Best Beige Wallpaper Products and How to Style Them

Name one color more popular than beige. It may be white or gray. Yet, in the last decade, beige definitely prevailed – this comfy neutral speaks to everyone individually. When choosing wall decoration, beige is a common guest. That’s why we decided to compile a guide on beige wallpaper: best models, ways to style them, and useful tips from designers worldwide. Beige is a go-to option if you are looking for a neutral background for accent furniture or a versatile color to pair with any design style. Over the last few years, homeowners have underestimated the effect of beige on interior design. This article will prove otherwise. 

Most Fashionable Beige Wallpapers

NuWallpaper Modern Grasscloth Vinyl Wallpaper

Neutral and versatile, this peel-and-stick wallpaper is a suitable choice for walls and furniture because of its extra-texture feature that will perfectly suit kitchen backsplashes, bookshelf liners, closet facades, or staircases.

Akywall Neutral Waterproof Wallpaper

The plain design and neutral beige color of this modern self-adhesive wall cover make for a perfect wallpaper, slightly textured, to fit contemporary interiors. With a trace of soft color, this wall decoration will seamlessly bring in comfort.

Tempaper Sandy Graphic Wallpaper

Add dimension to your living space with this ultra-modern beige wallpaper, revealing abstract geometric patterns with trending arches in the most soothing variation of beige. Being self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper, it easily fits in any room.

Norwall Cream Feather Wallpaper

Enjoy the softness of this feathery-like wallpaper, depicting texture in a natural way. The delightful cream color speaks for comfort and serenity, while the washable character of this wallpaper adds much functionality.

NuWallpaper Beige Grasscloth Wallpaper

Add organic texture to your living room, bedroom, or dining room by choosing this rich-grained grasscloth wall cover in neutral. You can easily reposition it due to its peel-and-stick feature.

Livelynine Light Beige Plain Wall Cover

This peel-and-stick bright wallpaper is the best alternative to actual paint for your walls. You can also apply this vinyl wallpaper to cabinets, tabletops, bookshelves, and other DIY ideas.

Theper Abstract Stripe Removable Wallpaper

Add vibrancy to your bedroom or living room walls with this modern stripe wallpaper in a delightful beige tone. Benefit from its waterproof and easy-to-install personality, and use it for the kitchen backsplash as well.

OSECAGE Beehive Print Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

The beauty of this decorative vinyl wallpaper is the linear prints structured in a beehive that will add shape to any surface. Use it on walls or furniture in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.

Heroad Beige Floral Wallpaper

This brown-beige wall cover depicts delicate floral patterns. Apply this waterproof peel-and-stick wallpaper to walls or renovate a piece of furniture in any room and design style.

Norwall Modern Sandy Textured Wall Cover

This pigmented sandy wall cover of paper renders a visual effect of a textured surface that you’ll love in your living or utilitarian spaces. That’s a perfect pairing between color and texture for your home.

Coloritto Beige Tropical Leaves Wall Decoration

This gorgeous self-adhesive wallpaper displays a beautiful tropical scene, capturing watercolor leaves in beige. This softest design inspires so much calmness, which you’ll undeniably enjoy in any room.

RoomMates Tropical Leaf Wallpaper

This vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper replicates the minimalist version of tropical wallpaper with exotic white leaves of various sizes and shapes printed on a beige canvas. The neutral hue will easily integrate into any color palette, while the lush tropical prints add texture to your home’s design. You’ll easily work with this self-adhesive wallpaper that leaves no residue. 

Norwall Cream Ornamental Wallpaper

This washable paper wall cover unveils a beautiful design decorated with soft-colored ornaments. Add traditional flair embedded with history to your home, whether traditional or modern design style.

Mecpar Beige Matte Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Redecorate furniture or walls with this matte-finish vinyl wallpaper in a light beige shade. Use it instead of paint as a much more affordable and easy-to-use alternative. Waterproof, easy to install, and self-adhesive – this wall cover is irreplaceable.

Norwall Beige and Gray Vinyl Wall Cover

Easy-to-install wallpaper depicting delicate spring branches in bloom. This neutrally colored cover with a minimalist pattern is a great fit for modern interiors that require the slightest tinge of comfort.

NuWallpaper Metallic Leaf Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper in a light beige shade decorated with metallic leaf patterns. This seemingly neutral yet visually alluring design will add the right amount of interest to a modern living room, bedroom, or kitchen backsplash. 

VEELIKE Concrete Vinyl Wallpaper

This self-adhesive wallpaper, replicating the natural concrete texture, reveals water and stain-resistant finish, perfect for kitchen countertops or backsplashes and bathroom walls. Opt for this affordable alternative to actual concrete to renovate furniture. Or, use it on walls for a rustic twist in your living room.

Yancorp Faux Linen Wallpaper

This durable, easy-to-clean, and waterproof wall cover renders a generously comfortable shade of beige accompanied by visual texture. Use this flexible material to redecorate cabinets, drawers, or walls in any room.

ZIBRWUON Khaki Faux Fabric Wallpaper

Quality vinyl wallpaper replicating the rich linen texture in a deep beige tone. Choose this water-resistant wallpaper for DIY projects. Or, apply it to walls for an extra feel of grain. The neutral color will effortlessly adapt to any color palette.

Safiyya Khaki Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

Multipurpose vinyl wall cover in a modern tone. Redefine style in your home by decorating walls or furniture with this peel-and-stick wallpaper that easily adapts to any design style. 

Lenify Beige Decorative Wallpaper

Self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper imitating natural texture. Use this hard-to-tear, waterproof decorative paper to renovate an old piece of furniture. Update your backsplash. Or cover walls in the living room or bedroom.

