7 Warning signs that your roof needs repair

7 Warning signs that your roof needs repair

The quality of your roofing design significantly contributes to the structural integrity of your home. Not only this, but the roof of your house also provides you with ample protection against outdoor elements such as the extreme heat of the sun in the summer months or heavy rains in California. For this reason, it is important to keep the roof of your house in tip-top shape by regularly washing and inspecting it, as well as cleaning your gutters.In doing so, there are instances wherein you may think that you already need a new roof but it turns out that you only need to have minor repairs on it. It can also be otherwise, but regardless of the case, the San Francisco roofing contractors believe that you should attend to the needs of your roof promptly to inhibit further damage. If you maintain your roof, you will immediately see signs that it already needs repair, such as those listed below.

Apparent streaks of sunlight

One of the obvious indications that your roof already needs to be repaired is if sunlight streaks coming from the ceiling are already visible inside your home. While this sign is apparent, it can be overlooked particularly if your home has an attic or rooms which are not often accessed. Thereby, make sure to do a quick check on each room regularly, even those that you no longer use, and observe whether there are small holes that let the sunlight through. In doing so, make the rooms as dark as possible by turning off the lights and closing the curtains, such that light streaks will become immediately noticeable.

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Leaking roof during rains

Another sign that your roof already needs to be repaired is when you see leaks and other signs of water damage. You may notice rainwater getting in your attic or dripping in some rooms of your house. In this case, you need to get in touch with roofing contractors immediately to assess the damage because if the cause of the leaks is a porous underlayment, then you may need to have your entire roof replaced. Even small leaks can seep into cracks that can result in excessive moisture that can contract or expand depending on the temperature changes. This compromises the integrity of your roofing structure.

Visible damages

Some of the visible damages that call for a roof repair include shingles that are cracked, curled, or missing. Broken shingles can expose your roof and allow water to pass through. Apart from this, you should also be wary of shingles that are dark, dirty, or wet, as well as shingle granules looking like black, coarse sand in your gutters. Shingles that darken in color over time may have water trapped underneath them or water is constantly flowing through them.

On the other hand, shingle granules ending up in your gutters mean that there may be broken shingles in areas that may not be readily visible from the ground. Overall, these are signs that the shingles in your roof are already nearing their lifespan. Other visible damages in your roof that need to be quickly addressed are the wear and tear around roof objects and openings such as in your chimneys, vents, and pipes where initial deterioration may evolve.

Stains and discoloration in ceilings and walls

It is true that the stains and discoloration in your ceilings and walls may be caused by a variety of factors. One of these causes can be your roof’s underlayment that ineffectively blocks moisture from entering your home or roof leaks that have been overlooked for quite some time. On your ceiling, the discoloration can be either gray or brown in color, appearing as a circular ring. On your walls, it can look like streaks of water dripping down.

Sagging ceiling or roof deck

In case your roof deck is no longer straight, with visible sagging in particular segments, then there is a great chance that it could have retained excessive moisture coming from a leak. It can also be that the sagging manifested in your ceiling, where water had pooled over the same spot multiple times, causing your ceiling to warp because of the weight of the water. If the sagging is confined in a particular area, it is most likely that it can still be repaired. Otherwise, a roof replacement may already be necessary.

Higher energy bills

If you are surprised about your energy bills shooting up despite your efforts to conserve energy, then you need to thoroughly inspect your roof. The holes in your roof may compromise its insulating capacity such that your home inefficiently heated up or cooled down. This entails the need for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to work harder to compensate for the temperature leak. While there are other aspects in your home that can cause your energy bills to spike up, it is noteworthy to check your roof.

Old roof

Finally, the age of your roof can instigate its need for repair. More often than not, a roof that is over 20 years of age is already bound for fixing. Take advantage of the labor warranty offered by some roofing companies for a decade to ensure that your roof is maintained regularly. Your roof’s lifespan can also be affected by the weather conditions in your area. Additionally, while some roofing materials are more durable than others, two decades is a good rule of thumb when it comes to the longevity of your roof.

In conclusion, get in touch with roof experts as soon as you see streaks of sunlight coming through or observe leaks after heavy rains. Visible damages on the exterior of your roof is also an indication that it is time to call the experts. In addition to this, stains, discoloring, as well as sagging in your ceiling or roof deck are also signs that your roof already needs repair. As much as possible, don’t wait for a higher energy bill to come before having your 20-year old roof attended to.

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