3d effect wallpaper for wall decoration

In the field of finishing materials production, new technologies are constantly appearing, which are changing all the usual views on renovations. Until recently, everyone thought that 3D effects only existed in the world of cinema. However, voluminous wallpapers are now widely used in our homes and are popular.

When choosing the design of the walls, you need to study 3D wallpapers in detail, compare the advantages and disadvantages of this type of wall art.


3D wallpaper is a coating on the surface of which is a special type of digital image with light distortion effect. Because of this quality, a feeling of volume in three dimensions is created. By choosing this type of wallpaper in your apartment, you can be sure that the photos will not fade over time or exposure to the sun.

Such a coating different from traditional canvas by the presence of a special paint, with which the image is applied. The coloring pigment contains microgranules responsible for the reflection and refraction of the sun’s rays. The surface of the walls no longer looks flat, showing a three-dimensional image.

You can apply three-dimensional wallpapers to the walls of your apartment or private home. The coating is versatile and suitable for any type of room.

However, you should not try to make a small room more spacious using a three-dimensional expansion effect. You run the risk of wasting money, because the desired result will not be achieved. To visually widen the space, a certain distance between the wall and the observers must be respected.

To make the image as large as possible, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the location of light sources and the choice of surface to apply. It is necessary to consider the location of the walls in relation to the window. Correct direction of light on such planes helps to improve the visual effect of the wallpaper.

It is also recommended to stick the wallpaper on carefully aligned walls to obtain maximum image volume. Even a little roughness can ruin the whole image. The intrigue of the photo plays an important role. If you want to decorate the walls with standard 3D wallpaper, you need to choose the type of geometric pattern. The canvas with the plot should be in harmony with the whole decor of the room.

There is an opinion that 3d wallpapers and photo wallpapers are the same products. This is not the case. Photo wallpapers are a simple photograph, which is depicted on the canvas. The 3D version creates a three-dimensional effect, transforming the image into a three-dimensional image that is an integral part of the room.

When you enter a room with stereoscopic wallpapers, you will feel like the room has grown.

Advantages and disadvantages

Three-dimensional wallpapers expand the boundaries of design ideas.

Such wall decoration has the following advantages:

  • wear resistance;
  • can be washed with detergents;
  • long-term operation;
  • the coating does not contain harmful components;
  • fire resistance;
  • in the design and decoration of small rooms, you can use techniques that expand the space.

This product has all the properties necessary to obtain a perfect surface. Most people appreciate this wallpaper for its decorative qualities. 3D optical illusion wallpapers are therefore actively used for the home and office.

Before choosing such products in your room, you should be able to understand the negative qualities:

  • high cost;
  • increased requirements. It is difficult to imagine such a canvas in a small room, especially with other materials belonging to the “budget” category;
  • many options are sold only on order. This factor must be taken into account, as the waiting period can last several months;
  • large wallpapers cannot be restored. If you damaged the image, you must replace the entire composition.

When choosing such a wallpaper, you will have to weigh the pros and cons. Immediately consider combining a three-dimensional image with the rest of the decor.


At first, restaurant and cafe owners started using these wallpapers. With the help of such a solution, they visually increased the space, filling the atmosphere with the necessary decor.

There are no restrictions in the elements of similar coating graphics, manufacturers offer different styles:

  • urban theme;
  • rustic style;
  • landscapes and still lifes;
  • celestial patterns;
  • underwater depths;
  • western;
  • classic images.

The style of the image is limited only by the ideas of the client. Gradually, the production of 3D wallpaper began to develop and such wall decorations began to be used at home. Using computer printing, you create unique images that look attractive in any interior. Initially, the technique achieves the development of the complete layout, after which the image is divided into canvases and printed.

Most people use volumetric images to design a single wall. It acts as an accent, increasing the room in this direction.

There are several types of stereoscopic wallpapers whose production technique varies. Like ordinary wallpapers, large ones are divided into non-woven, vinyl or paper. You can choose between self-adhesive or regular options.


Such products act as a single image, with the help of which a single wall or a certain element is formed. On the canvas is an image with the specified parameters. In most cases, large wallpapers are not placed on the entire surface, but are used as an image with a frame.