Abyssaly Gold Textured Wall Cover

With a touch of golden polish, this beige self-adhesive wallpaper defines versatility. You can use it in any design style with any color code. Apply this vinyl wall cover on furniture or walls and benefit from its rich range of benefits, among which are waterproof, removable, easy to clean, and stain-resistant.

RoomMates Beige Blooming Wall Decor

This self-adhesive wallpaper gathers a beautiful bouquet of various florals, all colored in appealing neutral shades. Use this trendy vinyl wallpaper to update furniture or redecorate the living room, bedroom, nursery, or dining room walls.

WAPANE Beige Concrete Vinyl Wallpaper

Go with this affordable alternative to actual concrete in the form of peel-and-stick wallpaper with a vinyl finish suitable for bathrooms and kitchens as much as for living spaces. Realistically rendering the natural texture, this rich-grain wall cover will enhance the look of any room, including the garage.

Dimoon Light Wallpaper with Grain

Choose this self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper full of texture and grain to complete a modern design idea. While this decorative paper works perfectly for furniture, its use on walls is a must in contemporary interiors decorated with wood furniture and natural textiles.

NuWallpaper Cream Countryside Wallpaper

Switching to the countryside, we encourage you to opt for this trendiest cream wallpaper with floral and animal print peculiar to cottagecore aesthetics. Use it in a Rustic, Farmhouse, or Vintage interior for walls and furniture.

OSECAGE Beige Grid Removable Wallpaper

This interestingly designed wall cover depicts stripes in a grid pattern that creates a beautiful visual effect. The neutral color will adapt this intricate design to any color palette. Despite its vivid graphic effect, this self-adhesive wallpaper looks exceptionally contemporary.

Abyssaly Beige Self-Adhesive Wall Cover

Try this paint replacement on walls or furniture. Its waterproof vinyl surface makes it a perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms. The bright beige shade will make your room feel spacious.

NuWallpaper Vintage 3D Wallpaper

This aesthetic vinyl wallpaper illustrates the quiet countryside lifestyle with a vintage trace. The visually standout patterns add charm and uniqueness to this self-adhesive wallpaper. You’ll love it even more when you learn it is waterproof, easy to install, and low-maintenance. 

Timeet Realistic Brick Wall Cover

Have you always dreamt of a brick accent wall in your home? Do it smart with faux brick wallpaper that looks no different from actual brick. This self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper renders brick texture in the best way possible with a soft beige cover to decorate walls in any room.

WENMER Faux Stone Decorative Paper

Reading beige, this stone vinyl wallpaper is a suitable solution for backsplashes, fireplaces, or cabinets. This affordable alternative is waterproof, self-adhesive, and has a textured finish to look as realistic as possible.

Newsroom Beige Wooden Paneling Cover

Repeating wood texture fantastically, this non-woven wallpaper offers a great substitute for wood paneling to decorate walls. It is easy to install and clean. Keep pace with trends without much expense.

A.S. Creation Metallic Print Wall Cover

Experience the beauty and style of this quality non-woven wallpaper decorated with metallic botanical prints. The visual texture and appealing color will enhance the look of any room and boost your mood.

Design Ideas with Beige Wallpaper

Due to its natural versatility, beige wallpaper is a perfect fit for most rooms and design styles. It is easy to work with. Yet, if you need inspiration, take a look at these trendy design ideas offered by experts.

  • With its warm effect, the beige wall covering is perfect for enriching a bedroom with comfort when used on all walls as the primary color.
  • Use beige wallpaper as a background for statement furniture and decor.
  • Add Mediterranean warmth to your home with sandy beige wall covers paired with wood, rattan, jute, and organic textiles.
  • Use vinyl beige decorative paper on kitchen cabinets and other furniture to camouflage dirt and flaws.
  • Make any room feel spacious with light beige wall decor, whether plain or patterned.
  • Integrate the trending natural texture wall decor into your home using the affordable and low-maintenance alternative – faux texture wallpaper in beige.
  • Dive into more unusual shades of beige like taupe, tan, sand, or khaki to add depth.

What to Consider When Choosing Beige Wallpaper


Beige-colored wall coverings are categorized into light, dark, and patterned models. For rooms with no access to natural light and limited space, a light shade of beige can bring this sense of spaciousness and light. In large rooms, let furniture take center stage by decorating walls with deeper beige tones. Alternatively, opt for textured wallpaper to hide minor flaws and add dimension to the space, underlining a unique style.


For utilitarian spaces like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundries, choose waterproof and stain-resistant vinyl wallpaper. Feel free to opt for fabric or paper wall covers in other rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, or kids’ rooms.


Whether plain or printed, it is your choice. What we can say surely is that plain wallpaper design works better for small spaces that will benefit from a few inches of additional space. The furthest you can go is to consider light patterned beige wall covers. Rich-printed beige wallpapers better suit large rooms that need that trace of visual interest. Overall, you can choose from a wide range of design options – modern, traditional, rustic, countryside, and so on.


Is beige wallpaper a good idea?

First, beige is a neutral color that will adapt to any current trend. It brings understated calmness and relaxation to any space. Due to its ability to hide minor damages, it will last you a long time. Not least, beige is timeless, and it will always be in style.

Where to use beige wallpaper?

You can apply beige wall covering to any flat surface, from walls to furniture. However, designers claim bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens to be the best spaces for such cozy wallpaper.

What colors pair best with beige wallpaper?

The best matching colors for beige wall covering are white and cream for monochromatic palettes and gold accents to stand out on the neutral background. However, beige is a pretty versatile tone that will work with any color in your home.

You may be interested in another popular color – check out the best green wallpapers!

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