Carpet trends 2022: comfort and style for every room of your house

Carpets are not very popular lately due to the development of styles that rely on a simple design. Therefore, its use in interior designs ceased to bear the functional feature and represent a rather decorative way of enriching the environment. Nevertheless, carpets continue to be integrated into the house interior design as a decorative element. Furthermore, every year comes with new trends. It is essential to choose wisely in this sense as any slight chance may spoil the picture. 

Stay with us, and we will reveal the latest ideas on how to decorate every room of your house with an up-to-date carpet, including the most popular colors, textures, and designs. We will assist you in bringing comfort and style to your house through practical tips and an array of inspirational photos. 

As carpets remain a constituent part of many interior designs, experts in the field come with new and interesting ideas every year. It should be noted that these trends begin from such concepts as the practical use of space and comfort, adding new patterns and colors for a new look. Therefore, the following carpet trends emerged:

Simplicity is back on the stage

Simple design and neutral-colored carpets have never left the stage. However, they are now more popular than ever as the 2022 trends imply a practical use of space, involving fewer details and neutral colors for a perfect background. Take a look at the following features that reflect the essence of this trend:

  • Simple patterns for a uniform surface;
  • Neutral colors, such as beige, white, cream;
  • Large size for covering a greater space;
  • The main purpose is to serve as a background for other room elements.

It should be noted that the simple designs of carpets come in 2022 with new variations. Now you can apply it by opting for more texture and patterns. Furthermore, the “new neutrals” come in place. Therefore, you can consider such neutral shades as soothing green and blue.

Eco-friendly impact

It is not a secret that many fields integrate the eco-friendly idea, where interior design is not an exception. There is no easier way in this sense than choosing an appropriate fabric for the carpet. A carpet of this kind will make a statement within the style of your house and an eco-friendly impact, reflecting the idea that we should preserve the beauty of nature, the latter being part of the 2022 trends. In this sense, you should pay attention to the next aspects:

  • Opt for recyclable materials for the carpet;
  • Consider an already recycled carpet;
  • Take into account the design of the carpet, which should include nature-inspired colors and patterns for a better reflection of the idea behind this trend.

An eclectic combination of old and new values

This trend implies the vintage effect that brings back the old values by using modern solutions. It should be noted that vintage is popular within the 2022 trends and has penetrated various aspects of interior design. 

We suggest you opt for this idea to add a new sparkle to your room by emphasizing old concepts. A carpet of this kind will become a point of interest and enrich the environment. What to consider:

  • Opt for faded-like designs that create an old appearance;
  • Consider rich patterns of various types;
  • Refer to particular cultures when it comes to color and patterns.

Comfort in the first place

One aspect of the 2022 trends is comfort. Of course, you should pay attention to the design of the carpet and integrate it into your style. Nevertheless, we suggest you start with comfort. All you have to do is find the one that reaches your standards. In this sense, consider the following aspects:

  • Opt for fluffy carpets for a pleasant feeling;
  • Consider natural materials for practical use of the carpet on cold winter days;
  • Bear in mind that the color and patterns of the carpet should create visual comfort and bring coziness into the environment.

The color of the carpet should be chosen by paying attention to your own preferences and style of the room. Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to some of the most popular colors for the carpet in 2022 to inspire you for something new.

  • Cheerful yellow. Experts suggest you should opt for bright colors to enrich your environment and bring positivity into the room. A lively shade of yellow is perfect in this sense. It will preserve the warmness even during the coldest winter days. Particularly suitable will it look within your interior design when being bathed by sunlight. 
  • Natural colors. As sustainability is at the top, we suggest you opt for nature-inspired green or brown. Green will bring freshness and enrich the environment with a new splash of color. Brown will soften the atmosphere and keep the room’s appearance warm. 
  • Soft pink. This shade of pink has become popular lately and integrated into interior design. A soothing pink carpet will soften the environment and offer the room a new sparkle. Furthermore, it will add comfort to the atmosphere. 
  • Emerald turquoise. It will bring a royal effect to the environment and enrich a neutral-colored room. It should be noted that this color has been extremely popular lately, and it fits perfectly in your room if you look for a way to make a statement. 
  • Navy blue. Bring the ocean breeze into your room with a dark blue carpet and add a touch of freshness to your interior design. This color has been popular for a long time and does not plan on leaving. It suits you perfectly if you want to balance the contrast in your room and set a refreshing environment.

An interesting pattern can change the entire appearance of the carpet and shape its role within the interior design. It is essential to pick the right patterns in this sense, depending on the color and style. Nevertheless, experts suggest that the following patterns are some of the most popular in 2022:

  • Woven patterns with such designs as flowers or leaves that combine perfectly with patterns on other pieces of furniture;
  • Geometric patterns in various forms to complement the interior design and add stability through the sharp lines or softness through round shapes;
  • Stripe patterns to balance the picture and offer the room a new sparkle, particularly with bold colors for a neutral background and soothing shades to match a minimalist style.

