Brick wallpaper in a modern interior

The middle of the last century was the time when non-trivial industrial aesthetics began to dominate the design of residential spaces. The tendency to brick the interior appeared as a result of the conversion of industrial buildings into housing.

The decision to leave the brick walls unprocessed, originally dictated only by the opportunity to save on finishing, had amazing consequences. And the point is not even in the long-standing popularity of the loft style, but in the fact that against the background of brickwork, modern household appliances, unusual decor and designer furniture acquire a particularly spectacular appearance.

Artificial reconstruction of the original architectural element is welcomed by many styles: accented surfaces lined with bricks give the atmosphere expressiveness and individuality, distinguishing it from others.

But with all the advantages of finishing with brick or its artificial analogue, its implementation is not cheap. A compromise was the brick wallpaper. What are the advantages of decorating rooms with this material, how and with what to combine it correctly, what designers think about the use of wallpaper for brickwork – read about this and much more in our article.

The advantages of brick wallpaper

Of course, the modern market of building materials can offer materials more durable than wallpaper, and they will have high wear resistance, but none of them can give such a variety of design solutions. Among the advantages I want to highlight:

  • Ease of installation – brick wall paper is glued in the same way as ordinary ones, they need the same care. Most importantly, picking up a successful imitation, you can create a feeling of the complete presence of a brick wall. What does it have no color restrictions, you can even white.
  • The ability to choose exactly the style of brickwork, which is suitable for your room.
  • Brick wallpaper, like any other, provides air circulation in the room, they do not “seal” the walls.
  • They have a minimum weight, which means that they are suitable for gluing to any wall, which cannot be said about the installation of real brickwork.
  • Using them, you can easily form bends and protrusions.
  • There are brick wallpapers for painting, with the help of these you can transform the room and change its style in a matter of hours.
  • The use of imitation brickwork on the wallpaper will emphasize the zoning of space, thereby creating expressive effects.


Despite the variety of types of brick wallpaper from the point of view of visual perception, they are only embossed and flat with a pattern of bricks of different sizes. The first type of coating is precisely capable of transmitting the physics of “naked” walls as accurately as possible. The second is distinguished by the degree of credibility of the image of bricks.

One of the main criteria for choosing a wallpaper with a brick plot is the material of manufacture. Modern manufacturers of finishing materials prefer cellulose, vinyl and non-woven. There is a combined option – vinyl wallpaper with a non-woven or cellulose base.


This is the most affordable type of wall covering.


  • Ecological cleanliness and safety. Walls glued with natural cellulose wallpaper “breathe”, which contributes to normal air exchange in the room.
  • Simplicity of installation and dismantle.
  • Variety of size range.
  • A huge selection of colors, including popular colors in gray tones.
  • Wide variety of brick drawings.


  • Low indicators of light fastness.
  • Exposure to rapid abrasion, as paper-based coatings are very soft.
  • Due to the flat pattern, the masonry looks somewhat fake, in a fake way, especially upon closer inspection.

If you buy paper wallpaper, then only washable, which are designed for use in rooms with high humidity and temperature conditions.


The basis of such coatings may be non-woven or paper.


  • Impressive accuracy of simulating the relief of brickwork with its inherent irregularities and bulges due to the textured, texture or structural decorative layer, depending on the method of embossing.
  • Hygiene. A dense base vinyl wallcovering allows multiple wet processing, which helps to maintain cleanliness in the house.
  • Even simpler installation than cellulose-based wallpaper, since vinyl is very strong and tensile resistant.
  • The places where the panels dock with each other are practically invisible. If you purchase meter-long wallpaper (1.06 * 10 m), then the wall will look almost monolithic precisely thanks to inconspicuous joints.
  • Long service life and preservation of decorative qualities for a long time.

The main disadvantage is poor air permeability and formaldehyde content. For this reason, vinyl wallpaper is mainly used to decorate kitchens, private areas and rooms that are well ventilated and exclude the long stay of residents.


The main feature of such coatings is the ability to decorate with interior paints, which significantly expands their capabilities in interior design. Depending on the method of forming a three-dimensional image, they are textured, textural, structural.


  • The most natural and realistic texture transfer of old or raw brick. The highest quality coatings are able to imitate the subtle play of shadows created by the relief of brickwork.
  • No need for careful preparation of surfaces for gluing, thanks to a dense textured decorative layer.
  • Create a light effect of reinforcing walls.
  • Provide high-quality masking of wall defects due to the tightening of small cracks.
  • They have excellent “breathing” properties, providing free circulation of air in the room.

