Green accent wall: 16 ideas with photos + inspiration for any room

Many interior designers call green a universal color. It is in harmony with most other shades. Creates an elegant combination with gray, fruity and berry bouquet in combination with pink, and fills the room with the freshness of summer along with yellow. It looks unusual with muted red, makes an airy atmosphere in the company of blue, and looks natural with brown and beige, creating a calm mood.

Green can be used as small blotches or give it an entire wall, focusing on it. Let’s consider several ideas for creating such a green accent wall.

Elegant brevity

The simplest solution is to paint or paste over one of the walls in green with plain wallpaper. Designers recommend choosing a muted shade, such as light green or pastel gray-green.

In this case, green will be too lonely in the interior, so it is better to make other walls white or light beige and the shades of other objects the same, adding a few tones of a different color, for example, dark brown or gray.

A large painting

Another easy-to-use option is to hang a large painting with an extensive image in green tones on the wall. Its width can be equal to or even exceed the length of the furniture over which the canvas is located, for example, the sofa. The height should also be significant to give the impression that almost the entire wall is occupied by canvas.

For this purpose, you can use a painting or a poster printed on a printer from a photograph. The main thing is that the primary colors on it are exactly green.

It is also essential to provide a color balance with other interior elements to not overload the color perception of the environment. By the way, there may be more than one painting. Several canvases with the same motives or modular solutions look interesting.

Wallpaper with a pattern

Wallpaper does not have to be plain. It looks attractive when the accent wall is covered with wallpaper with a pattern, and the interior contains elements of one of the shades on the wallpaper.

This technique allows you to create a single color field, to support the accent wall range. However, there may be a feeling of congestion in space and lack of air from the abundance of green color in this situation.

Green panoramic wallpaper

Another version of the painting on the accent wall is a panoramic wallpaper depicting a forest or meadow, plant stems, bamboo, and grass. Juicy shades of greenery will bring a feeling of closeness to nature, add freshness to the interior, and help visually expand the space if you choose an option with a perspective.

If you also take care that other objects of the same shades as on the wallpaper are present in the room, the effect will turn out to be surprisingly harmonious.

You can paste over the entire wall as a whole or part of it with photo wallpaper. You can place the canvas in a niche or frame with a baguette.

Green tile

A variation of the first idea is to decorate the accent wall with green tiles. This solution is appropriate in the bathroom. It looks original and helps to create the relaxed atmosphere that is so necessary for this room.

You can not fill the entire wall with tiles, but only part of it, creating a ceramic decorative panel. This method is suitable for highlighting the area where the bathtub or sink is located.

The rule of tonal balance also applies here. The tiled green accent wall will look especially impressive if the rest of the environment is white, and only a few details are painted in one of the discrete colors: natural wood, pastel pink, or pale blue.

Green brick

Experiments with textures can be continued. Why not paint in green the brutal brick, which is often used for finishing walls in industrial-style rooms?

If the usual red or brown shade of brick can be seen in most of these interiors, then green is a rare occurrence. In this case, it is recommended to choose dark tones, possibly with the addition of blue and brown. They will harmoniously fit into an industrial interior, in contrast to bright greens and light green. And other decor items in the same color will help to maintain the color scheme.

Soft headboard

A large soft headboard in green will help to draw attention to the area above the bed. It’s simple: we order a headboard not of the usual height, but of the maximum one – up to the ceiling itself.

This will not only create an original accent in the bedroom but also make it cozier if you use soft velvet upholstery. However, the material can be anything. Leather (natural or artificial), painted wood, and other materials are suitable.

The high headboard, covered with a fabric with a photo print, looks interesting. As if there is panoramic wallpaper on the wall. With such a bright headboard, your bedroom will instantly transform.

Green panels

A variation of the previous idea – green panels that occupy part of the accent wall. A colored strip along the bed or sofa, the working area, will help to visually highlight it and bring brightness to the interior.

The top of the wall can be left white, just like the rest of the walls in the room. It is also good to support the green accent with small blotches of the same shade in the form of a sofa cushion, vase, blanket, plant – in a pot or vase. 

Such an accent wall will help “stretch” the room in the right direction and slightly “lower” the ceiling if it seems too high to you.

Exactly in tone

You can not only paint or paste over one of the room walls with green wallpaper but also pick up the furniture of the same tone. Or paint the existing one. And place it near the green wall. If there is a door on the same plane, then make it the same color.

An attractive monochrome design will turn out: one color, but three-dimensional. It looks unusual. And small details in a contrasting shade will help enhance the impression.

This idea can be used on different walls: with doors and windows, wardrobes and pedestals, etc.

With furniture

Why not use furniture to create a green accent? A large wardrobe is quite capable of drawing attention to the wall you choose.

By choosing the right shade for swing or sliding doors, you can solve two problems at once. The first is to provide the necessary storage space for clothing and other items. The second is to transform the atmosphere by making one of the room walls an accent. The rule is the same – maintaining a balance: let the rest of the design consist of a maximum of two colors.

Green zoning

With the help of the green wall, you can visually highlight one of the areas of the room. The easiest way is to paint or wallpaper the wall next to the lounge chair, bed, desk, or play area.

A more complex solution is to draw equal green sections of two opposite walls. And at the same time, maintain the color scheme, for example, with curtains. You will get the maximum effect. One gets the impression that he sees not one but two rooms at once: one is located behind the other and is connected to it by a wide opening.

Living wall

If you want to turn the room into a real garden, you can create an entire wall of green plants. A living wall is an unusual decoration that will become a central element in a living room, dining room, hall, or other room.

You can use any plants for a living wall: with large hanging leaves, herbaceous, flowering. However, succulents and moss are popular, less demanding in care than deciduous varieties of flora. You can create a living wall from one type of plant or several, as well as decorative panels with combinations of plants and wood planks, and so on.

This solution is quite challenging to implement. You will need to mount containers with soil on the wall, organize a hydroponic system, and take care of watering and lighting.

But the result will be simply amazing.

Many flower pots

The task can be simplified by decorating the wall with several rows of identical flower pots with plants. Or many pots of different colors and shapes. Or place plants in planters of the same design and color but different sizes.

You can arrange the pots on shelves or build them into the wall. Fix containers on its surface or place them on a rack. The pots themselves can become additional decor because no one limits your imagination in choosing their design.

Green window

The role of a living accent wall can be played even by a window to which the trees of the garden fit closely. The effect will be maximum if the window openings are extensive, from the ceiling to the floor. This creates the feeling that the room connects with the space outside the window, and the tree branches look into it.

When there is no such environment in your house or apartment, you can make it yourself. You will need a balcony: you can decorate it outside with hanging pots with hanging plants – over the entire area. This will allow you to “transform” an unsightly view from the window if there is a blank wall of a neighboring house in front of it. Such a peculiar accent wall may be relevant even when your windows look directly into the windows of neighboring homes.

Whichever solution you choose for a green accent wall, designers recommend ensuring that this shade is the primary in the interior. This means that there should not be many other colors.

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