The 2022 trends suggest you opt for a texture that brings comfort firstly. Nevertheless, they should complement your style and lead to a balanced interior design. In this sense, you can opt for the following texture:

  • Cut & loop. This texture can lead to unique designs, particularly if accompanied by a perfect color combination. Furthermore, its convenient structure will surely ensure comfort;
  • Plush. The softness this texture brings is the defining feature of the carpet. If you want to emphasize this aspect, consider a soft-textured carpet.
  • Ribbed. It has been used often lately in offices, which makes us associate them with this place. Nevertheless, this simple yet balanced texture offers stability to any environment and can integrate into the interior design of a house if accompanied by an appropriate color.

Undoubtedly, choosing an appropriate size, texture, and color for a rug is time-consuming. Nevertheless, a perfect rug for your interior design can shape the picture in the most positive way and fit any room like the last piece of the puzzle. We prepared a list of the latest trends in this sense to inspire you for something new.

  • Rich-patterned rug. This rug implies a combination of various patterns within the limits of a single neutral color. First of all, a soothing shade will fit perfectly any style. Furthermore, the richness of patterns will be enough to complete the picture without adding something new. Thus, you can add a new sparkle to the flooring.
  • Bring in Turkish culture. A vintage Turkish rug is a perfect option if you want a simple solution for a stunning effect. Its bold patterns and color will be more than enough to enrich the environment. 
  • Chevron for a statement. It has been popular lately and does not plan on getting out of date. Furthermore, it is a perfect option if you want to add texture to your room, considering various designs in this sense. 
  • Bold and geometric. For a bold impact within your interior design, consider bright colors and geometric forms. Such a design will surely add a new sparkle to a neutral-colored room and bring in a new point of interest.

The bedroom is a personal space, and it requires as much comfort as possible. There is no easier way of ensuring this than by choosing an appropriate carpet. Nevertheless, it should match your style and integrate perfectly into the interior design. We prepared a list of the latest carpet trends for a bedroom to keep you up to date.

  • Keep it simple. As simplicity is one of the main aspects of the 2022 trends, we suggest you apply it also to the carpet. Therefore, you should opt for neutral colors and simple patterns to match the background tone and complement it in a subtle way. 
  • Maximalist effect. In contrast to the previous option, this one suits you if you look for ways to make a statement and go extra as possible. In this sense, you can opt for various designs. However, there are always limits, and you should consider that the carpet has to integrate into the interior design and not suppress the other elements of the room.
  • Velvet softness. A thick velvet-like carpet is all you need for a comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom. The plush effect will add a luxurious feel and enrich the room with softness. It should be noted that a neutral color has to be considered in this sense for a balanced environment. 

We are sure you would like to make quite an impression with a new carpet in the living room, be it a simple or extravagant one. Consider yourself lucky, as the 2022 trends have options for both perspectives.

  • Minimalist carpet for a statement. If you opt for a minimalist style, complement it with a carpet of this kind. First of all, consider neutral colors, such as beige, white, gray. Secondly, pick a simple design. Furthermore, you can opt for various geometric shapes and still keep it simple. 
  • Maximalist carpet for a new sparkle. Of course, you can go extra in this sense. However, there are limits if you want to keep it up to date. Consider the next options:
  • Turkish style carpet with a vintage effect;
  • Bold-colored carpet to balance a neutral background;
  • Various geometric forms for bringing a touch of positivity to a formal setting.

Whether your dining space is a separate room or part of the kitchen, an appropriate carpet will emphasize its main features and bring in a new sparkle. Consider the following trends for a perfect result:

  • Bold color and pattern. If you want to offer your neutral-colored dining room a new sparkle, consider a bright shade and add an interesting pattern. You should stick to particular limits and not go too extra so as not to suppress the other elements of the room.
  • Keep it low-key. We suggest a neutral-colored carpet for a minimalist style as a perfect combination. Depending on the dominant shade, you can choose the carpet color and complete the picture.
  • Velvet for a new sparkle. Consider a velvet-like carpet for a modern setting. This design will fit perfectly such modern materials like glass, steel, or stone. It should be noted that gray is a perfect option in this sense.

Conclusion + more photos for inspiration

Carpets do not plan on leaving the stage. Therefore, we encourage you to use this element to complement your interior design. Besides its practical use, it can influence the appearance of a room and its environment. Thus, when choosing the appropriate carpet, you should consider the particular style and effect you want to achieve. At the same time, if you want to stay up-to-date, opt for the latest trends in this sense, which should be considered from two perspectives: go bold or stay simple, including eco-friendliness, the combination of old and new values, and your comfort. 

We hope you have already found the perfect carpet for your interior design as you have gone through the list prepared by us. As a finishing point, we would like to draw your attention to an array of more photos in this sense to inspire you for something new.

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