Corner bed ideas: standout design suggestions & lots of inspiration

Corner bed ideas: standout design suggestions & lots of inspiration

A little bit unusual, not that easy to work with, requiring substantial attention when it comes to decor, a corner bed is nonetheless one of the latest trends, particularly for small bedrooms. Although such an element is usually placed in the center of a particular wall to emphasize its role as a point of interest, this is not the only option you can refer to, and the corner variant proves it to the fullest. Not everything is about space. Of course, a corner bed will suit a small bedroom perfectly. Nevertheless, such an item within a larger space will make a bold statement. Furthermore, a bed like that can lead to a cozier environment, and we all know that comfort should be the first thing you think about when entering a bedroom. 

We have covered a lot of benefits this far, and this is encouraging. Nevertheless, such an arrangement is not that simple since you have to consider particular aspects, but there is no place for worries when you are with us! We will try to make the most of this article by offering you practical tips on the subject, providing you with outstanding design ideas, and helping you enrich your bedroom with a stylish design feature through an array of inspirational photos. Let’s get to the point!

Design tips for a corner bed

  • Make it a constituent part. It is not that easy to integrate a corner bed into a bedroom. Sometimes it may seem like floating and not belonging to space. Here is what you can do: consider large elements, such as curtains or folding screens behind the bed. It will emphasize the bed, the latter becoming a focal point;
  • Keep it practical. Regardless of where the bed finds itself, there is always the need for space, particularly from both sides. For a corner bed, you should ensure a distance of 24 inches (60cm) between the wall and bed on both sides. You should also pay attention to other elements of the room and ensure a distance of 36 to 40 inches (90 to 100cm) between such units as dressers or cabinets and bed;
  • Brighten up the space. When placing a bed in the corner, it may seem that this space is a little bit too dark. Luckily this problem is easy to solve with wall lamps. One should note that single units of this kind may not be enough. You should opt for a number of elements in this respect. Undoubtedly, wall sconces are the best option, although such light sources as torch lamps or floor lamps are to be considered as well;
  • Enliven the space. Surely a corner bed is enough to make a bold statement. Nevertheless, it may seem rather boring without appropriate decor. From a simple nightstand on one side, since space is limited, to floating shelves, ensure the integrity of your design. If you are the owner of lots of blankets and pillows, a chest of drawers will work perfectly for you. Place it at the end of the bed if you have enough space. It will be both stylish and practical, and we hasten to convince you that everything that involves both these features is a success.

Multifunctional design for small spaces

Corner beds are common elements for small spaces. It is not enough to consider a bed in the corner to solve the problem. An appropriate approach involves the integration of multifunctional beds, such as the ones with drawers on the side. At the same time, open shelves, particularly floating ones, are also welcome. Besides the functional use of space, such an arrangement allows you free movement around the bed and shows off your outstanding abilities at designing a small bedroom smartly.

A corner bed in all its beauty

Larger spaces allow you an array of possibilities for a corner bed. We suggest you not lose the opportunity and place your bed in its full-size right against the corner. Be it a master’s bedroom or your kid’s room, such a corner bed will shape the interior and make every stay in this room an adventure worth taking. Refresh the design with nightstands that fit the style and complete the look. If you are not afraid of new experiences, give this variant a try and feel the coziness of your bedroom from another perspective.

Simple, stylish, functional

It sounds like the recipe for a perfect bedroom. Make the most of this approach with functional use of space by placing the bed in the corner. Keep it stylish with contrastive decorative elements, such as blankets and pillows, and don’t forget about the essence of a contemporary interior – the simpler it looks, the more attention it draws. Such an approach will suit at the highest level small spaces. If the arrangement seems rather boring to you, benefit at the maximum from the available space on the wall and decorate it with neon signs, inspirational quotes, or floating pots with plants. Extremely popular has been lately the boho style that makes the most from the smallest space with an abundance of contrasts and textures.

Trendy, original, versatile

Quite appealing features and all of them are easy to make part of your bedroom with a round corner bed. Let’s start with the fact that round edges are very popular and throw new light on the overall look of a space. Secondly, it is not that common to see a bed with this kind of shape, which will surely enrich the room with a focal point, and as mentioned earlier, this is an essential feature for a corner bed. Last but not least is the following aspect: you can play with a round-shaped bed any way you want; place it from one corner to another and be sure that you will have enough space for other units.

Extra comfort with a dual headboard

Add coziness to your bedroom and fill your dreams with softness with a dual headboard. Given that your bed is surrounded from both sides by walls, it would be smart to add a dual headboard for a comfortable sleep and perfect integration of the bed in the interior. The best suggestion is to opt for a soft covering, although a wooden one works as well. It depends on your standards of style and comfort.

Two in one or three in one?

Let’s switch to the kids’ room! A corner works perfectly for placing the beds in shared bedrooms. You can combine two or more beds by placing them head to head and opting additionally for a second level. In the former case, the space between beds can be filled with a nightstand or a couple of shelves used for storage. Such an arrangement is a full interpretation of functionality: two beds, possibly a third one, a storage place, and lots of free space for other activities.

Stylish by day, comfy by night

For extremely small spaces, we suggest opting for sectional sofas that serve as a stylish piece of furniture by day, which can be used as a seat for enjoying a movie or reading a book, and a comfortable place for sleeping by night due to its ability to transform into a bed. This reminds us again about our beloved combination of style and functionality. One cannot fail but notice that such an approach is perfect for a kids’ room or the bedroom of a single person. Nevertheless, you should go for it in any case if it suits you.

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