What Is the Best Color for Garage Walls: Trends and Tips

If your garage walls need a makeover, paint is the most affordable, practical, and suitable option. Color is a matter of taste, yet professional advice won’t hurt. Searching for the best color for garage walls, we came across various solutions, from all-time favorite neutral tones to mood-boosting shades. First things first, let’s go through some basic aspects.

Exterior or Interior Paint?

Exterior paints have more toxins because of their exterior-use properties, leading to stronger odors, suitable for open spaces. As for interior garage walls, it is better to use latex paint for interiors developed for high-traffic areas since they dry fast, have little to no odor, and are easy to clean. 

Glossy or Matte Finish?

Ensure a cleanable surface and the right sheen to cover any flaws with semi-sheen or satin paint for your garage walls. Don’t forget about primer, especially if we speak about unfinished walls. 

What Paint Works Best for Humid Spaces?

Humidity is one of the most often encountered problems in garages. It directly affects the paint choice. In this sense, experts recommend paints formulated to prevent mold on the paint surface. Still, note that such paint solutions have a stronger odor. 

Find more practical tips and garage wall paint ideas here. Now, let’s find out the best color for garage walls. Or should we say “colors”?

Top Color Choice: Gray

Undoubtedly, one of the best colors for garage walls is gray. Still, experts advise us to look for light shades of gray to preserve the space bright and camouflage any imperfections. Moreover, it’s not a favorite without practical reason. Gray is one of the most functional colors for utilitarian spaces. 

Keep It Bright With White

Dark colors are an absolute no for enclosed spaces like the garage. And, if light colors are the go-to solution, white is one of the best options. Amateurs of modern and well-lit spaces will certainly give it a try. The only drawback is that white tends to get dirty faster, and you’ll have to clean the surfaces more often. Still, nothing compares to a fresh and spacious garage with white-painted walls.

Golden Mean: Beige

If you don’t want to paint your garage walls gray or white, what about beige? It’s still neutral, with much more visual appeal that warms up the space while keeping it bright and fresh. Besides, it’s much easier with beige walls. They more efficiently hide surface imperfections and don’t need as much maintenance as white. 

Green Is the New Gray

According to colorists and designers, green is the “it” color in 2024. It reached the status of a new neutral, and designers cannot wait to use as much green as possible. In a garage, green-painted walls will bring more character to the space and fill it with freshness. Although lighter greens are preferred to preserve the spacious effect, we cannot deny the beauty of deep forest greens. 

Energy Boost With Yellow

Neutrally colored garages is something expected. Why not go the surprising way this season with an unusual and inspiring color like yellow? Another best color for garage walls to try. Among the most popular bright colors, this sunshine color proudly holds the lead. Add a dose of serotonin to this utilitarian space with a half-wall radiant yellow or an all-wall pale yellow shade. 

Discover the best garage floor paint ideas to complete the decoration of your garage.

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