Amazing bedroom wall decor ideas for any style and preference

Is there any space within your house that feels more personal than the bedroom? Regardless of style, this is the space where you are free to implement your wildest decor ideas. The closer it feels to you, the better the effect, which supposes adding individuality. Whether it is a DIY project, a collection of beautiful vintage units bought at a flea market, or a gallery wall, the main goal is to stay original. Walls are the best space to use for decoration within bedrooms. First of all, it saves a lot of space within small rooms. Secondly, even large rooms would benefit from additional free space, one of the main rules for a contemporary layout. Regardless of how much space you have, what design direction your bedroom takes, and how high your expectations are, you will surely fall in love with at least a few wall decor ideas that we have prepared. We take you on “the best bedroom wall decor ideas” adventure. Let’s get it started!

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Mirrors have become an essential part of the decor lately, even within the bedroom. We do not mean simple mirrors, but vintage ones that look inspired by a fairytale. You can opt for any piece of the kind on the wall above the bed or nightstands. Nevertheless, the larger these units look, the greater the effect. Consider enormous vintage mirrors with charming metallic frames that radiate grandeur to make the most of this approach. Of course, such a large mirror would not be convenient to hang on the wall, although placing it against is appropriate. The most exciting part is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Vintage interior since a mirror of this kind would redefine any other style.

Art Deco chic

In the same row of ideas, we suggest you opt for a mirror above your bed in the Art Deco style, which has made a comeback lately. Integrating tiny elements peculiar to the Great Gatsby elegance is a stylish decor idea within modern interiors. The defining sunflower design is one of the best approaches. Even the smallest unit of this kind or a collection of two or more pieces alike will bring your interior to the next level with their fabulous design and sparkling metallic frames.

Breathe new life into the walls

Use this space to display memories, aspects close to your heart, or stylish references to a particular style with a gallery wall. The most popular idea is to opt for a gallery wall with family photos to spread love all over the space. Next comes a gallery wall with pictures that reflect the general theme of the bedroom, preserving the color palette or slightly deviating. With this one, you can change the theme once in a while and enrich your bedroom with a new wall decor every time you feel the need for something new. Not least impeccable is a gallery wall with abstract pictures that go hand in hand with your bedroom style. The trendiest are Vintage, Boho, and Minimalist since they are the easiest to apply for this particular type of decor.

Abstract art for creative minds

This decor approach works best for minimalist bedrooms with monochromatic palettes that seem to lack a splash of color. A large picture replicating abstract shapes that acquires particular meaning for every person in part is a great way to add individuality to an overly simplified layout. For even more creative people, there is the decor idea according to which you can become the author of a piece of art. Consider drawing tables that can easily be wiped up for a new drawing every time you want to express your emotions through shapes and colors. This way, such a decor unit will feel even more personalized.

Visual interest with wall molding

If you don’t like to play with small details, go big with a whole makeover and consider wall molding; no need to opt for intricate designs. The simplest touch of such an approach will offer a classy air. It doesn’t necessarily mean a Classical interior style. It can be Neoclassical, Traditional, Transitional, or Modern. Consider white paint for a sleek effect and a bolder shade to emphasize the delicate decor lines. The furthest you can go is opting for additional abstract art, although the molding alone plays the magic.

Add texture with wall paneling

Wall paneling is not far from the previous approach, which is richer due to the hidden wood texture and intricate design. Pick an accent wall. It is usually the one against which the bed stands. Decorate it with paneling. Be it half of the wall or the entire wall. Go with a soothing shade to preserve tranquility, or consider a bold paint color to add a new point of interest to this space. One should note that black has become exceptionally popular in this sense, which will make a stylish statement in combination with white or vibrant pink.

New decor every season

The graceful natural and even artificial wreaths are a go-to option for a delicate decor that connects with nature and refreshes the style at an unprecedented level. Furthermore, you can go with a different wreath every new season so that you constantly fall in love with your interior. A seemingly simple approach to decor yet a smart one that brings together calmness, naturalness, style, and harmony with nature and oneself.

Give meaning to the walls

What if your walls could speak? What would they say about your personality? Express your inner feelings through personalized statements or quotes right on the walls or by inserting them in frames. Express your love, refer to an idea that defines you or inspirational quotes by placing them in the most visible place. This way, they become part of your interior and make this space as close as possible to you. 

A tiny splash of Bohemian charm

A functional piece can instantly become a decor unit for the walls, and we want to refer to a stylish Boho headboard that would seem like a piece of art. There are so many designs of the kind that you would surely find the one that meets your standards. Not a Boho amateur, but you cannot give up on such a piece of decor? No problem. A whole Boho makeover is not required. Any contemporary approach to interior styles would benefit from a tiny splash of originality with a Bohemian headboard.

Floating pots with greenery

The more sources of natural beauty, the better. To your attention – floating pots with indoor plants, by which we mean floating shelves or grid used to display these splashes of greenery that hang in a natural way above your bed and refresh the space. In harmony with nature, at peace with oneself, full of calmness, and inspired for a change is how this decor idea affects you personally.

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