Sunflower wallpaper: 15 ideas for different rooms

The image of a sunflowers field will always teleport you to the sunny hills of Tuscany or a VanGogh art gallery. Those who have already done so mean that they are in love with this flower that can be easily implemented in your home’s decor. One of the summer’s symbols – the sunflower will offer your home a bright and radiant fiesta color.

Therefore, many sunflower wallpapers are on the market, but using print in modern designs filled with simple shapes and solid colors is quite difficult. To make your job easier, here are 15 sunflower wallpaper ideas for different rooms.

Application in the hallway

Acquaintance with the apartment begins in the hallway. There is not much furniture here, but most of it covers the walls, preventing widespread activity. A bright applique comes to the rescue, for which a small section of the wall is enough.

Usually, it is a single flower, arrangement, or subtle pattern. The location must be chosen carefully: there should be space nearby, while there is something that attracts the eye. For example, you can use a stool on which you sit down to put on your shoes. Or there can be a hanging mirror to look at before leaving.

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Kitchen backsplash

It is a space in the center of a kitchen unit, usually filled with a tile pattern or colorful glass backsplash. The fashion for floral sets has passed, but flowers for gastronomic experiments still inspire some.

If you are one of them, think about a hand-drawn backsplash, as if applied with colored pencils directly over the wallpaper. Or about a 3D picture in the form of flower bouquets – they look more organic than single flowers or a field.

Wallpaper abstraction for the dining room

The dining room must be decorated carefully. An ordinary sunflower here will cause boredom and can even ruin your appetite. On the other hand, unusual options will inspire guests to have an entertaining conversation while eating.

How about an abstract drawing? It can be a sunflower painted in an unusual artistic style, where several types of flowers are combined at once. All this appears in an absurd but exciting composition, which guests will be happy to consider.

A work of art in the dining room

It is believed that works of art have a beneficial effect on humans and even increase the pleasure of eating. So why not turn an entire wall into a work of art?

There are wallpapers copied from famous paintings of past centuries: some imitate the oil technique and even have a corrugated surface, like real ones. Such a wall fits perfectly into the dining room, made in white and beige tones, and does not even require additional decor.

Artistic wallpaper for living room

Many people are familiar with 3D wallpaper firsthand: in fact, this is a photo of the entire wall, which looks the same in any interior. And artistic wallpapers are distinguished because they have a unique look: each artist draws them in his own style and color palette – pastel abstraction, colorful realism, oil pictures, or technique under a pencil lead.

You can choose what you like aesthetically and will harmonize well with the rest of the design. And in order not to be mistaken – look for the same color scheme.

Black and white wallpaper

Suppose you are an adherent of a minimalistic interior and are already planning to arrange furniture in pastel colors like alabaster, beige, ash pink. In that case, you can choose black and white wallpaper. Sunflowers do not need to be bright yellow to remind of summer. A simple sketch will also give joy.

For the living room to have a modern look, remember a few rules: the flower must be large, and it is advisable to pick up a rough drawing, for example, made under a pencil drawing.

Black accent wall with sunflower 

Sunflowers are a few colors that look good on a black background; moreover, they completely change it, turning a dark color into a colorful and memorable composition.

Naturally, the entire living room does not need to be painted black; one accent wall behind the sofa or opposite the window is enough. The rest of the interior: walls and floors, furniture and textiles, should be done in light colors. And to continue the sunflower theme, add yellow décor; for example, throw pillows on the couch.

Lonely flower

To make the room a little brighter, it is unnecessary to use the entire wall – you can transfer the drawing to a small part, which was created for decoration. For example, the living room has tables, dressers, and other surfaces on which photo frames and vases are installed.

You can also place a sunflower nearby so that the decor sparkles with sunny colors. The main thing is to be restrained. A flower arrangement is not needed here – one stem and several buds are enough.

Home office wallpaper

Typically, a home office desk is set up near a window to enjoy the views and natural light. But there are times when the only place for him is the corner of the room. 

An attractive solution would be to glue the floral wallpaper in this corner. The background must be white not to darken the workplace, and the drawing is large but rare to not flicker before your eyes—the rest of the interior changes in detail. For example, you can put an orange chair at the desk, scatter decorative pillows in yellow-orange-red tones on the bed, change work folders in yellow. 

Accent wall in the bedroom

Do you want to create a bright interior in the bedroom but are afraid to overdo it? Make a sunflower accent wall. Colorful flowers are perfect for bringing the focus to yourself. Choose the pattern carefully: it should be large and asymmetrical. 

Crumpled wallpaper for the bedroom

There are unusual wallpapers with 3D effects in the form of crumpled fabric. This is a full-fledged canvas with the image of any objects, and the background is a kind of silk fabric that gently wrinkles and folds into neat waves. The result is the illusion of textiles.

Among them, you can find options with the image of sunflowers. Although the main emphasis will fall not so much on flowers as on the “dented” effect, bright sunflowers will still light up the room.

Two-color wallpaper

They are unusual wallpapers, where half of the sunflowers are made in a black and white palette, and the other – in color as if the artist forgot to finish the picture. The image becomes dim and delicate, which goes well with a minimalistic bedroom, where white and beige colors dominate.

This wall does not tolerate decorations like a clock or a bookshelf. But if you have a collection of black and white paintings, you can put them on the floor as additional decor.

Wallpaper lion cubs for the kid’s room

A kid’s room should give joy to little fidgets and inspire them to great adventures. And the best way to show it is through nature and animals. For example, go for wallpaper with the image of sunflowers and puppies frolicking in the field.

Butterflies for the nursery

Girls will appreciate the floral options that reveal their tenderness and sentimentality. It will be good if the composition on the wallpaper develops into a whole story – this will help the girls reveal their creative side.

For example, create a composition of beautiful sunflowers on the wall, where tiny, multi-colored butterflies fly from flower to flower, and the wind blows the fallen petals. Drawing can be any, but the background is necessarily soft: beige, apricot, lemon.

Natural illustration on the balcony

Often a tiny garden is set up in a sunny corner of the living room or on the balcony. And if you don’t experiment with wallpaper in the living room, then the balcony is the perfect place for it. Here you can create a corner of Eden, adding sunflower in the form of Ikebana, various handmade compositions, and creative DIY decor.

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