Decorative Ceiling Beam Ideas: Tips and Inspiration

Decorative Ceiling Beam Ideas: Tips and Inspiration

Between timeless and trendy, decorative beams are an all-time favorite and here to stay. Still, before choosing them for your interior design, note that wooden beams, in particular, are traced to rustic design mostly and work better with design styles that follow suit, such as Farmhouse, Country, Traditional, or Scandi. Modern interiors are no exception, yet overly smooth and ultra-modern spaces don’t accept wooden beams. Still, don’t forget about steel beams, and the sea of possibilities gets wide. 

Overall, decorative beams are a trendy and effortlessly gorgeous accessory that will visually enhance your home. To stay on the safe side, we prepared a list of designer ceiling beam ideas that you can only see in high-class interior design photos. Now, you’ll experience it in your home with these top beamed ceiling ideas.

Rustic Charm: Distressed Wooden Beams

If you own a rustic house in its original form, preserve the exposed wooden beams at all costs and keep the authentic historical feel with it. Don’t paint over untreated and richly-grained wood surfaces. On the contrary, celebrate nature by pairing them with wooden furniture and accents.

Dream Mediterranean Home

The Mediterranean holds a prominent position in the trendiest interior design styles. Pair the relatively earthy palette, furniture of local materials, terracotta tiles, natural stone, and plastered walls with wooden beams on whitewashed ceilings. 

Whitewashed Ceiling Beams

Sometimes, authentic wood beams may seem too heavy and overpowering. The best alternative is to paint them white alongside a whitewashed ceiling and white-painted walls. This solution perfectly suits Coastal and Modern interiors.

Colorfully Painted Wooden Beams

If textured wood beams work best for rustic-traced design styles, painted beams are easier to integrate into other interiors since standout colors are the hottest trend in contemporary design, from the most neutral grays to the brightest greens or blues. Find inspiration in the trendiest paint colors and refresh your home with color and energy.

Go-to Option: Narrow Wooden Beams

If you’re afraid natural wood beams would look too overwhelming for your home, especially if your rooms have low ceilings, there is a solution that works for everybody – narrow wooden beams. They feel less imposing while preserving their original natural look. Even better – choose faux beams you can easily purchase online and install independently.

Black-Colored Exposed Beams

The timeless combination of white ceilings and contrast black beams is an absolute must-have for high-ceiling rooms with modern features. Add visual interest and boost the confidence of your design by allowing this classy color combination to steal the spotlight.

Open-Floor Room Zoning 

Underline the borders within an open-concept living room or kitchen with an intelligent ceiling partition. The decorative ceiling beams will help you smoothly separate the space into functional areas by preserving style coherence.

Vaulted Ceiling: Large-Scale Beams

Don’t lose the opportunity to decorate a vaulted ceiling with beams. It will look much more organic and balanced. The most significant bonus is using truly sizable wooden beams with underlined features to make a fabulous statement and show off your taste.

From Rustic to Industrial: Steel Ceiling Beams

Ceiling beams are not of wood only. They can also be of steel if you plan an industrial redefinition of your design. Rather than leaving steel as it is, designers suggest painting it accurately in a neutral or bright tone. Such contemporary beams will add interest to any modern space, and even if your interior had not been designed by a professional, it would surely give off a high-class vibe.


Are beamed ceilings still in trend?

Wooden beams, in particular, are the most popular, and experts claim they will be in trend for at least a few seasons. Rustic-related natural texture is highly valued in contemporary design, while more and more design styles have started accepting beams in their mood boards. 

What are the other ceiling beam materials?

Besides the most common one, which is wood, you can also find steel, concrete, plastic, and foam or resin ceiling beams. The last two can effortlessly mimic wood, the so-called faux wood ceiling beams. 

How can you adapt naturally textured wooden beams to contemporary trends?

One of the best options is limewash. Unlike whitewash, this breathable paint alternative doesn’t cover wood fully. It slightly neutralizes the stark wood color by preserving its natural features. You may even notice a soft and natural light wood color. 

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