Modern farmhouse fireplace: architect’s advice and design ideas

The limited square meters of high-rise buildings often do not allow you to decorate the interior in the desired style, but a farmhouse is an entirely different matter. The embodiment of absolutely any style and a fireplace can organically fit into each of these solutions.

Types of fireplaces for a farmhouse

A farmhouse does not impose any restrictions on its owner for the design of a fireplace. Absolute freedom of action, the ability to bring the most daring ideas to life are advantages that need to be used. Today, the following types of implementation are offered:

  • A real wood-burning fireplace is a classic fireplace design in a farmhouse, where it is possible to comply with all the requirements for its installation. Difficult to install, but will delight with the warmth and appearance of a real flame.
  • An electric fireplace is a healthy alternative to a natural fireplace. It is much cheaper, does not require specific requirements for the installation and arrangement of the chimney, creates the effect of living fire, and heats the room with high quality.
  • A decorative fireplace is made from any available material: cardboard, drywall, plywood, etc. It can be used as a permanent piece of furniture or as an object for thematic photo sessions.

Farmhouse fireplace: architect’s advice

Several rules must be followed to make the fireplace look harmonious in the interior of a farmhouse.


One of the main issues in designing a fireplace is the scale of the room. It is the scale that dictates both the dimensions and the design of the fireplace. In a spacious living room with high ceilings, the fireplace should be massive, following the parameters of the architectural details: windows, cornices, doors. If the living room is a chamber, then a small fireplace with fractional decor is needed.


Of course, the style in which the interior is made affects the appearance of the fireplace. The fireplace is an accent element located in the “red” corner of the room. In classic interiors, there are certain canons for decorating fireplaces (an elegant portal made of stone or wood, carved decor, the obligatory decoration of the wall above the fireplace with a picture or a mirror). Modern solutions give great freedom in choosing the proportions of the fireplace and materials for its decoration.

Individual approach

Even in classic fireplaces, you have to leave the standard solutions, and add something of your own. Original details can emphasize the character of the house. For example, the metal looks good in the decoration of the fireplace; it is safe and goes well with the most common interior materials – wood and textiles.

Stylistic solutions for a farmhouse fireplace

Thinking about a farmhouse, first of all, there is an association with a classic wood-burning fireplace made of bricks, decorated with decorative or natural stone. The combination of stones with massive furniture, carpets, walls decorated with wood brings you to a warm atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Classic style farmhouse fireplace

The classics will never go out of fashion, and if for some, these are massive structures made of refractory bricks, for others, they are the correct forms of a light Renaissance. Fireplace design in a farmhouse decorated with marble, plaster columns, and bas-reliefs, painted in light shades and complemented by appropriate room furnishings.

Contemporary style farmhouse fireplace

Modern design styles give you complete freedom of action. The popular Scandinavian style is similar to the classic fireplace design in a farmhouse in terms of color solutions. A portal made of real or decorative bricks, painted white or light gray, requires a minimalistic solution. A minimum of decor, natural wood furniture, and no unnecessary elements, only fire in the spotlight.

High tech style farmhouse fireplace

High tech offers the possibility to decorate the farmhouse fireplace with glass and metal. Sources of live fire are not very welcome here. In most cases, it will be an electric fireplace mounted in a wall, made in the form of a line of live fire, or freestanding in any convenient place.

Fireplace as a partition between the kitchen and living room

The combination of a kitchen and a living room in one room can be successfully zoned with a partition with a built-in fireplace, visible from all sides of the room.

Farmhouse fireplace into the TV zone

Modern designers like to fit the fireplace in the farmhouse into the TV zone. An innovative solution works in the direction of several problems at once. A TV is an object around which all the furnishings in the room are built, chairs, a sofa, and the owners’ views are turned to it. But the fireplace is so powerful and an interior item that cannot be placed behind the back, it must be in the center of the room. Exit – the location of the fireplace under the TV, the room does not look overloaded, and the center is concentrated on one side.

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