Expert-Pick Dining Room Paint Colors for 2024 and Beyond

You can use color in the dining room to underline your personality traits, add confidence to the planned design style, ensure a comfortable ambiance for daily family gatherings, or set an entertaining mood for occasional dinners with your friends. Thus, color is a language in interior design, and speaking it correctly will help you achieve the best dining room makeover. Today, we tackle the top dining room paint colors for this and the following years, from timeless and delicate tones to personalized color schemes to make an impact. Stay tuned!

Timeless Dining Room Paint Colors

If you’re not much into experimenting with new colors, opt for go-to paint colors that are always trending. Their primary role is to ensure a pleasant color palette for daily gatherings at the dining table. Moreover, these versatile paint colors, mainly updated neutrals inspired by the outdoor world, suit most design styles. These are the designers’ favorites now:

Rhinestone SW 7656 by Sherwin-Williams

One of the most popular neutrals is ready to recreate your favorite design looks, offering a crisp gray background to display your accent pieces. In contrast with traditional whites, this relatively light gray shade has more body to it.

Skyline Steel SW 1015 by Sherwin-Williams

That’s one of the finest trendy gray paint colors for the dining room. Its imposing earthy traces give off the calmest-ever vibe that you won’t even notice how time passes when surrounded by this timeless taupe hue.

Perfect Taupe PPU18-13 by Behr 

The perfect combination of gray and brown in this gorgeous neutral tone is a no-fail paint option for your new dining room. It is confident enough to stand out independently and friendly enough to pair with any color and design concept.

White Mocha OR-W11 by Behr

This played-down warm beige is the secret ingredient for the comfiest and most organic-looking dining room. Pair it with wood furniture and enjoy the endlessly beautiful mix of natural color and texture.

Frosted Steel by Dulux

A bluish-frosty silver gray that perfectly works for a stately dining room with classic appeal. We love this gorgeous gray tone on wall molding particularly.

Rustic Dining Room Paint Colors

Undoubtedly, Rustic is one of the trendiest color palettes for the dining room this season. The connection to nature, rich organic texture, and comfort borrowed from the good old days perfectly resonate with the following best rustic paint colors for the dining room.

Cotswold AF-150 by Benjamin Moore

This unconditionally lovely taupe shade is the best fit for countryside dining room concepts. In addition, this gray-brown tone perfectly pairs with cold and warm hues, and you won’t find it hard to work with Cotswold.

Garrison Red HC-66 by Benjamin Moore

The slightly muted brown and violet undertones in this earthy red paint color underline its beauty as a moody Rustic shade. Feel free to use it on walls in a modern Rustic interior.

Glamour SW 6031 by Sherwin-Williams

The edgy violet clay shade from SW is a real find for those who want a high-class Rustic design diluted with contemporary shapes. This transition pastel color will effectively erase the border between traditional and modern.

Functional Gray SW 7024 by Sherwin-Williams

This earthy gray hue will successfully ensure the aesthetics of your Rustic dining room, serving as a perfect weathered background for organic texture accents.

Toffee Crunch 700D-5 by Behr 

You’ll simply fall in love with this muted brown shade, slightly pigmented by yellow with an impressive warm effect. Even more, use it for moody dining room design solutions and enjoy the harmony between this earthy brown and distressed wooden furniture.

Contemporary Dining Room Paint Colors

If a perfect dining room, in your eyes, looks like an edgy space decorated with the most discreet paint colors that feel confident and effortlessly complement your modern furniture, the new bright or deep neutrals are your safest bet. Take a look!

Chantilly Lace OC-65 by Benjamin Moore 

The delicate white tone with the softest linen effect that hides behind the name is the most versatile color to use in contemporary dining rooms. Experts like using it over wall molding inspired by the timeless Neoclassical style.

Violet Mist 1437 by Benjamin Moore

This relatively bluish-gray hue knows its way around the Contemporary style. While the current trends try to prove that you can use other colors but gray, Violet Mist paves its way to the surface. Besides, the proper use of gray in your dining room results in a no less trendy design, and this gray shade is absolutely worth a try.

