alternatives are not to be skipped. If you consider this shade for the front door, make sure that your exterior walls are painted in a lighter color variation for the unobtrusive and stylish transition from one shade to another.

The Natural Linen SW 9109 paint color from Sherwin-Williams is perfect for starting a makeover. Considering that beige is only beginning to enter the trends, be among the first ones to opt for an updated version of a color that promises to stay up to date for the next seasons.

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