White curtains in the interior: style and design

The interior of the apartment with white curtains looks spacious and in harmony with a variety of shades. Depending on the cut and decorative elements, the curtains will decorate the design of any room. Thanks to their presence, the apartment is filled with lightness. 

White curtains features 

Many people find white to be dull. If there are different patterns or unusual colors on white fabric, the laconic color scheme produces a more attractive look.

The window, decorated with light curtains, has positive views. These curtains:

  • serve as an appropriate balance to any interior style;
  • visually make the room more spacious and bright;
  • give the impression that the ceilings are much higher than actually;
  • bring purity, a sense of solemnity and elegance;
  • offer freshness in the summer.

If there are white walls in the room, white curtains can also be used. However, it should be borne in mind that with an error in the interior design, they can merge with the background, and then coldness will reign in the room.

Types of curtains fabrics

Linen and cotton

These fabrics are considered natural, made from plant-based raw materials. A distinctive feature is the presence of a smooth and matte surface. These white curtains are suitable for those who prefer an eco, Scandinavian, modern style of interior.


This transparent light fabric has a slightly rough surface because the material is made of twisted threads.


For the veil, synthetic and natural raw materials are used. This airy mesh fabric is often used when blackout curtains hang.


The fabric is translucent, stiff. There is a glossy and matte option. Organza is made using silk, viscose, polyester threads.


This soft, lightweight, durable fabric has a feature – it shines pleasantly. To make this fabric, unwind silkworm cocoons.

What fabrics are used for curtains

  • Blackout is considered the densest of curtained, opaque fabrics. This material was created in Finland. Because of white nights in nordic countries, this fabric has its plus – it does not allow light to enter the room. 
  • Velour and velvet have similarities. The tissue surface is fleecy, soft. These fabrics also have differences – the length of the pile. The composition uses both natural and synthetic yarns.
  • Jacquard is considered a beautiful material. The woven pattern repeats over the entire surface. Fabrics are made from natural and synthetic raw materials. But all of them will have one thing in common. This is an unprintable drawing.
  • The satin, durable fabric, the front surface is shiny and smooth, and the other side is matte. Caution should be exercised during ironing, as the material is fragile for high-temperature indicators.

White curtains style

White sheer curtains

Classic, which is always in fashion, will look good with curtains of different textures, cuts, and shades. If the design is in modern classical directions, you can give preference to the white sheer of a simple straight cut.

If the room faces north, curtains from sheer will harmonize well with curtains in warm colors. Then the room will seem more comfortable. If the south side, you should opt for cold shades. For example, blue or gray tones will have a refreshing effect.

White roller window blind

This model is considered convenient and straightforward. Due to its compactness, functionality, and simplicity, it is especially popular. The model is hung both on the balcony and in the workplace. 

White roman curtains

This curtain is divided into equal parts horizontally using knitting needles. When picked up, they smooth folds are obtained. A ribbon or chain is worn from the edge of the fabric, with which you can adjust the length.

Classic white long curtains

Anyone who loves a classic style will not be mistaken if is chooses such curtains. This direction is always relevant. Use fringe, grabs, holders, or curtains of other colors to decorate these curtains.

White short curtains

This option is relevant for the kitchen, a balcony, or the nursery. Sometimes short curtains are combined with Roman or roller blinds.

White curtains with decor elements

Behind the decorative detail are a curtain and the upper part of the curtains. Often, they are decorated with fringes, frills, ribbons.

What is the best way to combine white color?

Black and white curtains correspond to the interior in a modern direction.

A trendy gray hue will set off the white color and make the curtains a bit darker.

The juicy red color will help create an atmosphere of solemnity and celebration in the interior.

A calm combination with green will be associated with fresh herbs.

Beige shades form a calm combination with white, which will decorate the classic and modern interior.

The delicate blue color will add a touch of freshness to the design of the room.

A pastel pink tone, in combination with white color, will make the interior delicate and stylish.

A refreshing turquoise tone is suitable for decorating a room in a modern and marine style.

