9 tips for choosing wallpaper for bedrooms

Wallpaper is more than a way of covering the walls so that the picture would look finished. It is part of the interior and requires as much attention as any other room item that completes the design. The focus of our attention today is the bedroom. Researching on the subject and referring mostly to what designers have to say in this respect, we found that choosing wallpaper for the bedroom is a relatively complex process since one has to consider various aspects. Luckily, we made a well-organized list with everything you should know before purchasing wallpaper for your personal space. Dive in!

Basic rules of decoration with wallpaper

  • Wallpaper with horizontal patterns adds a few inches to small bedrooms;
  • Cold and light-colored wallpaper enriches small bedrooms with freshness and adds the lacking airy effect;
  • Wallpaper with diagonal patterns suits walls with slight flaws by illusionary hiding them;
  • Soothing blue and aquamarine fit bedrooms that seem too warm;
  • Vertical patterns considerably expand the ceiling height in small bedrooms;
  • Wallpaper with rich colored stripes that follow the overall color scheme is perfect for separating the bedroom into functional areas.

Wallpaper types that work for the bedroom

The array of possibilities is wide and impressive at the same time. Each type comes with its peculiarities and brings a particular effect to the bedroom. Based on this aspect, consider one of the following available options:

Paper wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper that stands out with its eco-friendliness, breathability, and simplicity of use. Although 2-layer wallpaper of this kind lasts longer than the one-layer, paper wallpaper will not serve you for a long time, yet probably this is for the best if you plan on systematically changing your wall decoration.

Vinyl wallpaper 

Practical wallpaper that is easy to use and take care of due to the vinyl surface, which doesn’t get wet. Still, it is not breathable, a feature worth considering in bedrooms if healthy sleep is a priority. 

Liquid wallpaper

Original wallpaper option consisting of a simple mix of threads, paint, and glue that effortlessly covers any flaws on the wall resulting in an even surface with a textured design. Furthermore, they ensure sound isolation, which is a perfect option for bedrooms.

Fiberglass wallpaper

Natural wallpaper of woven fibers that reveals a pleasant textured surface, which can easily take on any color and pattern. The non-toxic material used for this wallpaper is a no-fail option for the sleeping area.

Bedroom wallpaper color

Choosing the wallpaper color is not that hard if you go with the overall color scheme or follow your heart. Still, the bedroom supposes calm colors that would help you relax after a long work day. With such a wide range of available colors, it is hard to choose the right one, although there are a few go-to options.

Appealing blue

The delicate shades of blue have calming properties that combine perfectly with the ability of this color to make the room feel lighter and airy. 

Natural green

The fresh green variations suit those who strive for a drop of natural calmness after a hard work day. The revitalizing features of green are irreplaceable for relaxation areas.

Impartial cream

Cream and other shades of neutral beauty are always suitable for the bedroom. Whether keeping it monochromatic or playing with bold accents, cream will be there for you. 

Dark shades

Your go-to wallpaper if making a bold statement in the company of similarly standout pieces of furniture is your goal. Dark shades paired with floral motifs are among the best choices. 

Bedroom wallpaper texture and patterns

Both aspects are considered by referring to the room’s peculiarities. Is it a small space or a large one? What style does it imply? How rich is the decor? What shapes go with what shapes? Of course, everything should look like pieces of a puzzle put together. Take a look at the following guidelines:

  • Plain wallpaper devoid of texture requires additional decorative pieces, which is not the case for small rooms;
  • The richer the texture of the wallpaper, the more interesting the play of light and shadows gets, adding a few inches to the space;
  • Imposing and bright patterns go best for large bedrooms, although large patterns in neutral colors work for small bedrooms as well;
  • Tiny repetitive patterns make small rooms look even smaller;
  • The more contrastive the vertical patterns are, the higher the ceiling will seem;
  • Patterns decorated with glitter effortlessly reflect the light and make the room seem larger.
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