Red curtains for living room: trendy designs to match any style

Contemporary settings are overly simplified and monochromatic, which is a source of balanced functionality. Still, such environments can appear rather draining at some point unless you never get bored of neutrals. Nevertheless, this article might have caught the attention of those who are not afraid to go bolder or at least want to try something new. Therefore, a red splash within a monochromatic palette would not seem strange to you but rather inspiring. Why monochromatic? Well, you would probably not go with an all-red interior or an amalgam combination of bold colors only. Such an accent requires a neutral background. 

Why red? It is not that common within interiors and definitely a source of visual interest. Still, there is an irreplaceable grandeur that only this shade can provide, and applying it to the curtains adds even more individuality. Let’s dive into the science behind this color before exploring the best red curtains ideas for the living room!

The inner beauty of Red

  • A blend of passion and aggression. A slight change in the color undertones can lead to a romantic splash or an extremely aggressive result, which means playing with undertones is a dangerous tool in the hands of an unskilled amateur;
  • Excitement and energy. Such a bold accent cannot help but induce an exceptional sense of stimulation to continuously be in action;
  • Dynamic environment. There is no place for relaxation in a space painted in this color since you are constantly motivated to act and enjoy the process;
  • Bold color for bold decisions. Red is known to influence people on being bolder about their decisions and encourage them to try something new;
  • Loving feelings. This color makes people reveal their emotional side and be more passionate as regards both their loved ones and their daily activities.

We are already intrigued by how many new concepts this color brings to the interior and homeowners. Still, it is not that easy to work with, and it requires the utmost attention regarding the choice of a particular shade and the element it is applied to. Since we are speaking about curtains, we will try to make the most of this color by providing you with the trendiest designs in this sense.

Velvet finesse

It seems that there is no other color that would fit the velvet texture better than red; large velvety curtains in a bright red shade on a sleek neutral background – elegance at its finest. Such a bold combination of color and texture does not require any patterns since the thick material and red accent are enough to set a bold yet balanced environment. These necessarily have to be floor-length double-panel curtains arranged in a way that fits your style better. Decide from the start whether you want to set an interior that seems like out of a palace or a bold approach within a contemporary space. For better integration, match the color of the curtains with other textiles, such as the cushions. Red velvet curtains work outstandingly well within neoclassical interiors with an abundance of neutrals that would benefit from an authentic sparkle. 

Airy sheer

If velvet seems too bold to you, sheer is your true companion. With this thin material that slightly lets the light penetrate through, you can surely opt for any shade of red. Be it a bright red splash resembling a field of tulips or deep burgundy, the curtains will not look at all imposing, although not devoid of boldness. This is the case when you can opt for a particular pattern. Exceptionally well look the floral motifs embroidered in gold that spread all over the surface of the curtains. 

Floral motifs

Well, you would probably agree that all-red curtains with floral patterns are too extra, even within a monochromatic palette. Still, the floral motifs are not to be avoided since they have been very popular lately, and red seems the perfect color for an original approach. Consider delicate floral patterns in red on neutral backgrounds. The patterns themselves will be so eye-catching that your attention will be drawn to the red shade particularly. This design solution suits those who want to make a statement but are not ready to go with an all-red element within their interior. Still, it is a great start if you just begin discovering this fabulous shade. 

Checkered splash of flair

The checkered curtains, which can imply either red and white or red and black combination, are a great option for Farmhouse and Rustic settings. This specific design contributes to the comfort of the interior, particularly if chosen in red shades with earthy notes. Furthermore, red is a perfect match for wood texture, another element peculiar to such styles. The larger the patterns, the more attention they draw so that you can add as much visual interest as you want.

Modern approach

Your red curtains will look irreplaceable for your contemporary interior design if you choose the design appropriately. Consider simple, monochromatic curtains without too many waves and extra volume. The lack of patterns is a compliment. Still, if you feel like elements of the kind will fit your space perfectly, consider abstract, repetitive, or geometrical shapes to embrace modern values fully.

Vintage approach

If you are looking for a perfect match for a similar interior or want to add a unique source of interest to your design, vintage red curtains are a perfect option. The slightly faded effect, familiar floral patterns, the same velvet material yet enriched with volume and patterns are all design solutions you could consider for your curtains. The main role is played by a slightly muted shade of red that offers the curtains a worn-by-time effect. 

Red and Gold

For lovers of luxurious settings, the elegant mix of red and gold is this approach that will bring the interior to another level. You will simply be surprised how much elegance red and gold curtains can bring to a space. Of course, such a design would fit rather traditional or vintage spaces, although a modern setting would also benefit from a unique source of refinement.

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