Top 12 Bedding Trends 2023: Materials, Colors, Patterns, Styles, and Design Ideas

Nothing brings more calmness after a long workday than an enjoyable environment in the bedroom where you can unwind far from the daily bustle. The smallest design details are responsible for the sought-after effect of relaxation and comfort. Take bedding as an example. With the latest trends that are forecasted for the coming 2023 season, the levels of beauty and serenity go unstoppably up. Reshape, reinvent, and redefine your bedroom concept of style and coziness with the best bedding trends in 2023!

Comfort is a Priority

Since the pandemic, people have started making a retreat out of their interiors, where they can feel safe and comfortable. The idea of a cocoon still flows within interior design and applies to the upcoming trends. Undoubtedly, the main trend to top our list is “comfort”. How can it be interpreted through bedding design? Of course, putting the accent on quality materials and textured patterns that add visual and on-touch comfort to fabrics. 

Closer to a Green Bedroom

By green, we don’t mean the color but the concept of an environmentally-friendly space decorated with eco materials. It doesn’t favor only nature but your well-being as well. It would be more pleasant to sleep in natural bedclothes that take care of your healthy sleep and appear to be thoughtful about the environment. You sleep well and make a difference. Among the best organic and sustainably produced materials are bamboo, eucalyptus, and hemp. Such bed covers are produced without chemicals and prevail in durability over any other options. 

Calming Natural Materials

If you would not want to experiment with bamboo or hemp bedclothes, this trend works for you – the traditional wool, cotton, and even velvet for a reinvented elegance are a natural alternative for your bed covers. They are also key elements of the trend that embraces love for everything natural. Consider a woven wool throw blanket over your cotton sheets or velvet throw pillows to ensure the old-days familiar look.  

Good-old-day Neutral Colors

Neutrals don’t need to prove their trendy state. They simply move from one season to another. The all-time favorite colors for bedding are whites, grays, creams, greiges, teals, tans, and any variation of these colors. You can keep it impartial by opting for neutrals only without accents, particularly if your bedroom follows suit and applies a monochromatic color board. 

Warm Earthy Colors

Another lasting trend is the palette inspired by nature, which allows us to connect with nature even when indoors. If neutral greens, soothing blues, unobtrusive browns, and others alike were a theme last season, this one promises to sparkle with relatively more earthy tones, such as caramel, orange, burgundy; all right, and a bit of green with moss green. Whether you go entirely with a bold color scheme like this or consider accents, you stay in trend since everything that feels natural feels welcome.

Debonair Lavender

According to the TrendBook forecast on 2023 trends in interior design, the already beloved lavender shade is simply irreplaceable. Fresh, calming, inspiring, and relaxing, the lavender bed clothes are a perfect fit for any color scheme and work as a standard, being neither too feminine nor masculine. This voguish color suits any season decor, acting as a warming shade during winter, a scented source of beauty in summer, an invigorating splash of freshness during spring, and a relaxing tone in autumn. 

Timeless Black and Gold

Another steady trend makes a fabulous comeback – the black and gold combination. It is more of a classic, and connoisseurs of the style would surely like such bedding. The true amateurs of the fantastic color pairing will go straight with black and gold only. There is a great alternative for those who want to embrace the design technique yet fear it would look too daring – try and add a bit of white.

Vivid Patterns and Personalization

Regardless of trends, personalization is an all-time goal of any homeowner – an interior that stands out with something special and personal. Customization works best for bedrooms since it is the most personal space you are free to decorate in any way that appeals to your sense of beauty. A great idea to individualize the sleeping space is by opting for bold patterns on the bedding, and since we speak about trends, patterns are a must in 2023.

Funghi Patterns

Funghi is the plural form for “fungus”, which from Latin means mushroom. The recovering 70’s trend of mushroom shapes and patterns firmly takes the stage in 2023. Among other design elements that can be enhanced with such patterns, bedding holds a leading position. By the way, it works great for an autumn-themed bedroom, although vivaciously colored mushrooms on white backgrounds work as perfectly during any season.

New Japandi

The stylish collaboration between the harmonious Japanese and cozy Scandinavian is a great inspirational source for modern and authentic bedding in your personal space. This approach relies on two pillars – simplicity and comfort. The new Japandi allows bold accents on the peculiar-to-the-style beiges, grays, whites, and blues. Choose different variations of one of the mentioned colors and mark the style with accent pillows, such as your favorite colors, since Japandi is about comfort.

Contemporary Coastal

The breezy Mediterranean air can be part of your bedroom all year round, even if you live in a zone with cold weather. Do you remember last season’s trend with warm colors for welcoming effects? Well, this is the update. Now, an inviting interior is all yours with Coastal-influenced bedding. Textured patterns resemble the waves, light colors resonate with the ocean breeze, and blue notes render the depth and serenity of the sea. 

Embracing Cultures

Bold-colored bedclothes with large-scale and visually appealing patterns inspired by different cultures and values are mainstream. As part of the bedding trends 2023, this is the true interpretation of eclectic approaches and the result of playing with variety and color. You don’t necessarily have to keep such bedding all year long, but once in a while, it seems fabulous to dilute the modern color palettes of the room and offer yourself a source of vibrant inspiration.

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