DIY Home Decor Trends: 2024 Edition

DIY home decor is all about the process and the result. If you love creating decorations with your own hands and appreciate the originality of meaningful decor, you’ll definitely love these best DIY home decor trends and ideas we prepared especially for you, our creative readers. Make a personal statement, opt for thoughtful decor ideas, and get inspired by the best we found!  

Metal Planters 

Reinterpret your pots with indoor plants and reshape the aesthetics of your room. All you need is metallic straws and wire. Use them to build appealingly shaped structures that will support the pots. You can decorate horizontal surfaces or use these metal planters as floating accessories.

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Concrete Planters 

This is another DIY home decor trend involving indoor plants since the 2024 interior design trends are crazy about bringing nature closer. So, mix cement with water and put the resulting product in plastic planters; let it dry; remove the container; fill the concrete planter with soil and plant your succulents. That’s right, as easy as that!

Repurpose an Old Drawer

Don’t rush to throw away an old chest of drawers. The new DIY home decor trends are about giving new meaning by upcycling. Repaint your old drawer, accessorize it with the legs of an old accent table, and use the reinterpreted drawer as an end table, nightstand, or side table. If the drawer doesn’t have a top, use it as a practical storage space, decorating it with indoor plants, books, or personal belongings.

Bohemian Decor in Three Steps

The boho-chic tendency is among the trending DIY home decor ideas. Moreover, you don’t have to spend much on that. Three elements + three steps, and your decoration is ready. So, go outside and find a twig, use thread to hang beautiful feathers (bought or DIY, and hang the composition on the wall. Additionally, think of metallic accents achieved by painting with gold or silver.

Brick Wall Without Bricks

Decorating the space with authentic bricks may seem expensive and time-consuming, without even mentioning the effort. Moreover, not everybody can do this independently without professional help. Here is a great trick to achieve an effortless and budget-friendly close result: use a simple rectangular sponge slightly covered in paint and apply the colored side to the wall, leaving behind natural patterns that resemble bricks.

Designer Accent Wall 

It is not a secret that geometric shapes are part of the latest home decor trends. There is no easier way to integrate them into your interior design than opting for an accent wall with hand-drawn patterns in bold colors. All you have to do is sketch some geometric forms on a blank wall and fill the space with your favorite shades of color. By the way, don’t forget to check out the season’s favorite paint colors.

Multi-Purpose Tape

Do you fancy a quick DIY home decor option in your interior with no effort and almost no expenses? The answer is tape. Pick the right tape color and size and draw sole accents on the wall, frame wall paintings, or add prints to a blank wall.

Original Piece of Art 

An original piece of art brings authenticity to any room. What would you say about a masterpiece on the wall signed by you? Take the brush, and let’s get it started! Pick some white plates of various sizes; mix watercolor with water in them and let the shapes decide for themselves. Alternatively, opt for a more complex design with hand-drawn patterns. Let the plates dry and hang them on the dining room wall.

Handmade Candles

Undeniably, scented candles are an excellent decor option for any room. Regardless of their design, candles always preserve a calm and comfortable ambiance. Enhance the effect with beautiful candles that you can originally decorate with everything you have at home. For instance, fill a few tea cups or coconut shells with scented wax. In addition, accessorize with tiny decor pieces, such as flowers, leaves, or fruits, and use the composition as a bedroom, dining room, or bathroom DIY home decor idea.

Bedroom DIY Decor 

The new DIY bedroom decor trends are about individuality, and you can go as original as possible. For example, consider a chair as an accent nightstand for practical and decorative purposes. Pretty easy, isn’t it? That’s not all. Pant it in one of the season’s trending colors or leave it in its natural wood texture for a redefined cottagecore aesthetic.

Flowerful Delight

A whole article wouldn’t be enough to enumerate how to use fresh and dried flowers for your DIY home decor. Long story short, here are our favorites: consider pressed flowers in glass frames, insert dried flowers in glass jars or bottles, use botanical motifs to accessorize linear art, or form beautiful bouquets to decorate a chest of drawers, an accent table, or the open shelves of a bookcase.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Bring fairytale magic with unusual mirror frames. The most simple yet attractive one is to decorate the mirror with braided rope, especially if you have a weathered mirror and want to breathe new life into it. You can quickly achieve a designer mirror using glue to stick the sisal rope to the mirror.

Reuse Your Old Hats

Do you have, by any chance, a collection of hats at home you even forgot about? Well, it’s time to give them a new purpose. Use them in their worn beauty to decorate the living room, bedroom, or hallway walls. Sisal hats work best for such a DIY project, mainly if your house is decorated in the Boho or Rustic style. Either way, a bit of countryside charm wouldn’t feel alien in other styles as well.

Gravitating Between Reality and Art

Everybody needs some art in their daily routine. Find a balance between reality and art by choosing a few paintings and half covering them in bright paint colors. The hues may differ, yet they should belong to the same category – bright, pastel, neutral, or soothing. Additionally, you can do the same with the wall to enhance the effect. It will surely leave your signature on the design.

Repurpose and Decorate

We all have books from school that we no longer need or old journals we keep for no reason. What would you say if we offered them a new look? Consider the following steps: you will need a lot of white paint to cover your books or journals totally; let them dry; stick them to each other. Use the construction as a decorative element or as a nightstand. Simultaneously, think of other repurposed units you can stick to your composition.

Abstract Plaster Art

This amazing DIY abstract wall art looks expensive and tasteful. Take a blank canvas. Cover it in a layer of plaster and use utensils to draw abstract shapes. Let it dry and hang it on the wall. Moreover, think of a new pop of color. When dried and combined with the corresponding decor, this abstract wall art idea looks as if out of an artist’s studio.

Linen Accent Lamp

Use linen fabric to decorate the lamp shade by forming ruffles, a trendy pattern in contemporary design. Of course, it takes time, but the result will speak for itself. Besides, linen is one of the most popular materials since its natural texture brings a simple and calm effect to any detail it is applied to.

Painted Glassware

Another trending DIY home decor option is hand-painted glassware. Those can be glass candles, vases, tea cups, or decorative units. Show off your creative skills by drawing beautiful designs on glass. It’s not without reason we picked glass. Colorful glassware is all the rage now.

Improvised Clothing Rack

Replace the trending clothing rack in your bedroom with a handmade and low-cost DIY option. All you need is rope and a resistant twig. What’s more, you’ll embrace the emerging rustic trend that more designers are adopting this season.

Versatile Decorative Ladder

The only purchase you’ll make is a decorative ladder of wood or metal. The rest is nothing but part of DIY home decor trends. Repurpose the ladder depending on what room you decorate. Thus, you can use it for towels in the bathroom, outdoor clothing in the entryway, personal belongings in the bedroom, and decorative accents in the living room.

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