Black bedroom design: a stunning concept for the interior

Black bedroom – many will find such an idea strange and generally not acceptable for their own home. Many people do not have associations with this color; the dark color is considered rather disharmonious and depressing than suitable for interior design, especially in its pure form and in large proportions.

One thing is a living room or kitchen, and quite another is about the design of a bedroom. To fall asleep is much easier when the room is calm and dark. Therefore, the black color in the bedroom will contribute well to this. Nevertheless, not everyone can decide on such an environment.

Of all colors, black is the most spectacular and robust. Having decided to design the room in black, it is worth considering how cozy the bedroom will be. First, you need to decide what style the bedroom will be made. With a responsible approach to this issue, having an inherent sense of taste and design abilities, any desired style (country, modern, hi-tech, even Provence, etc.) can be done in black colors.

Using a dark color, you can make a bedroom mysterious, sensual, extravagant, luxurious, spectacular, mystical, and, most importantly, you can correctly arrange furniture and choose the right colors and suitable accessories.

Such a choice represent ambitious and confident people who value extraordinary ideas and stylistic designs. The black bedroom has a magical effect. It is both fashionable and beautiful.

Features of black bedroom design

For the large-scale implementation of the black color, then the room area should be at least 15 sq.m. If your bedroom is even smaller, then do not use a lot of black, because this color visually compresses the space. In the small bedroom, little black accents are possible: curtains, floor carpet, decorative pillows, lamps, etc.

The black color is perfect for southern bedrooms drowning in sunlight. And in the northern bedroom, the lack of light can be compensated for with multi-level lighting.

Black may complete absence, the emptiness of decor. To avoid static in the interior, combine different textures and arrangements. For example, use wallpaper with a textured pattern, a fluffy bedside, volumetric composition on the wall and a glossy wardrobe, etc.

Two sides of the same coin, or the pros and cons of black

Choosing colors for the future design of the bedroom, people often rely on trendy interiors and fashion trends. 

The advantages of black in the bedroom

First of all, black in the bedroom is the maximum darkness. This is an excellent choice for those who are unlucky with a view from the window when street lighting breaks through the thickest curtains. Black colors are preferred by people who have insomnia and sleep disorder since it involves the synthesis of melatonin.

  • Laconic decoration of the bedroom in black
  • The second plus of this shade is its versatility. Thanks to the black color, you can create completely different interiors. With its help, it can turn out both bold and brutal and an elegant, mysterious bedroom. But if you are a supporter of simple, cute, and comfortable rooms, this color is unlikely to suit you.
  • Smoothing black with smoky shades
  • Black in the interior of the bedroom is very bold. If you want to impress, create a rich and spectacular interior, then choose this color!
  • Saturated black color in the bedroom interior contributes to deep sleep.

The disadvantages of black in the bedroom

A bedroom in black is not the best option for those who are subject to sudden mood swings and depression. This shade can enhance anxiety, and reduce vitality in sensitive people.

  • Black is not suitable for rooms located on the north side. This is a rather cold shade that must be additionally insulated with the help of sufficient lighting and appropriate textures. 
  • Cold bedroom decor 
  • Black does not forgive mistakes in interior design. The design of the bedroom using this color should be carefully studied out to the smallest detail. Errors and flaws in the design can lead to the fact that your room will turn into a dark prison or stuffy closet.

For which styles black is acceptable

Black is used in one way or another in all styles of interior design, and this applies not only to the bedroom. Many styles, of course, can do without it. But some will lose all their charm if black is not included in the design. People are gradually beginning to look at this color, trying to apply world fashion trends in their lives.

Fashion interior designers use black quite often lately. For example, its followers are Armani or Cavalli. 


It was precisely this trend at the latest design exhibitions that the designers of interior fashion described above preferred. And the thing is that it is noir that conveys such moods as:

  • Luxury
  • Pomp
  • Majesty
  • Chic

Noir came from American black and white cinema in the 50s. Its peculiarity and effect are that it radiates fatalism, and at first glance, there is no positive in it.

