Furniture Trends 2024 We Can’t Wait to Try

As we are closer to a new design season, we are thrilled to discover the novelties in interior design. As a matter of fact, furniture trends don’t change much from one year to another, adding only some subtle enhancements. Nevertheless, details are everything when it comes to redesigning a space. In a few words, curved silhouettes pass to the next season as well, the new furniture pieces follow more thoughtful design rules, and wood becomes even more popular while designers celebrate the return of rich-patterned upholstery. Stay tuned for a detailed analysis of the best furniture trends of the season!

The environmental issues and the pandemic have influenced our perspective on interior design. Thus, we bring as much outdoors into our homes as possible to compensate for the lack of time spent outside and emphasize the beauty of nature. However, there is one new concept on the horizon – the possibility to express emotions through shapes and color. Read on!

Sustainability in the First Place

Furniture made of eco-friendly materials designed to last long and not damage the environment is all the rage. Therefore, designers urge us to consider natural, renewable, and non-toxic materials. The manufacturer can provide all this information. Furthermore, such pieces of furniture bring a sought-after authentic effect to any room through untreated texture that nods to nature. 

Intricate Shapes and Sizes

Unlike the furniture from previous seasons, mostly regarded as minimalist and unobtrusive, with a significant influence from clean lines and sharp verges, the new furniture trends break the rules. Get ready for sophisticated forms that draw the eye. Designers’ favorite is curved furniture, although various geometric shapes are acceptable. As regards the size, large pieces of furniture are in high demand. They lend a stately sense of luxury and functionality simultaneously.  

Functional Use of Space

The lockdown and remote work transformed the houses of many of us in a working place, emphasizing the need for functional use of space. Therefore, this aspect penetrated interior design and led to particular trends. Multi-functional furniture became a must. In this sense, you can opt for dining tables that can also be used as working desks or stylish sideboards to store your books or put on your laptop during a work call. 

Colorful Pops of Energy

The most impressive furniture trend this year is bright colors. Now, you can choose any shade that suits your liking since bold accents are no longer considered too extra but a must-have in contemporary design. Opting for a vividly colored piece of furniture, even in a monochromatic interior, is a top-tier choice for your next makeover. 

Explore the colors of the year 2024 for inspiration.  

Eclectic Combinations 

The new furniture trends include mixed combinations of various concepts, bringing together old and new values, slightly moving towards maximalism. Get creative by pairing multiple colors and shapes, expressing your way of seeing the world. The more unusual it looks, the more personalized the design seems.

Dark colors are undeniably winning designers’ hearts. There is something intriguingly stylish about dark-colored accents in contemporary design. Pay as much attention to bold shades, such as earthy tones, tropical greens, deep blues, rich reds, soothing purples, courageous yellows, charming pinks, and radiant oranges. Even more, brown will prevail over furniture trends in 2024. 

The trendy furniture materials are primarily based on eco-friendly production techniques and sustainable sources, which raise awareness for environmental protection and result in naturally textured finishes, considered a source of luxury. You can safely opt for wood, bamboo, cork, rattan, wicker, natural stone, concrete, and hemp, to name a few. Still, pay attention to dark wood pieces that will be in high demand this year. 

Consider eclectic combinations of two or more materials, add glass surfaces, or opt for minuscule details of metal, particularly brass or gold, which are trendy this season, to emphasize your furniture’s naturalness and unique texture.

Interestingly, upholstered pieces are gaining more approval from designers. Instead of the usual upholstery fabrics, opt for organic, recycled, and sustainable ones, such as:

  • Recycled polyester or hemp;
  • Organic cotton;
  • Organic linen;
  • Vegan leather of apples, mushrooms, or cacti.

In the same context, experts draw our attention to botanical prints, from modern to traditionally romantic floral motifs. Additionally, they encourage us to enjoy the return of stripes and checkerboards. Or, celebrate the revival of retro fabrics with catchy prints and colors.

Statement Furniture

We’re finally over extra-minimalist color palettes, austere shapes, and simple layouts. The time has come for statement furniture to lead the newest furniture trends. If you plan a redecoration, don’t hesitate to choose accent pieces, such as large-size sofas and accent chairs with an extra-plush effect and eye-catching design, brightly colored chairs in the dining area, accent headboards in the bedroom, or unusually shaped seats. Moreover, glass accent tables are all the rage now. Don’t sleep on this trend. 

Curved Silhouettes are Back

Well, they have not left yet. Last season’s mainstream, rounded shapes are even more popular this year. Thus, embrace designers’ favorite furniture trends with curved sofas, round accent tables, wavy headboards, round dining tables, and curvaceous chairs.

