Original Vintage Wallpaper: Products, Tips, and Design Ideas

Vintage wallpaper celebrates the good old times and the beautiful, timeless styles of the past. Vintage may be referred to as Retro as well. While Vintage wall covers are original or quality interpretations of actual wallpapers peculiar to a specific period in history, Retro wallpapers are interpretations of past trends with a modern touch, especially contemporary color. More or less, they are close. Long story short, let’s get to the main part!

Best Vintage Wallpaper Models

NuWallpaper Beige Rustic Wallpaper

Charming peel-and-stick wall cover with farmhouse motifs in a neutral color that will seamlessly add comfort to your home. The timeless sepia effect will fill any room with a subtle old-time allure.

ReWallpaper Golden Print Wallpaper

Gold and blue wallpaper with bird and floral motifs. This expert-choice peel-and-stick wallpaper is ideal for renovating walls and furniture.

Floraplus White Rose Dark Wallpaper

This black wallpaper with popping-out white rose flowers realistically represents a last-century garden in bloom. Choose this moody vinyl wall decoration for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. 

Wenmer Summer Garden Wallpaper

Vinyl wall cover in a soothing yellow color decorated with a rich mix of summertime flowers. Enjoy the naturalness of this floral wallpaper to the fullest by applying it to all walls or adding it in small doses. This vintage-infused wallpaper perfectly decorates a side table, cabinet, or drawer.

Arthouse Yellow Retro Wallpaper

This retro-twisted paper wallpaper with a yellow geometric print is impeccable in its original beauty. These repetitive patterns will add visual appeal to your living space and compensate for your home’s lack of color and shape.

HAOKHOME French Royal Wallpaper

Uplift the mood in your living or dining room with this elegant, worn-out vintage wallpaper. This peel-and-stick wall cover is decorated with a royal print on a washed-out yellow-blue canvas.

HAOKHOME Vintage Sage Green Wallpaper

The vinyl wall cover is in sage green with beige florals. This peel-and-stick botanical wallpaper can be easily used on furniture and walls in modern and traditional styles for an extra feel of appeal.

GLOW4U Green Botanical Wallpaper

Enjoy the charm of this delightful scene, capturing birds on fruit tree branches. With a time-tested green palette diluted with white and peach, this vinyl wallpaper brings timeless allure.

NextWall Vintage Forest Wallpaper

Pigmented by earthy color, this peel-and-stick wall decoration bears the magical appeal of the forest depths. Decorate walls or furniture with this vintage wallpaper for a trace of old-time style.

VEELIKE Gold Floral Wallpaper

With a dash of golden polish, this botanical white wallpaper reveals the most delicate floral, fruit, and bird patterns. The vintage color of this vinyl wallpaper makes it suitable for walls, backsplashes, and furniture.

HAOKHOME Brown Daisy Wall Decoration

Durable vinyl, eco-friendly ink, and low maintenance describe this beautiful floral wallpaper in a sepia color. Enjoy its comfortable appeal in well-lit spaces, and don’t hesitate to benefit from its waterproof feature in utilitarian spaces.

Timeet Green Fairytale Wall Covering

Inspired by old-time cartoons, this gorgeous green and cream wall cover depicts the countryside lifestyle. Botanical prints paired with animal patterns lend this self-adhesive wallpaper a welcoming allure.

Wudnaye Retro Botanical Wall Cover

Decorate your kitchen backsplash, bathroom vanity, or living room walls with this weathered yellow wallpaper accessorized with repeating shapes of flowers. The great news is that you can use it in any design style.

Simon&Siff Vintage Grid Wallpaper

Replicating the English countryside, this vintage green wallpaper with almost invisible rose patterns will bring dimension to your hallway, kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Let this sepia wall cover enrich your home’s history.

Lependor Vintage Newspaper Wall Decor

If you’ve been looking for original wall decor to enhance your home’s design, consider this vintage wall cover made from random old-time newspapers. It’s a great idea for a home office or living room. 

Generic Retro Abstract Wall Art

This trending gray and yellow wallpaper design depicts an amalgam of vintage patterns for a chaotically beautiful accent in your home. Use this waterproof wallpaper for the kitchen backsplash, the dining room side table, or the bathroom walls.

