14 Stylish blue accent wall ideas for any room (with photos for inspiration)

2020 forced people to reconsider their attitude towards home. It has ceased to be a temporary haven and a backdrop for life. Neutral and impersonal interiors have been replaced by trends in personalization and the use of deep, rich hues. One of them was blue. Moreover, in all the diversity of its palette:

  • Deep and dark tones are the best choice for the bedroom. They endow the interior with intimacy, a sense of solitude and tranquility;
  • Bright and cheerful shades of sea turquoise and ultramarine can even blend into northern interiors. After all, they serve as a warming reminder of the sea;
  • Light, watercolor shades of blue are also relevant. And they will surely appeal to everyone afraid of using dark colors in the interior.

Fashion is fickle. And if you want to follow it, then it is better to choose budget options for decorating your home or apartment, such as finishing an accent wall. Let’s take a look at how you can design a blue accent wall with style and following the latest trends.

Just paint

This is the first decision that comes to mind. And it really has many advantages: interior paints are cheaper than most materials, it is easy to paint the walls – so you can do all the work yourself. But painting has its drawbacks as well. First of all, it is the difficulty of leveling the walls. Anyone who has previously used other materials will face it. In addition, a wall painted in one color always needs additions:

  • You can place paintings or decorative panels on it;
  • Decorative figurines. In this case, you should not get carried away with multicolor;
  • You can also use shelves and lamps.

Blue patterned wallpaper

This option also pleases with its simplicity. After all, almost each of us glued them at least once in our life. For an accent wall, you have to choose from expensive vinyl and metalized options. A good solution would be to print custom-made non-woven wallpaper – so you can select a pattern, indicate the height of the walls, and get stripes with already fitted plots. Pasting wallpaper on an accent wall is appropriate for almost any style, from whimsical classics to quirky Moroccan designs – the main thing is to choose the right plot.

Soft panels

They appeared relatively recently, so the effect of their application seems to be very impressive. Soft panels are made from eco-leather and fabric, and the main advantage of their use lies in smoothing out the brutal features of the loft and grunge, filling the room with coziness. But the variety of their patterns is limited by the production possibilities, mainly geometric prints and a diamond pattern.

3D gypsum wall panels

Another 3D finishing option. Gypsum panels differ in pattern variability – you can find floral motifs, abstraction, geometry. The only drawback is their coldness and the risk of moisture absorption. Therefore, it is better not to use them in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and at the head of the bed.

Softness of fabric

In the 15-17th centuries in Europe and the East, walls were often decorated with velvet, brocade, and silk. Therefore, fabric decoration has retained its relevance in the Baroque, Rococo, Moroccan, and Turkish styles. This solution is also often used in modern trends – contemporary, fusion, boho-chic, but more suitable materials replaced fabric panels:

  • Fabric wallpaper. Their palette has a wide range of shades and patterns, and they successfully imitate velvet, cotton, and matting;
  • Silk plaster. It is applied, as usual, with a spatula. But due to the presence of natural and artificial silk fibers in it, it creates a soft and pleasant to the touch surface.

The fabric texture enhances the properties of the deep blue color. This tandem is perfect for the bedroom, as it gives a sense of privacy, security, and peace.

Watercolor effect

Slightly washed-out drawings with water-based paint entered the interior fashion about two years ago, and do not want to leave it at all. The reason for this is the combination of the original solution and its neutrality. In addition, you can recreate the watercolor effect with the help of chaotic spots, stripes, stylish geometry, and landscapes – the choice of solutions and materials is vast.

Nautical theme

Blue is the basis of interiors in Greek and nautical styles. It is used for accent walls, furniture, and blinds. You can also bring the romance of the seaside to your home. In this case, you can use it in different ways – frescoes with photo printing, painting on plaster, or ordinary wallpaper. That being said, don’t forget to add a nautical decor that will echo with your blue accent wall.

Sky and space

Another strong association with blue is the sky. And your accent wall may well have a bright spring dawn, night stars against a dark blue background, or even space. The choice of this option is especially good for small rooms: even despite the use of dark colors, “3D sky” visually expands the space.

Stencil drawing

Frescoes, custom-made photo prints, and fabric-effect materials are not the cheapest interior solution. And if you have to rely on a small budget, you can create unusual drawings with your own hands. You just need to order the production of a disposable stencil or limit the areas of staining with masking tape. Even without high artistic skills, you can create fascinating paintings on the wall.


Patterns of triangles, zigzags, and stripes have become trendy along with the laconic Scandinavian style. But over time, they became more complex and acquired a 3D effect. You can add similar motives to your home using interior paints, decorative plasters, and wallpaper. And they will merge not only in Scandinavian style but also in contemporary, fusion, modern, and Greek interiors.


Contemporary styles are practical and concise. Therefore, not all of them manage to fit a landscape, floral, or ornate oriental motifs, but abstract plots merge into them very harmoniously. Therefore, if fusion, Bauhaus, or constructivism reigns in your house, then it is better to make a blue accent wall with just such a futuristic and original pattern.

PVC paneling / Shiplap

This material is already pretty fed up with everyone who, years ago, decided to sheathe the walls of country houses with it. The reddish color and the “sauna” effect are a side effect of the love for the paneling. But now you can look at it in a new way. After all, using it to decorate one wall and painting it in blue tones gives an entirely different effect, close to French country (Provence) and the romance of the Mediterranean.

Blue brick

Brick wall decoration brought the industrial style into interior fashion. But the designers liked the dynamic texture of the masonry so much that it acquired different, sometimes unexpected colors and merged into several modern trends. Blue brick will be appropriate in Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Greek, boho, and fusion styles. You can recreate it by painting ordinary masonry or imitating the texture with rough decorative plaster.

Paintings by famous artists in blue tones

Reproductions do not have to be framed. They can be done on the entire accent wall using printed or hand-painted murals. And in the collections of artists, there are many options made in blue tones.

Blue accent wall in the bedroom

Blue accent wall in the living room

Blue accent wall in the dining room

Blue accent wall in the kitchen

Blue accent wall in the bathroom

The desire to use blue in the interior is not a limitation but a huge world for the flight of your fantasies. Watch, experiment, and create your own unique solutions.

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