A few reasons why you should coat your roof

A few reasons why you should coat your roof

An area of most people’s homes that is sadly overlooked is the roof. Unfortunately, failing to maintain and look after your home’s roof can actually compromise your entire property. There have been horror stories publicized in the media about people’s roofs caving in due to poor maintenance and disrepair. If one happens to be inside one’s home when the roof falls in, then life-threatening injuries are almost guaranteed.

While not coating your roof isn’t going to lead to your roof caving in, it indicates that you don’t care about your roof, which can cause other problems. Here’s why you need to coat your roof.

Hiring professionals

Before addressing why roof coating is so important it’s first important to make clear that you should only ever have a professional perform roof coating on your property’s roof. Not only will a professional roofer have access to high-quality coats, like silicone roof coatings, but they will know all of the techniques required to effectively coat a person’s roof. Some people attempt to coat their own roofs to save money but this is a very bad idea. Trying to coat your own roof could lead to you making a mistake and even injuring yourself.

Internal cooling

If you live in an area with a hot climate, then roof coating will help to keep your home a lot cooler. A white roof coating will reflect the sun’s rays, which will in turn keep your home’s interior cooler. Because of this, you won’t have to use your home’s air-conditioning as much. Alternatively, if you live in a cold climate, then a black roof coating will help to absorb heat, which will keep your home’s interior warmer. A roof coating can be a great way to control your home’s temperature.

Energy consumption

Electricity prices are soaring at the moment, primarily due to the war in Ukraine. It should also be noted that in addition to energy prices rising, food prices are also rising. Because food and energy prices are rising, many people don’t have as much money as they ordinarily would. Having your roof coated means that you won’t have to use your air-conditioning all day, every day. The cost of running an air-conditioning unit can be astronomical. You may only have to use your unit for a few hours a day if you have a white roof coating.

Roof leaks

The coating can help to protect your house against roof leaks. Roof leaks can be disastrous because they can lead to widespread dampness. One of the main complications of dampness is mold. Mold can be very bad for you and your family’s health. If you are all exposed to large amounts of mold then it can lead to health problems, like asthma. Some have claimed that mold can actually lead to pneumonia. Actress Brittany Murphy supposedly died from complications related to exposure to black mold. Keeping your home’s roof intact and preventing leaks can prevent mold from growing. 

Roof life

Your roof will last a lot longer if you coat it, because coating it protects it. You should always be thinking about ways to extend your roof’s life. Most people have to replace their roofs at least once every 20 years. Roof replacements and re-fittings can be very expensive. In addition to applying a roof coat, the company that you hire can also perform an inspection, checking out your roof and seeing if there are any problems with it. If there is, then they will be able to repair them for you for an added cost.

Better appearance

A roof coat will make your roof look a lot nicer. Your roof’s appearance is something that you should always give consideration to. If your roof does not look nice, then it can lead to you ruining the façade and appearance of your house. A lot of people’s roofs let down the rest of the work that they have done to their houses. Make sure to get your home’s roof coated in a color that compliments your home’s paint. If you can’t get your home’s roof coated in a color other than white or red, then you can repaint your home to make it match.


Finally, while roof coating isn’t exactly cheap, the benefits and protections that it gives your roof will mean that you save a lot of money in the long run. Because roof coating preserves and protects your roof, it means you won’t have to replace it as frequently as you might have to otherwise. As mentioned previously, roof replacements can be very expensive. It’s also worth noting that because you won’t have to deal with roof leaks or dampness, you will also save money on those things. Saving money on the cost of maintaining and looking after your roof will mean that you can spend it on other things.

If you want to maintain and look after your roof, then roof coating is essential. As this post shows, roof coating should be performed by a professional. When you are having your roof coated you can also ask the workmen to inspect your roof for signs of damage or wear.

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