Designer-Approved Grasscloth Wallpaper: Best Products

With a long history and timeless appeal, grasscloth wallpaper has always been a go-to wall-covering option for those who enjoy the refined style of textured finishes and the naturalness of colors delivered by organic wall covers. Made of natural fibers like bamboo, jute, seagrass, or sisal with a hand-woven style, this trendy wallpaper design will add a touch of natural grain to your living space. Here are a few of the most popular products at an affordable cost and the best ways to style them.

Top Grasscloth Wallpaper Products

NuWallpaper Beige Grasscloth Wallpaper

Perfect for wall decor and DIY ideas, this textured wall cover displays a gorgeous natural color that will effortlessly integrate into any room. On top of that, its peel-and-stick feature makes it easy to install and reposition. 

Brewster Home Fashions Tan Bamboo Cover

Neutral-colored grasscloth wallpaper rendering the natural bamboo texture. The organic neutral color and visual grain add authenticity to this wallpaper. Perfect for decorating your living room, bedroom, or dining room with style.

York Wallcoverings Modern Seagrass Wallpaper

This rich-textured cover combines a range of natural colors like beige, tan, and brown in a harmonious pairing with a seagrass finish. Opt for this contemporary choice to enrich your home with tropical allure.

Brewster Home Fashions Textile Wallpaper

The brown grasscloth wallpaper with a textured finish delivers a solid, natural feel. Surround your living space with warmth and eco-style due to this textured wallpaper. Its rich grain provides an extra touch of outdoor beauty.

RoomMates Dark Vinyl Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wall cover revealing realistic grasscloth texture under the versatile vinyl surface you can use in any room. Apply this removable wallpaper to walls or furniture. Its statement color will add that extra accent to your interior.

Yancorp Faux Grasscloth Paper Cover

This beige peel-and-stick paper looks like authentic grasscloth. Add this seamless alternative to any living or utilitarian space, on walls or furniture. Its light color palette paired with perceivable texture looks expensive.

Tempaper Geometric Faux Jute Cover

Modern wallpaper with a geometric design in neutral colors that will add comfort to your home. In addition, the vinyl finish makes it a perfect choice for walls and furniture in any room. The visible texture brings it pretty close to natural wallpaper.

Zeeko Beige Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Neutral-colored faux grasscloth wallpaper. This removable vinyl wall cover is perfect for wall and furniture decoration. The light color and standout texture easily fit any design style. Add elegant style to your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

York Wallcoverings Dark Brown Grasscloth Wallpaper

This washable grasscloth paper renders a harmonious pairing of earthy shades in the company of natural texture. Add an enclosed feeling of comfort and safety to your bedroom or living room. 

NuWallpaper Gray Textured Wallpaper

The modern vinyl wallpaper reveals rich grain in a light gray. This peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great addition to your living space, especially in small rooms. Benefit from its quality texture effect. 

Patton Wallcoverings Brown Paper

Warm-colored wallpaper with a contemporary design revealing a beautiful grasscloth finish. Beautify your bedroom or living room with this welcoming wall cover. The subtle metallic effect will add elegance to your living space.

Tempaper Cream Grasscloth Vinyl Paper

Enjoy the organic combination of this soft cream and faux fabric finish in any room. The traditional style of this wallpaper will enrich your space with timeless beauty. The rich grain will compensate for the lack of texture in your room.

HueBurst Blue Vinyl Wall Cover

Ultra-modern wallpaper with a soothing blue hue. This peel-and-stick wall cover with a vinyl finish will perfectly decorate any room. Feel free to use it for DIY ideas, such as redecorating furniture.

VEELIKE Light Green Grasscloth Wallpaper

Coastal-style wallpaper in a fresh green shade. Opt for a fast makeover of your bedroom, living room, or bathroom with this easy-to-install vinyl paper. Don’t hesitate to add this textured cover to utilitarian spaces or furniture.

NuWallpaper Neutral Grasscloth Paper

Easy to install and remove – this light gray wallpaper is an excellent choice for stylish redecorations. Apply it to living and practical spaces. The contemporary style and organic texture perfectly combine in this modern wallpaper.

