10 Timeless backsplash ideas for a white kitchen: keep it stylish and functional at the same time

10 Timeless backsplash ideas for a white kitchen: keep it stylish and functional at the same time

White is one of the most common colors when it comes to interior design, particularly in such a space as the kitchen. Besides being neutral and fitting any style, we cannot deny its effect on the overall picture. From expanding the place to filling it with light, white does not cease to bring benefits within the space where it is used. Of course, every stain or speck of dust will be visible on such a surface, and you will have to clean it up immediately, but it will ensure good hygiene that is very welcome in the kitchen. 

That is an impressive amount of benefits, making us think that nothing can spoil a white kitchen. Nevertheless, any slight mistake in the play with contrasts and textures can change the look entirely. This is why it requires a serious approach when it comes to other elements, such as the backsplash. Complement your white kitchen with a perfect backsplash that will bring to the surface the main features of the white color, such as freshness, cleanliness, elegance, or simplicity, depending on the particular style. We are responsible for inspiration in this sense, and we promise to reveal to you the best backsplash ideas to complete your white kitchen like a puzzle, finding the last piece.

Modern Farmhouse 

Whether your kitchen reflects this style or not, a shiplap backsplash is enough for an effect of this kind. From covering the backsplash area in a common way to reaching the ceiling with shiplap, considering a horizontal or vertical layout, you can play with this option any way you want and achieve an original result. We suggest a white shiplap backsplash to ensure the integrity of the space and enhance the effect of freshness and brightness produced by the white kitchen.

Outstanding marble for an appealing effect

There is no doubt that marble is one of the best options when it comes to the backsplash. There is more to come! Marble fits perfectly white kitchens in particular. While there are various marble tiles with repetitive patterns, we suggest opting for a large marble tile to cover the entire place. From the popular marble design with smooth gray patterns on a white background to bolder shades, such as gray and black, enrich your kitchen with elegance.

Classic Subway style

Classic white and classic subway style; such a combination cannot be beaten regardless of how hard you try. One should note that the variety of options on how to set a subway backsplash will add a touch of originality to this classic. From the traditional layout of white tiles to herringbone patterns and bold colors, you can take any direction you want, considering that each of them will ensure an outstanding result. The bigger the tiles, the larger the space will seem, and the opposite: the smaller the tiles, the more eye-catching this particular element will appear.

Black & White

If you think this combination has already left the stage, we would like to prove you wrong. Of course, we do not refer to an equal contrastive pairing of these two colors, but rather a white background and a splash of black, which in this case is the backsplash. Such a balanced mix of two contrasts will ensure a modern look for your kitchen. Consider a matte surface for the backsplash to keep it within the limits of a contemporary setting, or go with a glossy surface to enlarge the space.

A splash of trendy colors

If an all-white kitchen seems too simple and you want to use this neutral background to the maximum, a bold backsplash is all you need to bring the trendiest color pairings to the surface. Let’s start with a soft pink; it will warm up the environment and add a touch of blooming beauty to your white cabinets. Still too simple? Go with a blue, particularly soothing blue. It will complement perfectly the cold undertones of the white color and keep it fresh. If you have not been impressed yet, take a deep breath and go with emerald green. It will surely add a point of interest to your kitchen and offer it an appealing appearance.

Impressive patterns for a new perspective

Throw a new light on your white kitchen with an original backsplash with interesting patterns. Feel free to decorate this space with the most beautiful tiles, from Mediterranean style to geometric shapes. In this sense, your white kitchen will serve as a white canvas on which you can play with colors and patterns in the most unique way and use your imagination at the maximum.

An exquisite mix of white and raw surfaces

Would you like to change the entire look of your kitchen with one step? Consider complementing the white cabinets with a stone backsplash, and by stone, we do not mean tiles but real stone surfaces. The result will be impressive, considering that this raw texture will accompany the cold undertones of the white color and keep it fresh. It is noteworthy that such an environment will seem rather too cold but work perfectly for you if this is what you look for.

White here, white there, white everywhere

Are you not ready yet to give up on the crisp effect that only white can preserve within a space? There is no need to. You can easily opt for a white backsplash and keep it the same; no bold colors or patterns, but rather a continuation of the kitchen. Nevertheless, one thing is to be noted here: an all-white kitchen requires at least a small touch of texture. What about natural materials? Wood, rattan, bamboo for other elements of the room. Furthermore, a splash of gold on the lighting fixtures or the handles will enhance the stylish look of your kitchen.

Expand the limits of your kitchen

This approach is rather expensive and will not work for every kitchen, depending particularly on the location. Nevertheless, the calm and crispy effect produced by such a result will surely impress you. Consider a large window instead of a backsplash and bring nature closer. Besides the fact that the space will be filled with light, it will acquire a new background every season. Enjoy cooking your favorite meals while being inspired by the outside view.

Large, bright, and fresh

What else could you dream of more? Nothing will ensure these features more than a glass backsplash. The white kitchen already has all these qualities, but a glass backsplash, particularly in a neutral color, will reflect these elements and enhance the effect. If you have not decided yet which backsplash to choose, be sure that this one will not disappoint you in any case. Its neutrality and ability to adapt to any style will meet your standards and ensure a timeless result.

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