Gold wall decor: 10 stylish ideas to match your style with 30+ photos for inspiration

Gold wall decor is the best idea for those who want to add a new sparkle to their room. One tiny gold element on your wall will enrich it with enough splash of color, light, and elegance. Sounds simple, isn’t it? As easy as it appears to be, this kind of decor is tricky. Would you like to know why? The smallest mistake can spoil the picture and make the decor seem overdone. But this is not what you want. You are looking for perfect wall decor and this is what we will provide you with.

We have prepared a list of 10 glamorous ideas for gold wall decor to give you an insight into what it should look like and inspire you for something new. We tried to stick to simple ideas that make quite a statement that would be easy to integrate into any style. We promise you an adventurous trip, during which we will reveal to you some of the best ideas for gold wall decor, provide you with practical tips and inspire you through an array of photos to match your style. 

3 starting points to be considered

  • Color combination. Before deciding upon the appropriate gold elements for wall decor, we suggest you consider the color of the wall. It will work best with a soothing background, allowing you more freedom regarding the number of gold units. At the same time, bold colors may limit you in this sense, or even reduce the possibility of decorating the wall with gold elements. 
  • Room decor style. There are gold wall decor ideas that would match any style. Nevertheless, you have to find the appropriate one. Each element of this decor has to be part of the general picture and integrate into the style, but not stand as a separate unit. 
  • Space limits. One thing is the wall decor itself. Another one is the space it needs. Therefore, we suggest you consider the available space on your wall. It should be noted that this does not mean that you cover the entire wall with gold elements. On the contrary, you have to choose an appropriate unit that would not surpass the entire room decor. Gold is a bold step when it comes to room decor and it has to be chosen appropriately.

Elegant gold mirror

An elegant mirror on the wall will make your room seem larger and bring a new sparkle to it. Particularly a gold decor element will bring sunshine into your room even on rainy days. It should be noted that it does not have to be necessarily a mirror used for makeup or something of the kind. On the contrary, it will work only as a decorative unit that will enrich the room decor. 

Furthermore, there are various designs you can opt for that would match any style. Therefore, you can consider a traditional style for a room that incorporates the same concept or a simpler one for a minimalist room. It should be noted that this decor element is particularly used with art deco style. Either way, such a decor unit will offer your wall a new splash of light and add a point of interest to the room.

Gold wall art

Add a new sparkle to your walls by making them look artistic. All you have to do is decorate them with wall decor metal art. There are various designs you can choose from depending on the impact you would like to make. 

It should be noted that such decor would work best in a bedroom above the bed or a living room above the sofa. There is no doubt that it will transform a simple wall into a piece of art, especially in a neutral-colored room, where this artistic element will enrich the environment.

Gold wall planter

Would you like to add freshness to your room? There is no easier way to do that than bringing in flowers. There is more to come. Enrich their look by adding a splash of gold. Consider tiny gold elements on planters that will shape their appearance.

It should be noted that the planters do not have to be covered entirely in gold. Only tiny details have to be considered in this sense, which is enough to make a statement.

This fascinating combination of natural elements and a touch of gold will bring a splash of freshness and light into your room. 

Gold canvas

This is another way of turning a boring wall into a piece of art. All you have to do is hang a picture, and the result will speak for itself. You probably wonder how a picture can change the entire look. We would like to convince you that it is possible if you consider a picture with gold elements. 

We suggest you opt for canvas wall art with tiny gold elements. They will be enough to add a new sparkle to your room. It should be noted that the appropriate combination between these details and the background color for the canvas will increase the effect. 

If you would like to make a statement, consider this idea, and you will not regret it as a gold canvas on a neutral wall will become a point of interest and add a splash of color to your room.

Gold picture frames

Pictures on the wall are a perfect decor for those who want to add a new point of interest to the walls and save memories with their family. It should be noted that pieces of art can also be considered in this sense. There is more to come. What would you say if these pictures were gold-framed? 

Gold picture frames are a simple way of offering your wall a new look. These little details will be more than enough to achieve a perfect result. The balanced use of gold elements is perfect for those who want to enrich their decor but preserve the stability of the environment.

Furthermore, there are various frames you could choose from of different sizes, shapes, and ways of being hung. The sharp lines will bring stability, while the gold surface will add a sparkle of light to the room decor.

Industrial gold wall decor

If you would like the gold wall decor to match an industrial style, we suggest you consider decor elements of the same style. The metallic surface, covered with gold, will add a new point of interest to your room. Furthermore, this decorative element will integrate perfectly into the room decor style.

You can opt for various designs, depending on the impact you would like to make. Either way, a fascinating result is guaranteed as a decorative element of industrial style will always be a center of attention, especially when covered in gold, which will play interestingly with the light and bring new splashes of color into the room.

Gold accent wall

If you do not want to decorate your walls with particular elements but want to add a sparkle of gold, there is no simpler way of doing it than covering the wall in gold. There are various possibilities in this sense. You can opt for a gold accent wall, wallpaper with gold elements, or gold paintings on a neutral background.

Undoubtedly, this wall decor will produce the same effect as any other decorative elements mentioned earlier. When opting for this idea, the only thing you should consider is that you should not go too extra. Therefore, it is better if you apply gold paint or gold details on a neutral background.

Gold clock on the wall

Stop the time and admire the room decor with a gold clock on the wall. It is a practical and stylish decorative element that will make a statement. You probably wonder what is so interesting about a clock. We do not speak here about a simple clock but a glamorous one with gold elements.

This decorative unit will add sharpness to the walls, while the gold covering will play with the light in the room. It should be noted that the simpler the design is, the greater the effect will be.

Gold floating shelves

Floating shelves are both practical and stylish decorative elements, especially the ones that have gold details. The latter ones will emphasize the contrast between a neutral-colored wall and the shelves.

Furthermore, the gold elements will reflect the light and add a new splash of color to the room. There is more to come. You can consider other gold units to be put on the shelves that will increase the effect. Don’t forget that you don’t have to go to extra as the already existing gold frames on the shelves will have quite an impact on the general picture.

Gold shelf with gold elements

If the previous idea appears to be simple to you, this one will totally suit you. Consider an entirely gold shelf with gold decorative units. It may seem too extra, but it will look perfect on a natural background. 

Furthermore, it will serve as a point of interest to the room and brighten it by reflecting the light. It would add elegance to any decor style. Consider this idea if you want to make a statement and impress both yourself and your guests with an interesting approach to the room decor. 

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