But as for the interior, the negative of black is often diluted with gold, white, lilac, silver, red, gray colors and others. It is worth noting that up to 80-90% can be present in this design area, which is quite agreeable. But do not forget that we are talking about a bedroom.

Neo baroque

It is characterized by the use of non-classical, ultramodern materials: glass, plastic, leather, modern expensive fabrics. Therefore, elegant shapes, smooth lines, glossy surfaces with bright, attractive details can be applied to the bedroom interior. And all this is clearly intertwined with black. The design of the black bedroom, the photos of which below are well demonstrated 

Also, for bedroom interior, rich natural materials are used, expensive wood, stones – marble, travertine. At the same time, plastic elements are often located very close to them. The interior is built in such a way that high cost and ultra-modern materials are in perfect harmony.


The bedroom in the Gothic design and even in black will definitely not leave indifferent connoisseurs of medieval mystical stories and lovers of American fairy tales. Gothic combines mystery with refined aristocratic majesty. On the other hand, no less luxurious and majestic paraphernalia is used in the bedroom: furniture, stained-glass windows. Gothic loves large spaces and no smaller windows.  

How to apply black color in the bedroom

Depending on what goals are being tracked, black can be wallpaper, floors, some separate parts of walls or furniture.

A bedroom that is small in size will not allow black walls. The perimeter, in this case, is needed precisely light. It will not visually hamper the design of the bedroom. But also must be present details that stand out against the dark. Only in this way is it possible to emphasize its majesty and luxury. Otherwise, the interior will be just cold.

Against a black background, paintings in carved golden frames on the walls and panels of color paints look great. White carved or with gold elements furniture, bright, prominent figurines, vases, and other decorative details. Light or bright carpet on the floor. Mirror details look extremely impressive. It can be a floor mirror or a fashionable chest of drawers and nightstands with a mirror finish.

Black in the design of the bedroom can also be abstract elements made of drywall, both on the ceiling and walls. They look especially impressive with LED backlighting. 

Furniture in the black bedroom

Should I buy a black bed, direct or corner wardrobe, and bedside tables in the bedroom? The question greatly depends on what will surround them. In black interiors, the emphasis is on light-colored furniture and vice versa. Light walls – black furniture. Such bedroom furniture is relevant if the walls need to be done in light or just white. 

Depending on the style of design of the bedroom, furniture is chosen not only in black and white colors but also in others that harmoniously complement the space. The main rule, it should be different from the walls and floor in color. Furniture is a good element that makes it easy to create the necessary contrast and color balance in the design of the bedroom.

Given that people spend a third of their time in the bedroom, the room should be comfortable and cozy.

If the financial opportunity allows, then the furniture is best made from natural, environmentally friendly materials.

It is not necessary to specially choose the color of the furniture in the dark room. Either contrast should be present, or the furniture should match the color of the walls, but be one or two tones darker or lighter.

If the choice fell on black wallpaper and black furniture, then it is recommended that the furniture be made glossy.

The natural color of dark wood will be appropriate for walls in brown tones.

It’s not worth cluttering the room with furniture, as this is a restroom, and it is better if it is spacious in it.

Ceiling and floor in the black bedroom

In a black bedroom, the ceiling is better left traditionally white. But it’s not a rule, because sometimes the ceiling can be dark to achieve certain effects. 

Do not focus on these surfaces. Given the bold design of the walls of the room, the ceiling and floor are best made neutral.

The floor will be appropriate in neutral shades, for example, gray or light beige. The choice of coverage is up to the owners—possible laminate flooring, linoleum, carpet. 

Lighting in the black bedroom

The light source is fully attached to the style. But looking ahead, it should be said that black is simply amazingly combined with LED and backlighting. If you add plasterboard constructions of an exciting form to such a combination. Then a fantastic mesmerizing atmosphere in the bedroom in the evening is provided.

A traditional source for the bedroom is a chandelier, and there can be spotlights if a suspended ceiling is installed. Lamps with lampshades can also be excellent and can stand out from the general background in color.

