Top 12 Abstract Wall Art Ideas You’ll Want to Recreate

Top 12 Abstract Wall Art Ideas You’ll Want to Recreate

The first question that comes to mind is: Is abstract art still in trend? We cannot deny the relevance of unique pieces of art that visually depict clear concepts and bear specific meanings, enriching the individuality of your home decor. They are a strong competitor besides abstract art. Still, although abstract art doesn’t render easy-to-perceive meanings, it speaks individually to every person in part, awakening the imagination and opening a sea of free interpretation. Thus, it is a new way of underlining the character of your design. Since abstract art options are many, and not all are relevant to contemporary design, we gathered a collection of the best abstract wall art ideas that will help make a confident and original impact in your home.

Large Abstract Wall Art Ideas

Pick any abstract wall art style, such as random shapes and colors. The fundamental rule here is to opt for the most oversized canvases possible. They are especially suitable for the lounge area. Let those pieces steal the show.

Modern Abstract Wall Canvas

The modern way of styling abstract wall art is choosing abstract canvases that interpret shapes and colors found in the room. Moreover, everything will look harmonious and well-thought-out. By the way, that’s an excellent option for any design style if you cannot find a suitable canvas.

When in Doubt, Metal Art

Abstract art is not only canvases. It can also be any other type of wall decor. Just preserve that abstract feature. Choose unique compositions with silver or golden finish, and use them to decorate an elegant living room or add intrigue to a dining room, for instance.

Swap Sharp for Round

Instead of the traditional square or rectangular canvases, choose the trending round-framed art pieces with vividly colored abstract interpretations. Try to match your room’s color palette, or add an attention-catching accent. 

Colorful Wall Art Ideas

Green and blue hold the lead. Purple, pink, peach, and yellow follow suit. Generally, you can choose any bright or less vivid color you want. Yet, consider catchy colors for your abstract wall art to boost the mood and uplift the room design.

For more color inspiration, check out the latest color trends.

Black-and-White Abstract Wall Art

Unsurprisingly, the black-and-white combo still rules. This is the safest bet if you’re looking for a timeless abstract wall art idea to match any design style. On top of that, the available designs go beyond expectations.

Choose a blank space in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or home office, and decorate it with a stylishly chosen gallery of abstract art pieces. How do we keep the composition balanced? Easy; go as abstract as you want as long as you preserve a common color palette.

Abstract Textile Wall Art Ideas

We’re seeing a beautiful shift from traditional art to textured, and textile artwork is an absolute masterpiece. If you want to enrich your home decor with authentic statement pieces, then abstract compositions, framed or not, depicting free-style shapes in specific shades of color, are your go-to option.

Textured Artwork

Bring even more intrigue to your abstract wall art idea by adding texture. Wood and plaster are some of the best options. Thus, enliven any room with a touch of visually appealing beauty.

Simple & Abstract Canvases

And we return to simple and unsophisticated. You can also stand out from the crowd with a minimalist abstract art canvas. The details count. Moreover, you can even consider easy and personalized DIY abstract wall art ideas and add even more value to your home decor.

Abstract Rope Art Ideas

That’s another great DIY project. All you need is a blank canvas, paint, rope, and creativity. Stick the rope pieces to the canvas with hot glue, creating various shapes. Cover the composition with paint; voila, your new wall accent is ready.

Abstract Artwork: Easy DIY

We are happy to finish the list with another gorgeous DIY abstract art idea for walls. That’s probably one of the easiest. You need a canvas, plaster, and any tool for drawing shapes into the undried plaster. You can use a spoon, fork, or even your hands. Create an abstract wall art piece that speaks to you particularly. 

We love the return of abstract art. You should absolutely give the updated abstract artwork a try. Be on the trendy side with Hackrea and its new list of the best abstract wall art ideas.

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