Agreeable Gray SW 7029 by Sherwin-Williams

A seemingly perfect greige shade, this ultra-modern gray will undoubtedly collaborate with any design style and color palette as long as you want to keep it sleek and unsophisticated.

Poised Taupe SW 6039 by Sherwin-Williams

It seems taupes have outrun other neutral colors this year. Undoubtedly, the trend with earthy and organic has something to do with that. Still, this particular shade of violet-gray-brown stands out through endless comfort and suitability for any design style.

Bowler Hat by Dulux

The first dark dining room paint color on our list, a muted shade of deep green like this one, will successfully update your existing dining space and transform it into a contemporary zone with statement features.

Green and Blue Paint Colors for the Dining Room

Green and blue are considered among the lucky colors in 2024. Moreover, they are timeless, and their relevance in interior design won’t cease to win designers’ hearts for years. From the softest forest green and sky blues to the deepest moss greens and ocean blues, this is your sign to try a trendy blue or green paint color.

Taiga SW 9654 by Sherwin-Williams 

The name totally describes the color. A deep forest sage with earthy undertones that will quickly make your dining room seem more intriguing. Besides, nothing pairs better with wooden furniture than green, especially one named Taiga.

Aleutian SW 6421 by Sherwin-Williams

This formidable blue, slightly played down by a few drops of muted gray, will render a state of full tranquility in your dining room. Overall, everything looks great on such an unusually neutral background. Yet, nothing compares with the blue and light wood combo.

Royal Orchard PPU11-01 by Behr 

This gloriously sparkling green blooms in various ways depending on lighting. Use it in a slightly darker room, and you’ll notice a deep green shade that allures through dramatic features. The second it gets bathed in warm sun rays, a gorgeous veggie green becomes the main highlight of the room.

Zen PPU11-14 by Behr

Enter a state of peace and composure every time you are in the dining room, all due to this precious shade of soft green that will brighten the room. If you’re into light dining room paint colors, this is your go-to color.

Sapphire Springs 1 by Dulux

Very close to our beloved navy blues, this relatively greenish-dark blue is the best dining room paint color for those who want a dramatic ambiance. Make a statement with a dark dining room paint color.

Unexpected and Surprising Color Palettes

It’s time to tell your story. Experts encourage us to step out of our comfort zone this year and opt for bolder dining room paint colors. Do it to delight your eyes or entertain your guests. Jewel-toned shades are all the rage now, and if you resonate with this design concept and have long dreamt of vivid pops of color in your home, now is the perfect moment. Let’s see what the top paint brands suggest.

Rainforest Foliage 2040-10 by Benjamin Moore

Bring the authentic natural beauty of veggie green into your dining room with this rich and unconditionally lush forest paint color.

Adriatic Sea CSP-660 by Benjamin Moore 

Switch on the oceanside holiday mood with this deep and inspiring teal tone that renders feelings of calmness and intrigue simultaneously. 

Wasabi AF-430 by Benjamin Moore

Opt for a full-yellow-green makeover of your dining room and enjoy the splash of positive energy surrounding you every time you enter the room.

Honied White YL-W03 by Behr

It may not be as bold as the previous shades, yet this pale yellow paint color is still vivid and cheerful. Moreover, it can help if your dining room seems too small.

Cherry Cola S130-7 by Behr 

This sparkling ripe cherry shade will add the right amount of color to your dining space while ensuring it feels comfy and welcoming. Its earthy undertones give us a hint to use this paint color in combination with wood furniture.

Pressed Petal by Dulux

A pastel shade of terracotta pink to dilute your daily routine with positive energy and optimism. Make your dining room feel inviting with this cozy pink paint color.

Citrus Zing by Dulux

You’ll never see a more vibrant shade of citrus yellow than this. Now, it is all yours to use for your new dining room design. Add meaning to the design with a cheerful color.

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