This type of stereoscopic canvas is used on the entire surface of the walls. You can use this option if you want to zone the room. As an image, geometric patterns, abstract images, landscapes and other lines can be used. On such a surface, you can see the optical displacements without using 3D glasses or other tools.


Among the most popular coverings are 3d panoramic wallpapers. It is a single canvas designed to stick one or two surfaces. The length of the wallpaper can be several tens of meters, which gives the illusion that there are no borders in the room.


These 3D wallpapers have a light effect that you can notice in the dark. During the day, the canvas is an ordinary image and at night, it gives the room a soft neon glow, with a border framed by certain parts of the image. Such images are spectacular and unusual.

To get the effect you need:

  • fluorescent bulbs;
  • a special wallpaper covering that glows with fluorescent powder.

You can use fluorescent fabrics without special lighting. Even in low light, they can emit a pleasant glow, which gives the image volume and realism.


This category of 3D effect wallpapers is the most recent and the most promising. An unusual effect is obtained thanks to the LED backlight. The LED strip is an electronic system in which a large number of LEDs are located in a special chip.

Thanks to the LEDs, you can change the image according to your desires. The 3d wallpaper is controlled using a special remote control or a mobile app. Using gadgets, you can adjust the brightness, color and composition in general. Each time, the design of the wallpaper changes and the room takes on a new look. With the help of a special program you can deactivate certain parts of the wallpaper.

Such a coating is similar to flexible LED panels, coated with a special composition, thanks to which a luminescence is formed upon contact with an electric current. These 3D wallpapers do their work from an autonomous energy source and an electrical network. Manufacturers claim that this method of using 3d wallpaper is safe.

Color palette and design

The color palette of three-dimensional wallpapers depends on the location of the windows:

  • If the openings of your windows face the north side, experts recommend using warm shades of coatings: red, honey, chocolate.
  • With a lack of light, you can use images of sunlight, nature. With the right lighting, you can easily deal with a similar problem.
  • You can compensate for the lack of freshness on the south side with the help of shades of blue and purple. White wallpaper, despite its simplicity, can give the room an air of freshness and lightness.

If the general background has a calm color palette, pay attention to the 3d wallpaper in which there are clear and contrasting details. You can use blue and even black elements. For a colored interior, it is recommended to use clear or monochrome images.

The 3d mirror or metal wallpapers have many nuances. In this case, you can choose mat colors or products with individual metallic elements. This last option will help you create a classic design.

Embossed surfaces can decorate any modern room. Most designers recommend sticking a single wall with a three-dimensional image, combining it with other paints and materials. 3D embossed wallpapers are not as common as panoramic wallpapers.


The designers use large-format 3d wallpapers to fulfill several functions: adjusting the dimensions of the room, combining all the interior elements into a whole. Volumetric wallpaper can be used in any room. You can apply this technology not only in your apartment, but also in the office and in any other room.

There are many options with which you can create your own unique setting. 3D wallpapers can be produced in different colors, animals, geometric shapes and other elements suitable for all styles.

3d wallpapers in the children’s room

All the girls dream of becoming princesses and each boy wants to have his own running track. Children’s rooms can be decorated with stereoscopic 3d wallpapers in the original way, provided that the theme of the image has been correctly chosen.

The image should be selected based on several factors:

  • Choose the color palette according to the location of the wallpaper with a volumetric pattern. If you place the product next to the bed, choose pastel shades. For the playing area, you can use bright colors.
  • Choose an image based on your child’s age and gender. The images that will appeal to a three year old baby will not be optimal for a five year old girl or an eleven year old boy.
  • Remember your child’s interests. If your child likes to read books, there is no need to choose 3d wallpaper with a sporty direction.
  • To create a complete atmosphere in the children’s room, you can choose a 3d effect wallpaper for the ceiling. The ceiling wallpapers will complete the image and create a unique effect.

3d effect wallpapers in the living room

The living room is considered the main room of your home. It is in this room that the hosts meet their guests and meet with the household to spend a joint evening watching a film. The living room is called the heart of the house, so everyone wants this area to have a cozy atmosphere. For these purposes, many people use 3D wallpapers.

