Small kitchen backsplash ideas: enhance the size and style of your kitchen visibly

Small kitchen backsplash ideas: enhance the size and style of your kitchen visibly

A small kitchen is not always a reason to worry. On the contrary, new challenges bring new solutions for original results. With smart options as regards particular elements of the kitchen, you can make the most of this space by enlarging it visibly and adding a new sparkle of style and beauty.  

We suggest a deeper approach to this subject by analyzing the way an appropriate-to-this-context backsplash can save the look of your kitchen. From various materials, colors, and designs, we will offer you an insight into what a perfect backsplash in this sense looks like. One simple trick and you will be the happy owner of a stylish kitchen!

3 basic rules to consider

  • Avoid small patterns and go with large shapes to expand the space visually;
  • Say “no” to bold colors and opt for calmer ones in order not to suppress an already small space;
  • Regardless of your backsplash design, do not forget that it has to suit the overall picture of your kitchen by fitting other elements as regards the color, material, and style.
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Enlarge the space through details

Appropriately chosen shapes can influence the way you see a particular space. Therefore, an apparently small kitchen can seem larger than it is, and it is all due to backsplash tiles that are small in width but large in length. They will trick the eye and make you see the kitchen cabinets longer than they are, enlarging the space.

Among the best options in this sense are subway tiles, be they white or of any other color, replications of bricks or real bricks that are cut particularly for this purpose. The common feature between these options is that they have a rectangular shape, which plays an essential role in this context.

Glossy elegance

We will probably not surprise you by saying that a perfect idea for enlarging a space is by opting for glossy materials. Besides being reflective and adding space to any room, they also refresh the environment. The latter benefit is particularly welcome in small spaces. 

From glass backsplashes of various colors to glossy tiles, spread the light through your kitchen and make it look larger. It is noteworthy that neutral shades and no patterns are your true companions in this sense.

Go beyond the limits

It is common to set a backsplash only above the workspace, and it looks pretty well in combination with other materials and colors for the walls. Nevertheless, you can make the most of your backsplash by going beyond the mentioned borders and covering the left space with the same material. 

Expand your backsplash till you reach the ceiling, going through the spaces where the door or windows find themselves. Particularly well works the white color, although other neutrals should not be avoided. We would also like to draw your attention to the last photo that reflects perfectly how large glossy surfaces that reach the ceiling enlarge the space.

Classy neutral colors

We are not trying to convince you of the relevance of neutral colors in a contemporary setting; you are surely acquainted with this information. We actually want to persuade you to use them if you are the owner of a small kitchen. Even a bold-colored kitchen of small sizes will benefit from a neutral backsplash. 

Furthermore, go with light shades since they are known to brighten the space. The brighter the room is, the larger the space looks. It is a win-win option, expanding the limits of your kitchen and keeping it trendy.

Hypnotic patterns

You will be amazed to find out how substantially your kitchen look can change under the influence of a backsplash with patterns. Such an approach is not usually applied to small spaces, although a perfectly chosen pattern and color will keep you on the safe side. 

Consider tiles with repetitive patterns of geometric shapes or go with culture-inspired designs, opting for larger sizes in particular. Add one or two neutral shades, and the new backsplash will hypnotize you into thinking that the space is larger than it actually is.

Smooth transition

It is known that adding a new color or material, particularly a contrastive one, suppresses little by little the environment, which is not welcome in small spaces. Therefore, we suggest you opt for a backsplash that seems as flowing from the countertop. It will substantially save you space and even make the backsplash look higher. 

In this sense, you can consider shiplap for traditional settings, wood to preserve the natural effect or marble for a contemporary environment. Either way, make sure that you opt for shades that are similar to the countertop color to increase the effect.

Same effect with less effort

All the mentioned options this far can be integrated by referring to more affordable ways that will preserve the effect of enlarging the space. You will probably be surprised to find out that all this is possible by opting for wallpaper instead of any other material for the backsplash. 

This approach offers you various design choices, including the ones mentioned earlier. Furthermore, wallpaper of this kind will not add as much texture as, for instance, tiles will do. It is to be noted that vinyl wallpaper is the one you should look for in this sense. It also comes with a bonus: you can replace it as often as you want and change the design of your backsplash according to the current trends.

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