Finish coatings for painting are a great option for those who like to add variety to the interior but don’t want to resort to radical changes. Such wallpapers can be repainted without removing the old finish.


  • Dust is intensely attracted, which requires its systematic removal from the surface of the walls with a vacuum cleaner or manually using a dry cloth.
  • They cost much more than analogues, which more than compensate for the magnificent decorative qualities and a lot of practical advantages.

With 3D effect

Self-adhesive 3D wallpapers deserve special attention.


  • High quality image of masonry, thanks to the latest printing technologies.
  • 3D coatings are indispensable for creating visual effects and illusions. They are able to visually adjust the proportions of the premises, making it more voluminous due to promising views.
  • Photo wallpaper refers to washable coatings. Therefore, they are allowed to wet processing.
  • Possess high light fastness and keep color brightness throughout operation.
  • It can be used in rooms with high humidity conditions.

Self-adhesive wallpaper is convenient to decorate different doors, partitions and other smooth surfaces. If you need to create an accent wall, then the best solution for this would be coatings with three-dimensional patterns, providing a surprisingly plausible “presence effect”.

Color schemes for brick wallpaper

When choosing the colors of wallpapers that mimic brickwork, you need to take into account:

  • Area and functionality of the premises;
  • The degree of illumination of the room;
  • The general color scheme.
  • The style of the interior.

We will find out what colors of coatings will look harmoniously when decorating the interior in various styles.


Finishing the accent wall with tapestries in a rich red tint with going brown is most realistic to imitate the untouched brickwork just in the spirit of loft style.

You can soften the harsh atmosphere of brutal loft design with light beige wallpaper. Such a solution will not only add warmth to the atmosphere, but also act as a background for any interior installations. In an ascetic loft interior with a predominance of dark, gloomy shades, decoration with gray wallpaper with a brick print will be appropriate.

Scandinavian style

It is characterized by an abundance of snow-white surfaces, respectively, the most successful design option would be white wall coverings under a brick.

To dilute the monochrome interior can gray laminated or paneled with imitation texture of solid oak in warm natural shades of the floor. An interesting option is the creation of an accent wall using brick wallpaper that combines light, black and gray bricks.

Shabby chic

This direction gives new life to old things, long forgotten in the attics or in grandmother’s chests, turning them into style-forming interior items. Brickwork, mostly white, in such interiors is a fairly common occurrence.

With the help of textured wallpaper with imitation of aged brick, an accent wall or a functional zone is drawn. For example, in the combined version of the kitchen-living room, zoning is thus performed, highlighting the dining area.


Here, a wallpaper with a brick print of light shades of yellow palette or with an imitation of bleached brick is suitable. It is advisable to use coatings with a pronounced texture, which due to cracks, bumps and scuffs realistically simulates the rough brickwork of a village dwelling.

As companion wallpapers, ordinary pastel-colored of blue, violet, turquoise and pink shades with delicate and unpretentious floral plots, in a vertical strip or an opaque cage, are used.

What to combine with?

The room, fully papered with a brick plot, looks at least awkward, associated with a garage. Therefore, they are used only to highlight the central walls or create an accent surface. In such cases, one has to be puzzled by the question of how to arrange the remaining planes.

The easiest option is to combine brick coatings with ordinary paper.

We offer several spectacular combinations of masonry paintings:

  • A classic red-brown hue and background decoration in light gradations of olive color. Such a decision may seem unexpected, but there are many successful examples of cozy bedrooms decorated in a similar way.
  • Any shade and wallpaper with a striped print of a similar tone. The striped pattern visually corrects the proportions of a small room.
  • White and wallpaper in shades of coffee. A set of furniture should include a minimum of items, as decoration in bright colors can spoil exactly the “extra” things that overload the space.
  • Gray and snow-white background finish. It is possible to successfully implement such a similar wall design provided that the room is sufficiently lit and there is free space.

As for other materials, a brick wallpaper is best combined:

  • Finished with natural stone or its imitation.
  • With wood – a combination of wood and brickwork has long been an interior classic. A striking example of such a tandem is wooden wall panels and an unprocessed brick wall.
  • With glass and chrome elements, which is most often found in modern interiors of kitchen spaces.
  • With laminate floors under the old plank floor, solid oak or pine.
  • With plastered surfaces. Original wallpaper looks like old bleached brick and rough stucco.

For combination with 3D voluminous photo wall murals, wall panels of various modifications, moldings, wood inserts are well suited. However, in any case, the main guidelines when choosing materials that will be present in the design along with the brick coating will be the style direction of the interior.

