The best wall painting colors for 2020

Wall painting is an increasingly popular form of decoration. The use of paints expands the possibilities of decoration in the chosen style. To do this, you just have to decide: what color to paint the walls in?

A large role in the final appearance of the room is played by the choice of colors. This is a rather complicated and most important process, because with the help of color it is possible to brighten up imperfections and turn an ordinary room into a cozy and comfortable room, or to visually hide all the advantages and spoil the design as a whole.

Wall painting colors of 2020


One of the biggest trends in painting walls for 2020 is white on a pure white background. This concept is not boring, according to experts. While this might have been a sterile envelope before, it’s only getting more subtle and layered.

Earthy clay

In 2019, Sherwin-Williams named his Cavern Clay terracotta the color of the year. Therefore, we can expect that in the new year we will still see warm shades inspired by aged plaster, pottery and clay. One of the emerging design trends is an appreciation of patina and age and this is one avenue to invoke it through color.


It is the backdrop for the loft style and modern interior, combined with red, black and white, carrot-orange. Don’t overlook this color that offers freshness and coziness. 

Dark shades

Gloomy colors of paints, such as dark blue, charcoal and almost black, are ready to occupy a dominant position in the new year. This is not the first season we have been observing the trend and love of dark tones, and in 2020 they will still remain with us.


Bright orange shades will add an invigorating splash of color to any space – just make sure to use them in moderation. Use it where you will not confronted with it every day.

Blush color

Since the term “millennial pink” appeared in 2016, this color has become a phenomenon in interior design. In 2020, blush will continue to be popular because of its ability to bring a touch of modernity in combination with warmer tones and give a chic look to any room or piece of furniture.


Want to do something really out of the ordinary? Black walls are the choice of real daredevils, who at the same time can look stylish and spectacular if everything is done correctly. You can complement such an interior with bright accents or, on the contrary, balance kitchen facades of silver-gray color, natural wood and living plants – juicy greens will look great against such a background! If you don’t have enough black walls, add a pair of black chairs to the dining table or paint in black window frames.

Combination with other materials in 2020

In the interior, 2-3 types of wall decoration are often used in order to diversify the design.

Wallpaper and painting

Combined in the case of decorating the ceiling with wallpaper and walls with paint, creating an emphasis on the painted wall, the combination of bottom – paint, top – wallpaper. There are also special wallpaper for painting, which can be repainted several times.

Photo wallpaper and painting

They are used in the kitchen, corridor and toilet. Walls are exposed to moisture, so wall murals are used for decor.

Plastering and painting

The plaster can be painted which will give relief to the walls, or combine with painted adjacent walls in the interior of the toilet, kitchen and hallway.

Wood and painting

A wooden wall made of beams or laminate is combined with plain painting of the walls in the interior of the attic, living room, country house.

Stone and painting

Suitable for decorating a fireplace wall in the interior of a living room, a country-style kitchen or a chalet, where the apron is made of piece stone and the rest of the walls are painted in a plain or transitional color. Brick and painting are suitable for finishing a kitchen in the style of Provence or loft.

Brick and painting

The brick can be white or red, and the paint is in tone with the brick, or vary in color.

3D panels and painting

3D panels are suitable for simple but unusual interior design. Solid walls with volumetric panels are suitable for restrained and stylish design, and two-tone painted walls with color panels look good in the children’s room or in the interior of abstract art.

Design options in 2020

Solid walls are chosen for restrained interiors, such walls serve as a neutral canvas for expressing style in furniture, accessories.

Two different colors

Painting walls in two different colors serves as a rational technique in order to visually enlarge a room, change the perception of the geometry of asymmetric walls, or simply focus on one wall. One wall can be painted in two different colors.

Painting in different colors (more than two)

Painting with several colors in one gamut or a combination of contrasting colors will become an independent decor in the interior. It can be vertical or horizontal stripes or painting all 4 walls in different tones. Within one room, it is better to make one color primary, and leave the remaining 2-3 colors auxiliary.


Design using stencils and templates can be done independently by cutting them from paper and fixing them on the wall. You can also draw borders for design using masking tape glued to a dried base color.

Striped design

Strips of paint stretch or expand the walls, changing the perception of the room depending on the location, color and frequency of the strips.

Patterns and ornaments

Suitable for the children’s room, you can draw a house, a fence, trees, ethnic ornaments, monograms on the walls.

Cracks effect

Created using acrylic painting and craquelure varnish, the more varnish, the deeper the cracks. When applying, the roller should be kept upright so that the cracks are uniform.

In the photo, the accent wall of the bedroom is made using the technique of cracked paint with a substrate to match the tone of the walls.

Square Painting

Can be done using templates or masking tape. Squares can be plain or colored, of different sizes and positions on the wall.

Texture design

It is created by painting walls with textured paint, which in its composition has acrylic particles. The texture will highlight small uneven lines, like lightning. 

Gradient and ombre

Suitable for visually increasing the ceiling if the dark color on the floor goes to white. A gradient or a smooth transition of color is horizontal and vertical, with a transition to an adjacent wall.


Art painting in ethnic technique, depicting a view of nature and animals will be an individual feature of the interior with painted walls.

Design with moldings or panels

Creates the effect of niches or furniture facade, and adds volume. The molding can be colored or white, made of wood, duropolymer, gypsum.

Application of wall painting colors of 2020 in different styles


The style uses plain or two-tone wall painting, combining white with another color. The interior of the children’s room uses bright details in stripes, drawings on the wall. The emphasis is on practicality, so using palette combinations will be great.


Minimalism is observed in plain painting, a combination of gray or pale blue with white color, decor with wide stripes. Sometimes in the interior contrasting molding or textured paint is used.


The interior is not limited to a specific color palette, design is often used only on an accent wall. Also, masonry can be painted in ombre technology.


The interior is expressed in a neutral light background with golden, white monograms, in a blue or black ornament, which is emphasized by tassels and fringe on velvet curtains of emerald or ruby color.


Provence or French summer interior gloss is recognized in pink, mint or blue walls, olive shades of curtains and textiles. Walls in the interior can be plain or striped. To create an individuality, you can make art paintings on the wall in the form of an open window on the summer province fields.


The interior uses a combination of natural timber or stone with brown, mustard, white paint with a whitewash texture.


The interior is as practical and light as possible, so the walls are creamy, white, less often – sand, light blue. For decor, stripes, moldings, 3D panels, a white brick wall are suitable.

Painting walls as a type of finish is used not only for external but also for internal work thanks to paints that are odorless, dry quickly and do not harm health.

Pros and cons of painted walls

At first glance, this is the simplest type of wall decoration; the market offers a wide selection of types of interior paints that are odorless and dry quickly. In painting walls there are features that need to be considered.


  • large selection of colors;
  • the absence of harmful substances when the paint dries for interior decoration;
  • you can paint the walls yourself;
  • simple decor can be done with a pattern and texture roller.


  • emphasizes the roughness of the wall;
  • when re-painting the previous layer will need to be removed.

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