Nursery Trends and Ideas: 2024 Forecast

The process of designing a nursery is both challenging and exciting, especially when new nursery trends are on their way. Relying on the last season’s core principles, comfort, sustainability, and warmth, the recent baby room trends go beyond your expectations and wait to be discovered. One of the first trends is erasing the border between a baby boy’s and a baby girl’s room in terms of color and design themes. Stay tuned for more!  

Colorists forecast the comeback of warm and cozy neutrals that stayed in the shadow last season. Yet, chalky and pastel neutrals should draw your attention. They aim to create a peaceful and soothing ambiance in the nursery. 

Simultaneously, experts predict the relevance of unexpected bright colors, such as roaring yellow, radiant orange, catchy red, and vivid pink. The key color trend of the last year, purple, stays with designers in 2024 as well, bringing earthy green and ocean blue as well. Additionally, deep brown with earthy warmth is a more intense color alternative for the nursery. Not least, remember the rule – be closer to nature and comfort when you decide on the color palette. 

Piece to Piece

One of the 2024 nursery trends is to put meaning in every detail. Such a design solution can help those who cannot decide on the design. Start with a piece close to your heart, a vacation memory, an heirloom furniture piece, a favorite bunny toy, or a specific print, and base the entire design on it. Get inspired to plan the color palette, patterns, and design theme.  

Meaningful Wall Decoration

If a themed mural is not always a good idea for a living or bedroom, particularly for connoisseurs of simple and functional, it is perfect for the baby’s room. Inspired by the wild jungles, intriguing safari, or an urban view, it will stylishly add appeal to the nursery, and no additional accessories will be necessary.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

The 2024 nursery design trends are about the thoughtful use of materials that positively impact nature and long-lasting purchases. In the baby room, the furniture and decor usually get replaced by other pieces as your child grows up. Work smarter and purchase multi-purpose furniture. A vintage dresser can later serve as a perfect decoration for the room, while a rocking chair can later become a vital element for a reading nook.

Designer Lighting Fixtures

In the new season, the absolute must-have in the nursery is customized pendants with appealing designs, be it geometric shapes, cartoon-inspired patterns, or personalized forms with dimmable light so that you can easily adapt brightness.

On the other side of the coin, ceiling pendants serve as much an essential role. Lighting fixtures of sustainable materials win the designers’ choice. Besides, they easily blend in any design style.

Comfort On the First Place

Ensure a safe and comfortable place for your baby by controlling light, noise, and air. Undoubtedly, comfort is one of the primary nursery trends this year.

First, you should have a perfect option for blocking daylight during sleep. So, consider blackout curtains to manage this task. The same darkening drapes work as noise isolators together with thick rugs. Moreover, when it comes to air, consider indoor plants to enhance air quality. Sometimes, design choices are about taking care of your dear ones.

Green-Themed Baby Room

Babies begin to perceive colors three months after birth, and surrounding your child with the right color is not only about the style of the room. Green has been regarded as one of the best nursery colors. This lively color invites children to explore and grow by stimulating their interest in new and cultivating their love for nature. 

Green wallpaper or paint colors, untreated wood furniture, live plants, open outdoor landscapes, and decor inspired by nature sound like the perfect design concept.  

Family Values 

Nursery is about a new start and continuity. One of the designers’ beloved trends in the current season is putting meaning in every design element. For instance, you could consider a meaningful quote on the wall or a decorative item that used to belong to the grandparents. Set strong ties between your baby and family, preserving family traditions and starting new ones.

Curved Edges

Did you know that curved shapes still prevail over sharp edges this year? Integrate this timeless baby room trend into your nursery any way you want. Think of a round-edge crib, a curved lounge, a round ottoman, a round mirror, and even similarly shaped wall decorations. 

Attention-Seeking Stripes

Unsurprisingly, the once most beloved print is back. Stripes are all the rage now. Moreover, they seem like the perfect nursery wallpaper idea this year when variety is in demand. Wide or narrow, colorful or neutral, simple or decorated – give stripes a try. 

Checkerboard Pattern

Not a fan of stripes? Try checkers. Apply this trendy print for textiles, wallpaper, or wall painting. There is one condition, though. Pick relatively soft and calm shades of color and let the pattern alone steal the spotlight. 

Cottagecore Aesthetics

Designers predict an unprecedented popularity for the cottage style this season. Try this nursery idea if you resonate with the comfortable and warm cottage style decorated with blooming floral wallpaper, vintage wooden furniture, woven baskets, hand-painted prints on furniture, and inherited decor pieces paired with charmingly patterned textiles.

Trendy Nursery Themes

Gender-Neutral Baby Room

A neutrally colored nursery that doesn’t distinguish between gender-biased colors, patterns, and decor. A room decoration that suits everyone, mostly relying on natural surfaces, a warm color scheme, and a decluttered layout.

Dreamy Baby Room

Create a nursery design that ensures the best environment for your children to fulfill their dreams with a soft color palette, a design style inspired by the night sky, and plenty of fluffy textures.

Into the Wild

Natural landscapes, wild animals, or forest life can all be a good design start for a baby room meant to stimulate your little one’s interest in discovering the world from an early age.

Marine Life

Depicting the adventurous navigation through the ocean waves, the secrets of the underwater world, and the friendly inhabitants of the sea, the nursery acquires a unique theme that cultivates the love for exploring the world.


It doesn’t necessarily mean an amalgam of colors and styles but rather a free choice of shades and shapes on a relatively neutral background in a space fully penetrated by natural light.

Remember, knowing the latest nursery design trends doesn’t mean implementing them necessarily into your baby’s room. It’s nothing but a source of inspiration for those planning a nursery design this year. What’s more, the further we go, the freer trends become. Now, self-expressive design ideas are in trend. Come up with your own trend. If, by any chance, you are interested in the subject, check out the newest kids’ room trends to know in 2024.

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