HAOKHOME Victorian Dark Wallpaper

Enjoy the grandeur of this expensive-looking wallpaper decorated with repetitive decals on a vintage canvas. You’ll be impressed by its suitability in both modern and traditional interiors. 

NuWallpaper Scandinavian Wildlife Neutral Wallpaper

The pleasant cream color and the harmonious forest prints make for gorgeous vintage wall decor that enhances the look of any room. It is a favorite guest in living spaces like the bedroom, lounge zone, or dining room.

YXTII Brown Botanical Self-Adhesive Wall Decor

The time-tested brown color of this beautiful wallpaper decorated with rustic prints emanates a welcoming vintage sense of beauty. It is perfect for walls, cabinets, drawers, and bookshelves.

Abyssaly Vintage Green Blooming Wall Covering

Peel-and-stick wallpaper with a vinyl finish. It illustrates the beauty of a blooming garden in weathered green and pink tones. Renovate a furniture piece or decorate walls with this waterproof and moody wall cover.

TANONE Vintage Magazine Wall Decor

Use this elegant French magazine design with a retro twist to decorate furniture instead of buying a new one, and your home will acquire a new style. This easy-to-use removable wallpaper with a durable vinyl surface is a real find for DIY projects. 

Orainege Spring Bloom Wallpaper

This vintage yellow wall cover renders the most delicate spring blossoms. The balanced color and rich pattern make for a great addition to your bedroom or living room. Still, we cannot deny the uniqueness of this peel-and-stick wallpaper for DIY ideas – decorate a bookshelf, cabinet, drawer, or closet.

Explore the trendiest floral wallpapers if you like this design.

Vintage Wallpaper Design Ideas

Get inspired by the following design ideas suggested by interior designers to make the most of vintage wallpaper.

  • Recreate the look of a vintage salon right in your home by decorating walls with retro floral or geometric prints in the company of time-tested furniture and rich-textured textile pieces.
  • Pair contemporary kitchen furniture with an accent wall decorated with wallpaper borrowed from the ‘70s in rich yellow and orange shades.
  • Choose vintage wall decor with gold traces for your bathroom walls and combine it with gold-polished fixtures.
  • Opt for ‘50s wallpaper with neutral, white, black, orange, or yellow covers with creative geographic prints.
  • Switch to ‘60s wall covering with bright-colored graphic patterns.
  • Consider ‘70s wall decor with rich colors, large-scale patterns, especially florals, and daring pairings between the Art Deco and Baroque styles.
  • Or, go for ‘80s-inspired wallpaper with original mix-and-match colors and prints to stand out with a unique all-over wall idea or a feature wall.

What to Consider When Buying Vintage Wallpaper


There are many vintage pattern styles, such as floral, geometric, damask, shabby chic, or Scandinavian (symmetric graphic art). Focus on your interior’s design style, or simply choose a pattern you like the most.


Depending on the effect, look for bright or neutral vintage palettes: is it an all-over wall decoration or a statement wall decor? Generally, the most popular vintage wallpaper colors are green, blue, red, orange, and yellow.


Consider waterproof, easy-to-clean, and stain-resistant self-adhesive wallpaper for furniture renovation and decoration of utilitarian spaces like bathrooms or kitchens. On the other hand, paper or fabric wall covers work for living spaces like bedrooms, lounge areas, or dining rooms.


Why should you opt for vintage wallpaper in your home?

Vintage wallcoverings have their unique charm, bearing a nostalgic feeling for the past. Keeping memories and celebrating the beauty of old-time styles, timeless prints with a welcoming character bring much comfort. Not least, nothing will make your interior design feel more unique than personalized wallpaper that doesn’t keep pace with modern decorations that you can see in almost every house.

What colors are peculiar to vintage/retro wallpaper?

The trendiest options are brown, green, blue, orange, yellow, and red. Yet, you can experiment with weathered neutral shades in modern interiors.

Where to use vintage wall covering?

Frankly, you can use such wallpaper in any room, from bedroom to bathroom, hallway, and home office. You can even apply it to furniture for quick redecoration or renovation. Still, fans of this style like vintage-decorated walls in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens the most. 

What are the trendiest vintage wallpaper patterns?

Geometric, floral, damask, creative graphic, or shabby chic patterns are the most popular. Alternatively, you can choose bold mixes of colors and shapes for unique, unforgettable design ideas. Such wallpaper suits feature walls best.

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