Lighting in a black bedroom should be more intense. To some extent, the number of sources and fixtures should be greater than in a standard bright bedroom. Black color quite strongly absorbs light.

Wallpaper in the black bedroom

First, select the black wallpaper. When choosing, you must take into account the area of the room if it is small, up to 15 square meters, then dark wallpapers can visually reduce it even more.

Natural light should be considered. The bedroom mustn’t create the basement or a prison feeling in the daytime.

Be sure to pay attention to the emotional state of the owners of such a bedroom. If one of those living in such a room is likely to melancholy, then a black bedroom is not an option.

It is also better for older people and families with small children to consider other options for the color scheme of wallpaper.

But if the owner of such a room is a confident, ambitious, “master of the situation” of any life situation, then the design of the bedroom in black is perfect. Black or dark wallpaper will make the room more masculine.

Feminine features can also be present in such a bedroom. 

With the right use of color combinations, a dark bedroom can have a beneficial effect on the process of falling asleep. Dark color influences sleep, so for those who have difficulty falling asleep, a dark room may be helpful.

You can perfectly combine the black color of the walls with other colors in the interior.

For example, you can only make one or two walls dark, and the other two – light or color.

You can choose wallpaper in horizontal or vertical stripes, flat or zigzag. Then the room will be bright.

Wallpaper can be printed on a dark background. For example, a combination of metallic shades of gold, silver, bronze on a black background will help create a glamorous interior.

When choosing wallpapers, comfort and harmony must be felt, since wallpapers occupy the largest area, and will determine the “character” of the room.

It should be paid to the percentage of color in the interior. It is not necessary to distribute the color scheme 50:50; there must be an emphasis on any color. Otherwise, the bedroom will look dull.

Combination with other colors

Black is a universal color, so that any companion color will be appropriate.

For some, the black-and-white version looks luxurious (a great version of minimalism, high-tech), but for some, it will remind you of a dull black and white photo. It all depends on the temperament of the owner of such a bedroom.

The use in the black bedroom of bright accessories of red, light green, orange, and blue can afford bright personality, confident people. It is crucial not to go too far with them.

Anyone who prefers the classic will use a combination of black with gold, silver, or bronze. The room will look royal.

Dark colors: green, blue, brown can also be used in the form of their faded options: pale green, blue, beige. Their combination with black color will make the bedroom calm and peaceful.

The interior of the bedroom in black can be considered complete when the curtains, bedspread, carpet, paintings, photo frames, etc. are selected. Each of these things can significantly change the mood of the room in one direction or another.

With reasonably selected colors, the texture of the materials used, exclusive “little things” you can achieve a “wow effect”.

Black bedroom in combination with white color

Such a combination will always be in demand. It is relevant in all design areas. The classics are boldly followed by any modern styles, including hi-tech and contemporary. To create lightness and airiness, the walls in the bedroom should be given in white. And the bed and the rest of the furniture are chosen black.

The black and white bedroom is a classic of the genre, symbolizing “yin and yang”, male and female. The black and white duet creates a particular harmony and romance in the interior.

With the dominance of black in the interior, high-quality lighting and multi-texture come to the fore. Materials that differ in texture create noticeable transitions between objects and cheer the interior. And when white dominates, the space of the room visually increases.

Using black and white, you can correct the imperfections of the bedroom and create the desired impression:

The black floor and the black ceiling, on the opposite, ground the interior, making it firm and respectable.

A bedroom with a black ceiling and white walls will seem larger, while the dark ceiling will not limit the space, but, on the contrary, will inspire thoughts about the vast space.

An elongated bedroom will take on a square shape if narrow walls are made white and wide walls are black.

The black-and-white duo is self-sufficient, although it can be supplemented with other tones, such as pearl, silver, and a touch of baked milk.

Black bedroom in combination with gold color

Large elements are rarely used purely in gold color. But the individual parts such as double handle, the lining is entirely appropriate. Gold is more a decor than a background or a large amount of color. Other metal details can also be gold fittings: a table lamp, candlesticks, picture frames, etc. They create the very notes of luxury and pomposity. 

