Paint colors that go with beige walls: perfect matching hues from popular manufacturers

There was a time when beige was extremely popular, then it was followed by gray, now it seems that the former has made an outstanding comeback. If you still wonder why, its variations, compatibility with other shades, and adaptability to any style are more than enough for a start. So far, so good. There is another aspect one should consider: the current design solutions offer you the possibility to play with colors any way you want to add originality to the result. Why not redefine your all-beige design with a new splash of color? This is when the next question enters the play: what are the best companions to go with beige walls? Be it an accent wall, a piece of furniture, or any other unit that can be painted. Luckily, the versatility of beige opens a sea of opportunities. For your convenience, we came up with a list of perfect shades to combine with beige, accompanied by examples from renowned paint manufacturers. Let’s dive into this adventure of colors and new sparkles!

Beige + Gray 

It is no coincidence that there is the term “greige” (a combination of beige and gray) since these colors perfectly go with each other. Furthermore, their mix proves that an all-neutral room is not at all boring. Beige serves as an irreplaceable background, while gray accents add a sense of depth to the room, bringing in intrigue. One should consider both cold and warm shades of gray, depending on the result they want to achieve, adding formality or softening the environment. What do paint manufacturers have to offer in this sense?

  • Repose Gray SW (Sherwin Williams) – light gray, a bit refreshing, a bit softening due to its beige undertones; 
  • Light French Gray SW 0055 (Sherwin Williams) – cool gray with subtle blue notes, enriching the space like a breath of fresh air;
  • Steel Wool 2121-20 (Benjamin Moore) – dark gray with foggy effect that adds a sense of stability;
  • Chelsea Gray HC-168 (Benjamin Moore) – cold gray with a slightly visible brown underlayer, which combines perfectly with shades that have similar undertones;
  • Aerobus (Dulux) – a light shade of gray with pronounced blue scents that pair perfectly with cool shades;
  • Slate Rock N460-5 (Behr) – cold gray with a neutral basis, impressively versatile, and a true companion for a wide variety of beige shades.

Beige + Black

It seems that the pairing between black and beige is a new version of “black and white”. Nevertheless, one thing makes us look at them completely differently. The former is more comforting and appealing. A black accent on a beige background seems like a contemporary touch on the classic. Beige is responsible for familiarity, while black adds sophistication to the oversimplified minimalist designs so popular now. Let’s see what shades of black you can opt for!

  • Black of Night SW 6993 (Sherwin Williams) – deep shade with dark and cool gray undertones that contrast perfectly the soft surface of beige;
  • Greenblack SW 6994 (Sherwin Williams) – intriguing black with a slight reference to dark green that resonates with the warm beige undertones;
  • Gray 2121-10 (Benjamin Moore) – a slightly-brighten-up shade of black due to the dark gray basis with a subtle haze effect that harmonizes with the softness of beige;
  • Black 2132-10 (Benjamin Moore) – the simplest shade of black that impresses with its depth and ability to reveal its pairing partner from the most unexpected perspective;
  • Rich Black (Dulux) – neutral black at first sight but an amalgam of deep undertones after a thorough analysis, which makes it perfect for light neutrals;
  • Black (Behr) – a very dark shade of gray that reveals the black basis filled with sparkles of light that try to penetrate the surface, which would benefit much from a splash of beige.

Beige + Blue

A bit of softness requires a splash of freshness. There are plenty of colors that could refresh any space to the fullest, although nothing brings in the cool ocean breeze, the crispy mountain air, the invigorating snowy breath the way a shade of blue can. From soothing to bright variations, any shade of blue would work with beige. Do you fancy a unique accent wall or original decorative elements to enrich your beige background? Blue is your true companion. All things considered, we cannot go further without mentioning some of the best blue paint colors.

  • Loyal Blue SW 6510 (Sherwin Williams) – cool blue with bright underlayer and a few drops of gray that redefine any design that involve the use of beige;
  • Intense Teal SW 6943 (Sherwin Williams) – deep blue with a subtle green echo on the horizon, which makes any beige shade reflect part of its intense notes;
  • Surf Blue 2056-30 (Benjamin Moore) – bright blue with soft azure notes and tropic green underlayer that cannot help but penetrate beige with its deep exotic roots;
  • Casco Bay 2051-30 (Benjamin Moore) – dark blue with green-gray undertones, impressively suitable for light spaces decorated with beige;
  • Integrity S36D9 (Dulux) – dark shade resembling naval blue that underlines the beige walls in a contrastive and surprisingly elegant way;
  • Voyage PPU 13-07 (Behr) – neutral blue merged with a few gray drops that complements beige and adds depth.

Beige + Orange

If “bold” is your second name, you will most probably not skip such a bold opportunity to integrate orange into your interior, particularly when you have a beige background that complements such an accent better than any other color. Considering that both shades have common undertones, their compatibility is appreciated as a fact rather than coincidence. Let’s make the most of such a combination with unique orange variations from various paint manufacturers!

  • Obstinate Orange SW 6884 (Sherwin Williams) – bright orange enriched with fog particles, impressively bold but no less surprisingly harmonizing with the warm beige undertones;
  • Invigorate SW 6886 (Sherwin Williams) – carrot-like orange, extra positive and vibrating, ensuring integrity of the design due to its reflection into the undertones of beige;
  • Rumba Orange 2014-20 (Benjamin Moore) – eye-catching orange with appealing positive scents that add energy to the neutral beige;
  • Sienna Clay 104 (Benjamin Moore) – soothing orange with brown undertones, perfect for those who who want to add an accent but keep it slightly low-key;
  • Quilt (Dulux) – light orange with a peach basis and soothing surface, looking as flowing from the beige background, revealing a blooming feature;
  • Paper Heart M210-2 (Behr) – very light orange with pink underlayers, which contrast perfectly with bright beige that consists of yellow undertones.
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