The choice of color palette depends on your idea. You can choose images representing a seascape, a forest or simply an original geometry. To get a holistic picture, you can use 3d panoramic wallpapers. If you want to create a family and comfortable atmosphere, pay special attention to stereoscopic products, on which there is a fireplace. The glossy wallpapers will help you to reproduce an imitation of flames and cracks in the firewood.

3d wallpapers in the corridor

In the hallway, you can choose wallpapers decorated with various geometric patterns, a discrete abstraction. Coatings imitating natural materials, such as stone, brick, textiles and wood, are particularly popular. The brick wall looks great compared to other claddings, designed in calm, neutral colors. The choice of color palette is directly linked to the shape and size of the corridor.

3d wallpapers in the bedroom

For the bedroom, you need to choose a calm theme, which will remind you of nature walks or the beauty of the starry sky. In the recreation area, a person relaxes, recovers after a busy day and gains strength. You will need to carefully consider the style of future wallpapers so that they blend harmoniously into the chosen interior.

For such a room, it is not recommended to choose contrast tones. Consider pastel shades that blend into the background of other surfaces. Volumetric images with flowers should be placed on the walls. It can be a solitary orchid near a sleeping bed, beautiful roses, lilies or a photo with peonies. Some people prefer sakura, which will help create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

3d wallpapers with a deep volumetric effect can visually modify perception and increase space. With a competent approach, you can create a fantastic world in your bedroom.

The 3D effect wallpapers in relief give the relaxation area a comfortable atmosphere. Focus on soft lines and soft tones. The use of stucco molding will give the atmosphere noble characteristics and make it more elegant.

A universal solution for the bedroom is considered the 3d wallpaper formed by components. These are separate three-dimensional elements located on a calm background. This method of interior arrangement allows you to create an ease that matches and soothes bad thoughts.

3d effet wallpapers in the kitchen

3D wallpaper is a material that breaks the usual stereotypes. This solution is ideal for cooking, despite the constant contact of coatings with grease, water and vapors. The 3d effect wallpapers are made of a special material that resists contact with moisture and is easy to clean with cleaning agents.

The right choice of wallpaper promotes improvement of the amod and creates a sense of comfort. In the kitchen, any image you like can be present, not just images with food. Select the wallpaper according to the size of the room.

In the large kitchen, you can have abstractions, panoramas, landscapes. You can choose wallpapers imitating natural stone. Such a solution will look original in the dining room.

Everyone knows how beautiful large objects are in the distance. This pattern is also demonstrated by the voluminous 3d wallpapers. For this reason, you can choose any subject, because in large rooms, the perspective or the reliefs are quite expressive.

In a small kitchen, the images with a window view will look original. This style will help visually increase the surface of the room. Many designers recommend the use of still lifes and various murals. Such a canvas can be decorated with a backlit frame so that your kitchen finds a unique interior. You can also use geometric patterns.

3d wallpapers in the bathroom

3D wallpapers can give your bathroom an original look. Such products have resistance to humidity and resistance to temperature changes, so they can be used in very humid rooms.

For such a room, you can choose any image that will highlight the style and orientation of the room. Most people choose marine themes, decorating the walls with aquatic inhabitants and the beauties of the ocean. However, in the bathroom, any wallpaper will look original, even like a rhino that demonstrates its strength and power. This option is capable of giving the room originality and zest.

Design tips

To get the most out of using three-dimensional wallpapers, you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations of specialists. These tips will help you create an ideal environment that highlights the dignity of the room and hides its flaws.

Tips for using large 3d wallpapers:

  • 3D wallpapers are appreciated for their space optimization effects. If you plan to glue a small room, carefully select the desired image. Exclude images that have a large volume and are colored. Choose promising designs. With this solution, you will get two effects: a finished appearance and an increase in the surface.
  • Large images should be located all along the wall. You can also use such wallpapers for the zoning space.
  • To give the atmosphere a natural look, the color palette of all surfaces must be consistent in a single range. With the help of warm colors you can give comfort and, thanks to the cool tones, you can add a feeling of space.
  • Abstract images are suitable for modern styles. For a classic interior, you should choose panoramic images.
  • Bonding with three-dimensional wallpaper can only be done after careful preparation of the walls. Even a slight defect in the base can spoil the canvas.
  • If you have chosen a pastel color palette, try to reduce the feeling of pressure. Shaded areas of the room should be “moved away”.
  • For large, bright rooms, there are almost no restrictions. Such premises allow you to realize creative ideas. You can use multicolored, textured or changing images. When choosing images, remember the main rule: if the furniture is used as an emphasis in the room, the wallpaper should not bother you.
  • Shiny surfaces should not be in front of the windows. The ban is due to the fact that reflections are formed on the photo, distorting it.