The long time spent in the interior lately made us reconsider the importance of outdoor space. Therefore, particular trends regarding furniture developed in this direction. Here are some of the main tendencies you should consider:

  • Eco-friendly materials. As this aspect has become part of almost any industry, the one that deals with garden furniture cannot be avoided. Experts suggest sustainable materials and designs for furniture, such as seats and accent tables from processed plastic collected from the sea;
  • Nature-inspired colors and textures. Green, cream, beige, olive green, and even neutral gray are particularly popular. Regarding materials, opt for any option mentioned in the section with trendy furniture materials. 
  • Rope as the primary material. Combine flexibility and comfort by using woven rope for your outdoor furniture. Although this material is traced back to ancient times, its practicality and elegance put it at the top of contemporary design trends.

Going hand in hand with the latest bedroom trends, your new bedroom furniture should follow at least one of the following concepts:

  • Canopy bed frame. A simple bedframe of this kind can make a pretty enchanting statement and show off your good taste. Iron frames with sleek lines in black will be in high demand.
  • Rattan accents. This material was viral in the ’90s, and it is back on stage to remind you of how beautiful and efficient rich-grained furniture can look in contemporary spaces.
  • Vintage room divider. It is a perfect dividing option to separate your bedroom into functional areas. A reinvented Vintage approach will add interest and speak out for your personality.
  • Statement headboard. Consider a large, bold-colored headboard. The trending bright colors, considering your favorite color, are all the rage.

The prominent living room trends celebrate comfort, naturalness, and style. Therefore, you should not skip the following living room furniture ideas:

  • Sculptural forms. Inspired by Hellenistic architecture and modern features, the new living room furniture supposes large pieces with intricate shapes traced to unusual geometric forms.
  • Black accent furniture. If you don’t want to repaint your neutrally colored living room, opt for black accent furniture since black is always in trend and will considerably reshape the layout.
  • Large-scale pieces. Even if your living area is small or large, replace the small furniture pieces with oversized ones, such as extra-large sofas, boucle chairs, huge geometric accent tables, and imposing bookcases.

In the context of dining room trends, we refer one more time to the Eco-style that should be integrated into the dining room through sustainable and thoughtful furniture design. This and more in the following trends:

  • Eco-friendliness. Consider dark wood, bamboo, and rattan to refresh the color palette.
  • Architectural features. Unusual dining tables and chairs with clearly defined geometric forms are valuable for your new dining room.
  • Mid-Century Modern. The wood dining table and chairs with upholstered seats represent the trendy dining room furniture style that designers expect to prevail this season and for years to come, making it a great asset for your next dining room makeover.

Most of the kitchen space is decorated with furniture, so any slight change in its design can shape the entire picture. But this is why we are here to point out the main tendencies for a trendy kitchen in the brand-new design era:

  • Expensive material surfaces. High-class marble in unusual shades is a favorite kitchen furniture material, which should be used partially for the kitchen island, backsplash, and countertop.
  • Touch-to-open systems. Unless you opt for entirely traditional kitchens, one of the prominent kitchen furniture trends is the no-handle feature with cabinets that open on touch.
  • Double kitchen island. The absolute must-have of large kitchens is opting for two kitchen islands, which look exceptionally stylish and provide a larger workspace for cooking.

Bathrooms are usually smaller than other rooms, which implies a practical use of space. Still, it doesn’t mean functionality goes fully over shape. Get a taste of the newest bathroom trends:

  • Compact basins. Tiny basins for small and large bathrooms replace the large ones that steal the space. Even an extra-large room would benefit from a few additional inches of free space.
  • Floating fixtures. This practical layout will offer your bathroom a contemporary look.
  • Huge mirrors. Professionals suggest you opt for large mirrors with unusual forms as they stay at the top with their visual effect on the design and enlarging feature.

As a finishing point, we emphasize that the latest furniture trends don’t necessarily imply radical changes but adjustable novelties. Moreover, even a redesign of the existing furniture will help. Go with one trend only, and you will notice the difference. So, here are a few professional recommendations to keep you up-to-date.

  • Redecorate your furniture by repainting it, be they calm colors for your well-being or brighter to show off your taste.
  • Consider a worn-out style for the existing furniture, which can be done at home or by professionals to bring in the weathered vintage effect.
  • Opt for metal details or new sustainable fabrics for the upholstery to breathe new life into your furniture.

One last thing to be added: use your imagination when complementing the furniture with little details, and you will definitely be, as they say, “a la mode”.

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