Geometric Wall Art Ideas that Suit Any and Every Design Style

Have you ever considered how much geometry impacts an interior design? We probably don’t always notice it, yet geometry is in almost everything design-related, from furniture to decor. Moreover, if you work it correctly, the symmetry of forms and the visual balance of geometric patterns create irresistible yet familiar designs that we can safely call well-thought-out. Undoubtedly, using geometry when decorating your home is a must. Since we tackle wall decor, here is our list of undeniably timeless geometric wall art ideas you should try this season. 

Abstract Geometric Wall Art

We decided to start our selection with the most versatile geometric wall art option. These amazing canvases decorated with colorful or minimalist geometric patterns make for unforgettable abstract compositions, perfect for decorating any room and design style.

Minimalist Geometry

This option is not far from the previous idea, but it implies more distinctive geometric shapes in neutral colors. Undoubtedly, black and white is a favorite. Yet, pastels have their individual touch on geometric wall art.

Inspired by Rustic

Favor rustic geometric wood wall art; you’ll make the trendiest and comfiest statement with your home decor. As you can see, you can choose from an extensive range of designs – pure geometric shapes, carved wooden forms, wood paired with paint, and even replacing traditional sharp lines with round edges.

Geometric Metal Art

Add an edgy look to your bedroom or living room with a stylish metal wall accent depicting modern geometric shapes. The metal texture makes any geometric wall art a thousand times more contemporary, inspired by a sleek Industrial plot twist.

3D Geometric Wall Art

Want more visual appeal for your interior house walls? Try 3D wall art with plaster or wood canvases with abstract shapes covered in any paint color. We love this option in modern and minimalist interiors especially. Or, think of eclectic interior designs.

Break the Rules: Large and Abstract

Think out of the box and leave your personal print on design with unconventional abstract wall art depicting free-to-interpret geometric forms. Large geometric wall art is a must this season. Moreover, don’t hesitate to use catchy colors to attract more attention to your new wall accent.

DIY Geometric Wall Art

What do you think about these pictures? Those ready-made canvases seem to have been chosen by designers and perfectly integrated into the interior. Well, you can do it on your own as a budget-friendly alternative.

You need a canvas as large as you want. Apply plaster to it, whether white or colored and use utensils and tools to draw various geometric patterns fast enough before the plaster dries out. 

Modern Geometry: Printed 3D

Want to stand out? Check out this attention-stealing modern geometric wall art solution. Instead of traditional patterns, opt for printed 3D geometric prints in various forms and styles. In addition, such an approach to wall decor allows for a free interpretation of art. Choose your own meaning.  

Combined Forms of Art

Swap canvases for 3D wall accents of combined geometric shapes, prints, and colors. Try to preserve the primary color palette in the room, or choose shades with instant appeal. By the way, round shapes are at the top of their popularity.

Use a Blank Wall as a Canvas

Go bigger using an entire wall as a canvas, and get creative by painting directly on walls. Draw your favorite geometric shapes, large or small, neutral or colorful, and get that long-desired modern look in your bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Geometric Wall Decal

Try geometric wall stickers if the previous option seems too much work. Enjoy the same visually appealing shapes and colors with a much more effortless approach.

Recreate the Look with Tiles

One of the most effective geometric wall decor ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, and dining areas is wall tiles with geometric prints, whether distinctive shapes or abstract forms. Our favorite so far are tiles with vividly colored geometric motifs. You should try it since this season is the time for new endeavors. 

Still wondering if geometric wall art is worth a try? You’ll never know till you try. Hackrea is a trustworthy source of inspiration in this sense. You can safely choose one of the mentioned wall decor options for your next home decor update.

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