A positive summer shade will make the room bright and sunny. The white color will soften a bright tone.

A juicy purple tone is suitable for stylish modern design. The delicate lilac palette will decorate the classic and Provence style.

Brown and chocolate color will make the room warm and cozy. The white tone will refresh a brown shade.

The cold refreshing combination is suitable for many directions.

The burgundy color does not look as challenging as red, and the shade is more profound and darker.

Bright orange will fill the room with the rays of sunset and autumn.

Gold will decorate a classic, oriental, and bohemian style.

Silver on a white background will shine beautifully in the light.

Given the nature of white, it is ideally adjacent to any shades from the color palette. Weightless light sheer will look great with dark curtains of any shade. Drapes with a colored curtain, for example, purple, will look more original.

White curtains in different rooms

White curtains in the bedroom

The bedroom with light curtains will be airy and bright; lace will add a romantic touch. White color may overlap with bedspreads or pillows. You can add colors using finishes and curtains of a darker shade.

Dark wallpapers, such as deep green, gray or blue, will not create a pressing sensation thanks to light curtains.

White curtains in the living room

The veil, combined with dense curtains, will decorate a drawing room with a classical and modern direction. For the interior of the hall in the loft-style, minimalism, and hi-tech, there will be enough direct curtains with a matte surface that will contrast with the walls’ color.

The photo shows a bright, minimalist living room with corner windows.

White curtains in the kitchen

The best choice for the kitchen would be Roman, rolled, or short straight curtains. The pattern can be applied in other textile details.

White curtains in th children’s room

In the children’s room, curtains with playful drawings and photo printing will be impressive. Favorite fairy tale characters and various animals will make the room positive.

In the children’s room of a school-age child, you can use curtains-threads, but be sure to pair with blackout curtains.

White curtains in the balcony and loggia

Neutral white curtains on the balcony provide a wide range of possibilities for decorating the window opening. A convenient option would be blinds, roller blinds, or Roman blinds.

Curtain design

White sheer or veil will make the interior of the room incredibly delicate and airy. Looks harmoniously with curtains of a different shade. Blackout curtains are suitable for designing a Scandinavian, modern, minimalist design.

The direction of the stripes will affect the visual perception of the room. The horizontal lines will make it more extensive. The color of the stripes can overlap with the overall palette in the interior and emphasize the thematic direction, for example, a blue and white strip in marine design.

Polka dots curtains will successfully fit into the interior of a bedroom or children’s room.

Patterns and ornaments should reflect the stylistic direction of the room. Monograms and floral patterns are suitable for decorating a classic living room or bedroom. Geometric patterns will decorate a modern or retro room.

The color of the picture may overlap with other pieces of furniture or some decorative elements. For example, brown flowers on the curtains and upholstery of furniture of the same shade or juicy red poppies and a picture or stylish figurines. The pattern itself can be repeated in other details: black or gray figures on the curtains and sofa cushions or blue shells on the tablecloth and napkins.

Flowers decorate the interior of the living room or bedroom, for example, white roses, tulips or orchids on a beige or bright background. For children, you can use the image of your favorite heroes of fairy tales and cartoons.

The embroidery will look exceptionally elegant on white linen curtains. 

Delicate lace will make the interior incredibly sensitive and romantic. Lace blends with sheer and linen. Openwork elements can be used as decoration and complete the design.

White curtain care

White curtains bring a sense of celebration to the interior

White curtains will look attractive if you follow the rules for caring for them.

  • Dust must be removed continuously. In this case, use a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle. 
  • You can’t forget about washing products. As soon as the canvas is slightly darkened, you need to wash it. If the fabric is expensive, you must give it a dry cleaning. If the fabric is delicate, it is desirable to wash it by hand. More durable materials, it is permissible to machine wash, using the gentle mode.

Do not be afraid of white. If there are no small children in the house, the curtains do not get dirty so quickly. 

White curtains in the interior bring to life a sense of celebration, lightness. If the interior is luxuriously furnished, snow-white curtains attract attention. Even the design impression may change for the better. 

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