When choosing stereoscopic images in different areas, take the selection seriously. The materials chosen should emphasize the orientation of the room and be combined with the bigger picture.

Maintenance features

The 3d effect wallpaper does not require a particular approach to care. If you need to remove dirt from the surface, you can use any detergent, because large wallpapers repel moisture and dust. This quality is ensured by the polyester present in the composition of the wall covering.

The polyester gives the fabric a density that allows it to resist minor damage and deformation. Volumetric coatings do not fear exposure to the sun and are classified as non-flammable materials.

The opinions

People who decide to decorate their rooms with voluminous 3d wallpapers indicate that this product is an excellent material for decoration, with good technical characteristics and an original design. A wide variety of 3D wallpapers, among which you can find the necessary option. Using a three-dimensional image, the room takes on a modern and innovative look.

Many buyers share their impressions of the coating’s fire resistance. Some people even tried to set a small piece of wallpaper on fire to see its material properties. The canvas does not catch fire, it only begins to melt. On this basis, we can conclude that the 3d wallpapers confirm their characteristics.

People love 3D wallpapers because they are easy to clean. With the help of these products, you get an elegant atmosphere that does not deteriorate over time, does not get dirty and does not fade under the effect of the sun. In homes where there are young children, large pictures are considered a cost-effective option, as they do not fear the encroachment of pencils and markers.

Negative opinions related to the price category of the goods. Not everyone can afford expensive wallpapers. You may come across critics who report that your eyes are tired of 3D wallpapers. This quality is accompanied by the individual characteristics of each organism, since most people refuse such comments.

Beautiful examples of 3d wallpapers wall art

To decorate a room, consider its purpose, then choose the style of the room. For example, in the living room, you can realize any creative idea. In spacious apartments, families gather there and spend their evenings watching their favorite movies. In the bedroom, you can take pictures that will help you relax and regain your strength.

A unique situation creates a view of the snowy mountains. The white and blue colors create the necessary atmosphere. Shades of blue have a beneficial effect on a person’s mental state and the use of cool colors allows you to enjoy the freshness during the hot season.

Space themes can be located not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling. Mysterious planets, fog, starry sky, celestial ships and the like are popular. This direction can visually change the perception of the room, making it a particle of an endless galaxy of stars. You will be swallowed by the waves of space and can relax while enjoying the special atmosphere.

The panoramic 3d wallpapers in which there are country houses, gardens, where delicate dandelions grow, can constitute an excellent background for the arrangement of furniture. As you relax on the sofa, you can feel the presence of the forest atmosphere and the coolness of the waterfall.

A three-dimensional image of the night city will help decorate the interior in a modern direction.

The stereoscopic 3d wallpapers showing the Côte d’Azur, wicker chairs and tropical trees look great in the living room. The carpet, which takes on the colors of the sand, will continue the illusion of being on the beach. With the appropriate music and drinks, you can create a relaxing atmosphere.

Bright flowers, butterflies and other ornaments are popular. These living room wallpapers, combined with plush pillows, beautiful armchairs and silver decor, will help create a romantic atmosphere you can dream of.

In some interiors, you will find three-dimensional wallpapers depicting museums, ancient castles and even art galleries. In such an atmosphere, lovers of a calm and warm atmosphere feel good. Similar 3d wallpapers can be placed in a classic interior.

In the spacious rooms the big flowers look great. Most people prefer tea roses, beautiful chrysanthemums or whole flower meadows. Having been in the room where such 3d wallpapers have been used, you will feel the presence of pleasant aromas and fresh breath of wind.

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