VEELIKE Green Grasscloth Waterproof Paper

This statement blue-green wallpaper reveals occasional golden pops of expensive color. The hidden grasscloth texture adds more luxe to this versatile wall decor. The water-resistant surface will perfectly suit your kitchen or bathroom. 

Norwall Beige Texture Wallpaper

Washable, faux texture covering in a pleasant light color that will add freshness and visual interest to any room. Try it in your sleeping space or bathroom. It will effortlessly share its naturalness with your interior.

WESTICK Teal Waterproof Wallpaper

Green blends with gold in this water and stain-resistant vinyl wall cover. You’ll love using this versatile self-adhesive wallpaper for wall and furniture decoration. You can renovate an old piece of furniture instead of buying a new one.

Design Ideas with Grasscloth Wallpaper

The grasscloth wall cover is not an option for one style only – nature-related design ideas. Its organic beauty resonates with various design concepts, from roaring retro to cottagecore aesthetics. Get the best results using grasscloth wallpaper in your home by considering the following go-to design ideas shared by interior designers.

  • Natural grasscloth wallpaper with a textile finish isn’t the best fit for humid spaces like the bathroom; try vinyl alternatives instead – they perfectly repeat the natural texture.
  • Make the most of authentic seagrass, bamboo, or jute wallpaper in your living spaces, such as the bedroom, lounge zone, or dining room.
  • Apply dark-colored grasscloth coverings to large rooms’ walls for extra comfort and security.
  • Light-colored wallpaper, whether faux or natural grasscloth, works best for small rooms that need more light.
  • Accompany grasscloth-decorated walls with Asian-style or Mid-Century Modern furniture, whose minimalist and functional shape will effortlessly emphasize the rich texture of textile wallpaper.
  • Don’t rush into choosing bright colors for furnishing and decor next to grasscloth wall cover. Think of neutral, natural, or pastel hues. They better match the textured finish of natural wallpaper.
  • Wood, bamboo, or stone furnishing, together with organic-fiber textiles, look harmonious next to walls covered with natural wallpaper. For extra flair, opt for metallic accessories in the kitchen or bathroom.

What to Consider When Buying Grasscloth Wallpaper


Don’t miss this part when choosing the product. Look for faux grasscloth covering with a vinyl finish for utilitarian rooms like bathrooms or laundries. Or, feel free to apply textile or paper grasscloth wallpaper in any other living space, such as your bedroom or family room. Natural wallpaper isn’t waterproof or stain-resistant, which doesn’t suit practical surfaces. Yet, it perfectly fits living spaces, especially for its decorative features.


The golden rule when choosing your home’s primary color is attention to size and light. Small rooms with little access to natural light need lighter wallpaper colors like neutrals or pastels. Simultaneously, spacious rooms with large windows will benefit from a deeper, pigmented shade of color, helping the room feel comfier. Avoid overly bright hues. Tan, beige, brown, green, or blue are the best choices for grasscloth wallpaper.


Grasscloth paper is also used for furniture renovation. If that’s your purpose, stick to self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper with an easy-to-clean, waterproof finish. Keep naturally textured textile wallpaper for walls only, yet avoid humid spaces. 


Is grasscloth wallpaper in style?

Nothing compares to the natural texture of bamboo, sisal, or jute wallpaper when it comes to wall decoration. It is easy to apply, remove, and take care of. Undoubtedly, the grasscloth cover is a timeless choice. 

How do you clean grasscloth wall covers?

Unless this is faux grasscloth vinyl wallpaper, you should clean the wallpaper with a dry cloth or brush – gentle moves only to avoid damaging the surface. You should know that grasscloth covers are waterproof yet not washable. The most outstanding feature is its breathability. Ensure occasional flows of natural air. 

Is grasscloth wallpaper more expensive than paper covers?

If we speak about natural wallpaper, yes – this eco-friendly option of organic fibers may get a higher price. However, contemporary manufacturers offer quality faux grasscloth alternatives that you can even apply to bathroom walls. 

Bring nature closer to your home with grasscloth wallpaper, or think of nature-related designs with a list of the best nature wallpaper products.

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