Bathroom Ceiling Ideas: Designers’ Top 10

With so many design options at our disposal, we can simply get overwhelmed when it comes to the simplest decisions, such as what design to choose for the bathroom ceiling. First, you should consider the best ceiling materials for this mostly wet room. What follows is about creativity and taste. Researching the subject and asking designers what are the best bathroom ceiling ideas this season, we put together a pretty impressive list of ideas and suggestions. We will happily share the findings with you!

Top Bathroom Ceiling Materials

  • Tiles. They are usually used on floors and walls, yet now everything is possible, even tiles on the ceiling. Known for their waterproof quality, they will last you a long while the design options will match any taste;
  • PVC panels. Easy to install and maintain, these waterproof panels are some of the most common options, bringing a wide range of designs besides being affordable and impressively practical;
  • Cement boards. Water resistance and functionality make this choice a real find for a bathroom, especially when durability enters the game;
  • Paint. One of the most affordable, versatile, and easiest-to-install options. Additionally, you can change color every new season and keep pace with trends;
  • Greenboard. This waterproof drywall solution fits best the ceiling areas above the shower or bathtub, coming in various colors;
  • Gypsum boards. Known also as plasterboard, this non-toxic ceiling option stands out through easiness of installation and overall suitability for any design style.

All clear with the practical part. Let’s switch to the creative side! The following options are the best bathroom ceiling ideas you cannot sleep on if you plan a bathroom makeover.

Main Trend of the Season: Colorful Ceilings

One of the most original options, and our favorite, is colorfully painting the bathroom ceiling. Add that pop of energy to your bathroom and enjoy the splash of positive feelings every time you enter this room. Magenta, lavender, green, blue, peach, and dark colors are the main actors in the list of trending paint colors

Designer’s tip: go slightly beyond the ceiling and add the same vibrant color on the upper side of the walls to enhance the effect. Visit our updated articles on Bathroom Paint Color Trends and Ceiling Paint Color Trends (looking beyond white) for more color inspiration.

Connect with the Outdoors: Ceiling Window

Experience the luxe of a spa right in your bathroom with this luxury bathroom idea: an open view right in the ceiling. This way, you won’t have to choose from tens of ceiling materials. The ceiling window will steal the spotlight by ensuring an exceptional design. Feel energized by the natural light and enjoy the view of a starry night, sunny day, and everything each season brings.

The Way Back to Origin Matter: Wood Beams

Get the expensive Rustic look: whitewashed ceiling with distressed wood beams, untreated and natural. Such a composition gives off a charming cottage vibe and underlines the beauty of simple and natural design solutions. Let your bathroom breathe refined countryside air. By the way, Modern Rustic is one of the trendiest design styles of the season.

Cozy Up the Bathroom: Wooden Panels 

The so-called Scandi ceiling style with wooden panels is a great choice for smaller and larger bathrooms. Even the toughest-to-convince bathrooms will seem much more pleasant and comfortable under the thorough supervision of wood texture. Feel embraced by the warm wooden color during the coldest winter days.

Unconventional Ceiling Cover: Wallpaper

We’ve been following the bathroom trends for a while now, and we managed to discover that wallpaper on the ceiling is a recurring design idea that leaves lots of space for interpretation. Ceiling wallpaper doesn’t seem as overpowering as traditional wallpaper on walls, and you are freer to choose your favorite design. Natural colors and patterns are a must.

Play of Lights with Led Strips

Not only is this lighting option an eco solution, but you’ll also be able to reshape your bathroom design. Consider LED strips all over the ceiling perimeter and choose the right light temperature and color. Ensure the mood you like for every bathroom visit in part.

Ceiling Accent: Statement Chandeliers

Designers urge us to give up on minimalist fixtures that bring no stylistic value to the design. You may leave a few functional LED strips in the vanity area. As for the rest, please choose from the wide range of charismatic and full-of-personality chandeliers. Those better be large and floating pieces. If you have a small bathroom, don’t worry. Install the fixture above low-traffic areas, such as above the bathtub.

Out in the Wild: Hanging Plants

Live greenery thrives in wet areas, especially in the bathroom. You thrive together with them with a bathroom ceiling decorated with rich green-pigmented indoor plants. The closer to water, the better. Additionally, they are low-maintenance. Water will do everything. 

Ceiling as the Fifth Wall

Decorate the ceiling with the same tiles as the walls. This will work for you if you don’t mind a one-tone color palette. Designers like bright mosaic tiles on the ceiling. Despite the bold color, they tend to be less imposing than large-size tiles.

Make it Unique: Ceiling Decoration

It mostly suits Traditional and Classic interiors, yet this option is worth giving a try in any bathroom, considering the eclectic contemporary trends. Choose a smooth yet stylish decoration for the ceiling: 3D gypsum accents, intricate trim, crown molding, or plaster ceiling roses. 

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