10 Expert Paint Ideas for Interior Garage Walls + Helpful Tips

The garage is undoubtedly the last place you think of when renovating your house. It seems you finally reached this space and wonder what would be the best way to paint the garage walls. Remember, painting the garage walls differs from painting any room in the house. That’s why we will provide you with the basics and quickly switch to the most interesting part, the best expert-suggested paint ideas for garage walls.

Garage Walls Painting: Be in the Know

  • Paint type. Oil-based or water-based paint is recommended for garage walls. Oil-based paint better resists damage and works better for metallic surfaces. Simultaneously, water-based paint dries quicker and is easy to take care of while being a great option for drywall or concrete. 
  • External factors. Since garages are exposed to various levels of temperature and humidity, mostly high levels of wetness, consider mold-resistant paints to avoid any unpleasant effects in the long run.
  • Finish. You can choose from all available finishes. There are no particular types for garages. Matte camouflage flaws yet absorb too much light. Satin and eggshell are between gloss and matte, reflecting more light than matte yet not hiding flaws as successfully. While gloss is considered the best for garages due to its moisture resistance, it still reveals all imperfections on walls due to its ability to reflect light perfectly. 
  • Preparation. Fill any crack with special pastes for each material in part. Use a primer to cover stains and create an even surface for paint. Use a roller to apply the paint, and consider more than one coat if the layer is not thick enough.
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Best Garage Wall Paint Ever: Gray

Out of thousands of available solutions, no other option out of the paint ideas for garage walls sounds better than gray. Everything looks at home on such a background, and the various shades you can choose from will undoubtedly adapt to any lighting conditions. By the way, you cannot go wrong with a color considered the most practical, versatile, and timeless for a painting project. 

Matte Black Garage Wall Paint

Black compensates for the less practical feature of a matte finish, yet nothing compares with a gorgeous garage interior painted matte black. You will be impressed by how confident and luxe your garage will look regardless of how you want to use this space.

Controversial Garage Wall Paint: White

Suppose you have perfect temperature and humidity conditions. You like well-organized spaces and crave ergonomic layouts. All you need now is a good white paint color for your garage walls. The best thing about white is that your garage will look ten times larger and brighter. Ensure a well-thought system of storage to complement the aesthetically pleasing white palette.

New Trend of the Season: Blue Garage Walls

We’ve seen a growing popularity of blue within the best paint ideas for garage walls. How come this timeless color became a favorite? Homeowners who have already got tired of grays and other neutrals found a great alternative – dark blue. It adds more visual appeal while professionally camouflaging flaws. 

Two-Color Garage Wall Paint Idea

Try the trending paint idea with two different colors: dark blue for half of the wall and white for the other. It sounds more interesting, doesn’t it? By the way, stick to white for the upper half and choose any other darker color for the lower one.

Did you know that taupe, or a combination of brown and gray, is one of the most beloved colors in 2024? Colorists even predict its timeless feature for years to come. Now is the best time to try it in your house. The garage is the place to experiment. 

A Drop of Serotonin: Yellow

Quite a bold color for a garage, you may say. We agree, but life is too short to surround you with neutral and passive colors. Embrace the beauty of bright tones, especially when there are so many inspirational sources. Start with nature. In this context, borrow some energy from the sun with a vividly orange or organically lime-yellow shade for your garage walls.

Decluttered Garage Wall Paint Idea: Stripes

If you are one of those rare homeowners with a decluttered garage and open walls, you should get creative with your garage wall painting. Choose a combo of two or more colors with a mandatory neutral and another bolder color. 

Classic Black and White

The classic combo that hasn’t lost its charm over the years is not for such spaces as the bedroom, kitchen, or living room only. Feel free to try this effortlessly timeless color pairing in your garage if aesthetics is a priority to your taste.

Make It Inviting

Garages are usually painted in neutral or cold-tone colors for practical reasons or because homeowners don’t usually pay much attention to the stylistic aspect of a garage. Change the perspective now with a warm shade on garage walls that you’ll feel comfortable surrounded by. This color will change your mood, especially if you spend much time in the garage.

We are glad you got to the end of the list. Now, you may wonder what paint colors you can use for your garage walls. Visit our selection of trendy paint colors, where you can find the best of the best shades for any taste and style.

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