Setting up a simple home theatre with a soundbar and speakers

Setting up a simple home theatre with a soundbar and speakers

In the olden days, it was very difficult to set up an audio system and it often required a professional’s help. Because the traditional sound system consisted of gigantic speakers, lots of wires, drivers, and receiver and assembling these parts into a complete system was quite a tedious task. It was extremely confusing to select the best sound system that could match one’s requirements. After that, the setting of wires, the tiresome process of hiding them to reduce the mess created by them, and the right adjustment of receivers and drivers were very annoying. However, everything changed with the introduction of soundbars that contain efficient and up-to-date technology. 

Soundbars often come with an external or in-built subwoofer that enhances the audio of your device to the maximum level. They provide you the privilege of controlling the whole sound system with just one tap as they usually have remote control and some even have dedicated apps for controlling the audio system. They contain Bluetooth, WIFI, Alexa’s voice control, and Google assistant. These features have completely changed the game of audio devices. Some soundbars even come with wireless subwoofers that can be placed anywhere in the house to enjoy music, movies, clear dialogues, natural sound, and deep bass. All these qualities make soundbars a perfect choice to set up a home cinema system and they do not even need the help of an electrician or a mechanic to set them up. You can just mount them on the wall or place them on the table to relish the mesmerizing sound delivered. 

Here are some of the best guidelines to make the setting up of speakers extremely easy for you, you just need to follow the steps:

Room Setting

Settings of the rooms matter a lot while mounting a soundbar or a speaker so, what you gotta do is to set a minimalistic room (without heavy furnishing). It will help you enjoy music, movies, and dialogues in a neutral voice. Ideally, the size of the television or projector screen should be taken into account while setting the theater. Larger screens and televisions are preferred over smaller ones. However, if you don’t like to change the settings of the room then don’t bother, it isn’t a big deal. Small televisions can be used in smaller rooms. You can also select the soundbars that come with the option of adjusting frequency and audio type according to your room. For example, Sonos, Bose, Yamaha, and TCL soundbars.  You can select the right audio output with the help of inbuilt apps and remote controls of these soundbars.

Selecting a suitable speaker or soundbar

Selecting a perfect match for your TV or home cinema projector is not as difficult as it may seem. Choosing the right speaker depends upon your requirements and the room in which you wanna place the soundbars. If you have a small room then we suggest using small speakers as larger ones can be too powerful for a small and simple space. 

If the room is larger, then you can select any soundbar with or without subwoofers. If you want a sound system that is not bound to the room space, then we recommend TCL soundbar and Sonos soundbar for this purpose. These soundbars are highly efficient and contain HDMI ports, subwoofers, have an easy arrangement and are the perfect choice for home theater systems. You can enjoy amazing movies night with their surround sound system which provides sound from all sides to create a 3D effect.

Placement of speakers and the soundbar

The setting of soundbar and subwoofers is crucial for the right echo and bass to reach your ear. If you place the subwoofers near to the soundbar and TV, it will reduce the bass. So, either place them in the corner or place them somewhere around a third of the way to the room. Though no one likes to put the sleek and stylish woofers in the corner, however, it will reduce the null bass, and will also be a great spot to amuse with the perfect sound if you place your couch in front of the television. You can mount the soundbar on the wall or you can place it under the Tv or on the table rack specified for soundbars. It’s completely your choice.

Addition of extra features

If you are a perfectionist who wants the perfect bass and ultimate specs, all in one soundbar and you want the features like Alexa’s voice control, Google assistance, Bluetooth, WIFI, Internet connectivity, and app-control features in the soundbars, some soundbars come with all these. But it is not the same in all soundbars. Some do not contain voice control features while others don’t come with Bluetooth connectivity options. Usually, some expensive sound bars contain all specs but if you want to be economic in your choice, then you can get a low-cost sound system and upgrade it easily after some time. For example, you can replace the AUX cables with HDMI or HDMI ARC cables to enhance the audio and video signals. You can also adjust the bass with the related apps of the soundbars. You can add additional speakers in different rooms to enjoy the music and videos anywhere and anytime, all because of the competent sound technology creating highly efficient speakers. We suggest buying soundbars with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support as they let you experience the soothing, immersion sound effect. Remember the word system here because, in systems, upgradation of one thing can easily enhance the overall proficiency of the whole system.  

With the right type of soundbars, you don’t need to get into the jargon of understanding the tech-based things. You can easily recognize the specs and features of a soundbar and select the best one for your home theater system.  After setting up and adjusting all parts, turn off the projector’s or television’s inbuilt audio, it can intermingle with the speaker’s sound. Turn off the lights and enjoy the theater-like experience right at your own home. 

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