Like other colors of the neutral line, black is combined with anything, but you still need to know some subtleties so that the final result does not disappoint you.

Black bedroom in combination with beige color

Beige is a soft, restrained contrast with black. There is no struggle of opposites, as paired with white, and the atmosphere looks warm, calm, and elegant. This combination is suitable for those who do not like significant visual effects and seeks a neutral emotional state and a serene rest.

Black bedroom in combination with gray color

A gray-black combination is often found in the design of brutal men’s bedrooms. The lighter the shade of gray, the more space. On the contrary, dark shades of gray compress the space and are more suitable for spacious bedrooms.

Black bedroom in combination with brown color

Black and brown color combination is used to decorate bedrooms in country styles, Provence, and also ethnic styles. Brown makes the atmosphere warmer and friendlier, while black gets rid of excessive gloom. As a transitional color between black and brown, you can use white or shades close to it (creamy, milky, etc.).

Black bedroom in combination with red color

A black and red pair of flowers in the bedroom interior looks very expressive and passionate. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of red; otherwise, the bedroom will resemble the scenery from the movie about vampires.

1-3 red elements are enough to create an impressive atmosphere – it can be a picture at the head of the bed, a set of bed linen, decorative pillows, a vase, upholstery on the dressing table. And to dilute the interior and add more air, use white.

Black bedroom in combination with pink color

The pink and black combination makes the bedroom glamorous and feminine. On a black background, pink details look even more saturated – it seems creative, festive, and slightly frivolous, which gives the atmosphere a special charm. Use white as a dilution color to prevent the atmosphere from becoming cloying and stuffy.

Black bedroom in combination with purple color

Violet, on a black background, gets rid of its pretentiousness and gloom and becomes romantic. Combinations of black with dark violet are possible, as well as with light tones – lilac, lavender, etc.

Black bedroom in combination with green color

Green accents in the black bedroom will cheer you up in the morning. Green stimulates and tones up, causes pleasant associations with nature and summer, brings freshness and coolness to the atmosphere. Even a couple of green details will make the dark bedroom more optimistic.

Black bedroom in combination with yellow color

The yellow details will warm the bedroom and fill it with sunlight. And on a dark background, yellow will burn even brighter.

Gilding becomes a substitute for yellow in classic bedrooms – this includes furniture fittings and rich fabrics with golden thread (brocade, silk).

10 Design ideas

1. Application on furniture

On black furniture, light fittings and small applications in white, silver, or golden hue look good. In this example, all pieces of furniture have white fittings and are united by the same patterns.

2.Decor with geographic and astronomic topic

The black color is associated with endless space. A composition in the form of a geographical map will remind you of the vastness and wealth of our planet.

3.Decorative stickers

A creative and low-cost solution is to cover the walls with decorative stickers. Combined with the green décor, a fresh and inspiring setting is created.

4.Open shelves

Instead of a closet with dull facades, you can put a simplified design with open shelves for books – this creates a feeling of free space in a dark bedroom.

5.Glass shelves

The white part of the ceiling, combined with the white floor, creates a soaring effect in this bedroom. And glass shelves reinforce this impression – light and inconspicuous, do an excellent job of their aesthetic function.

6.Niche in the wall

Instead of a picture above the head of the bed, you can arrange a small niche for placing decor elements, books, a watch, music disks, and DVDs with films.

7.Lightning as the main accent

Instead of a glamorous chandelier, you can hang an unusual lamp – for example, with floral motifs in the design. A branchy torch will look like a dark forest with magical inhabitants appears.


Mirrors are actively used in the design of black and black and white bedrooms. You can make the accent wall completely mirrored, choose a cabinet with mirror facades, apply a different color to the mirror.

9. Photo wallpaper

A photo printing replaces a typical accent wall. It will refresh the idea of the black bedroom.

10.Black pillows

Decorative pillows do not have to have a floral pattern or strict geometric ornament. A dark pillow with white inscriptions looks excellent in the youth bedroom.

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