Brick wallpaper in the interior – Photos

This type of decoration will not look good in all spaces, but in some of them it is used with reservations. Let’s look at each case in more detail!

Brick wallpaper in the living room

It is recommended to use a coating with a pattern in spacious rooms. Here they can highlight an accent wall or help in zoning, separating, for example, the work area. At the same time, adjacent surfaces must be neutral, otherwise the interior will turn out to be excessively colorful.

A living room with such a lining forms a certain image that puts forward its filing requirements. Furniture should be modern, if possible leather, in accordance with the rules of the loft. Artificial materials will be knocked out of the composition, but the wooden details will emphasize the “masonry”.

The palette depends on the shade of the walls. So, white brick goes well with all colors, but it is better to adhere to a light palette that visually gives the room light. Red brick looks solid and will enter into an “alliance” with restrained, natural shades.

Designers advise to confine themselves to central lighting, since side sources emphasize the artificial origin of the masonry. You can purchase vinyl wallpapers with a realistic texture, since in the living room the environmental friendliness of the materials does not play such an important role.

Brick wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

The kitchen area is very demanding on decoration. Paper wallpapers in conditions of constant humidity, sudden changes in temperature and high levels of pollution will not last long. Vinyl and non-woven better cope with a difficult task, so it is recommended to choose them for wall decoration.

Kitchen design depends on its size and layout. If it includes a dining area, then the wallpaper under the brickwork should be glued there, thereby outlining the border. In small kitchens, you can use them on the entire working wall or just an backsplash, for reliability, hiding it behind a glass partition.

Against the background of white brick, a light wood set with bright details or models with rich colors looks good. Against the background of red – calm, cold shades, which in this combination will give the room a little coziness.

Brick wallpaper in a bedroom interior

In the bedroom, this decoration should be used very carefully, trying not to disturb the relaxing atmosphere that usually reigns here. Often make out only one side of the room – the one to which the bed adjoins. At the same time, covering with wallpaper is more pleasant to the touch and always warm, in contrast to a real brick that gives out cold.

You can balance the rough surface with light curtains, a floor carpet or a beautiful bedspread. A masonry wall is perfect for exhibiting paintings, especially if it is contemporary art.

Thanks to the decoration with a pattern, you can distinguish between the bedroom and other areas: with a desk, chest of drawers, mirror or dressing table.

Wallpaper under the brickwork in the hallway

If you want to use a non-standard coating, but there are fears that this will disturb home comfort, you can enter wallpaper with a brick pattern in the hallway – here they fit perfectly. But this is an important point for houses that are fully decorated in the loft style, since it is necessary to organize the stylistic unity of all rooms for it.

The texture under the white brick is suitable for small narrow hallways. The main color visually expands the area, and linearity complicates the design. It is recommended to select furniture of light shades for such a background in order to enhance the desired effect.

Brick wallpaper in a children’s room

Brickwork in the children’s room is a controversial decision. It may seem to someone that her rude appearance does not fit into the gentle atmosphere of the room in which the baby grows and develops. But older children, inspired by stories about castles and catacombs, will find such coverage interesting. Unlike real brick, wallpaper is safe and also pleasant to the touch.

For teenagers with informal thinking, such walls will also appeal to them. They will become a bright “canvas” for a variety of posters, abstract paintings and photographs, which are usually hung up in a high school student bedroom.

Room design ideas with brick wallpaper – Images

Wallpaper with imitation of brickwork can become a real decoration of the interior in a modern or trendy style.

We offer to verify this with examples.

  • To diversify the design of the kitchen in an urban style – a loft and its commercial version – industrial, you can use the original finish of the working area with brick wallpaper with a glossy, rough or matte surface.
  • White wallpaper with imitation of brickwork in combination with a light-colored background finish makes the room voluminous and airy. However, the totally white design looks boring and monotonous. Bright details, accessories and original textiles will dilute the monochrome decor and add dynamics.
  • The decoration of the wall looks interesting with wallpaper under a brick, radically different in color from other surfaces in the interior. In such cases, the contrast wall acts as the focal point of the room, forming the entire design concept.
  • Walls decorated with gray brick wallpaper will serve as an excellent backdrop for oversized furniture, a large plasma panel and surround decor. Neutral light shades of gray palette will create the illusion of free space.
  • Wallpaper under brickwork will favorably accept the democratic style of fusion, welcoming bold experiments with combinations of textures, materials and decor. Brick finish perfectly emphasizes the brightness of the colors of decorative elements, furniture and original fixtures.
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