Trending interior finishing solutions in 2020

At the turn of 2019–2020, a person has a noticeably developed vision, and he is scrupulous in choosing everything that relates to living space. Therefore, interior trends are primarily subject to the main trends – individualization and aesthetics. What to look for in order to create a fashionable interior.

Everything “natural” created by man

The global trend is on the agenda – the creativity and spontaneity of nature, the genius of the human mind and technological breakthroughs. In other words, all decorative solutions and decoration materials “from nature”, processed by a person or created by a “smart” machine, become relevant. It can be any texture of wood, stone, hand-made surface or, say, panels printed on a 3D printer.

Flora and fauna

Wallpaper prints with large flowers and exotic animals returned to fashion – they replaced graphic and abstract patterns. They perfectly take root in our apartments, where both wallpaper and bright solutions are relevant.

Not only tiles

Bathrooms and toilets are less often totally tiled, as was customary, a couple of years ago. The householders are increasingly asking to combine tiles, for example, with paint or wallpaper – of course, moisture resistant. The designers explain this by striving for diversity and aesthetics.

Alternative textures and shapes

The once-beloved hexagon and marble squares are left to “rest”. The trend is non-banal tile: with a texture for metal, wood, with volumetric textures. But stone, concrete and wood retain their strong positions.

Panels of straw and rattan

Cute Viennese straws and “wicker” appear today not only in familiar places – street furniture, facades of chests of drawers and sideboards, headboards, lamp chairs and lampshades. They swung at a brighter role in the interior in the form of large wall panels or translucent partitions to the ceiling, well transmitting light and at the same time creating privacy.

Chess aesthetics

It’s hard to believe, but the classic flooring is back: floors in a black and white cage are back in fashion. Only now, designers use this monochrome and effective version not only in hallways and kitchens, but also in the bathroom and even the living room.

Docking materials

Love for patterns and unusual materials is expressed in the design of the flooring. A fashionable technique for the upcoming season is to use the junction of different materials not only to delimit functional zones, but also as decorative accents, to draw attention to their opposite.

Cork return

This eco-friendly, soundproof and incredibly warm material has previously been actively used in interiors. However, for the most part for children and classrooms. New technologies for the manufacture of cork floors make it possible to give them such an artistic look and thin surface that it’s not a sin to lay most of the apartment with it.

Wood even on the ceiling

The tree in the interior is perhaps the most “Scandinavian” theme. Painted wooden ceilings are increasingly found in private homes, even in bathrooms and toilets. They are very effective, especially in tandem with modern linear types of lighting.

Colored and dark ceilings

Ceilings are increasingly coming to the fore in the visual component of the interior. They are painted in the color of the accent wall, in a color different from the walls and floor, as well as in deep and dark shades. This not only allows you to find new decorative solutions, but also to reach a new level of geometry in the room.

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