Marble fireplace: a beautiful and stylish idea for a modern interior

Marble is a natural material that is commonly used for finishing works in different interior styles. Since kings and emperors’ days, the decorative stone has been used to decorate wealthy citizens’ homes. The appearance of the material fascinates with its nobility, unique beauty, and luxury. A distinctive feature of marble is its long service life, so more than one generation will enjoy the impressive finish.

In modern interior design art, marble is suitable not only for creating original facade elements. It is also successfully used for interior decoration of rooms. The most demanding and natural option is the creation of fireplace surrounds and mantels from marble. This approach is wildly popular among modern people, due to which it remains in trend for more than a dozen years.

Features and characteristics of the marble

By its origin, marble is a rock. Due to the influence of certain physical and chemical factors, calcium, which is the basis of the stone, undergoes a crystallization process. Until the rock is in its natural, unprocessed form, it differs little from other fossils. After the work is done, the marble acquires a luxurious color and an original pattern that is difficult to repeat.

The palette of shades is so vast, and you can find a stone from a natural white color to a rich dark tone, almost black.

An essential role in the cost of marble is played by its degree of homogeneity.

If the color is solid, its price will be several times higher than that of marble with variegated blotches or stripes. Accordingly, ready-made fireplaces, marble surround, and other products from this material can cost differently.

Due to the high density of natural fossil, it is robust and durable. This property provides the material with the appearance of the thinnest, transparent film on its surface. After it goes through the polishing process, the material acquires an exquisite shine and charm.

Advantages and disadvantages of marble fireplace in the interior

If you want to install a fireplace or a marble fireplace surround at home, a natural question arises, what are the material’s advantages and disadvantages. First of all, the buyer wants to know about the difficulties in the installation and maintenance process he will face.

Marble fireplaces have one but significant drawback, they can all reach 200 kilograms.

But this does not mean that you have to avoid such a superb acquisition. The main thing is to think over your actions carefully and determine where the fireplace will be located, even before the renovations begin. Marble fireplaces are often installed on the ground floor in houses with a large area: villas, summer cottages, suburban housing, etc.

The advantages are much more than the disadvantages:

  • The material has the natural strength, thanks to which it can withstand temperature changes easily.
  • Due to the increased density level, it remains possible to apply any ornament or pattern to its facade.
  • The stone is shock-resistant, so there is no need to be afraid that it will crumble or crack when working with it.
  • The product is easy to hygienic cleaning, does not collect dust, and practically does not get dirty from the outside.
  • The economy is justified by the absence of the need to carry out restoration grinding or polishing.
  • Throughout its entire service life, marble retains its original appearance and beauty.
  • After the fireplace has been extinguished or turned off (if it is electric), the stone retains the accumulated heat for a long time.

Due to the broad color palette, everyone will choose exactly the shade and structure of marble that will ideally fit into the designed interior. Experts note the material’s safety and environmental friendliness.

Color solutions for marble fireplaces

Natural material lends itself remarkably well to various types of processing so that you can order marble fireplaces or surrounds of a wide variety of shapes and styles. It is best to give preference to a stone with a medium density level.

Among the most popular types of marble finishes, the following options are distinguished:

  • Gray color. Has a broad palette of shades. The inclusions’ size is small or large, and the surface is covered with various lines and white spots.
  • White color. A marble feature is changing the original shade depending on how the sun’s rays fall on it. In bright light, it sparkles in different tones: gray, pink, yellow, due to subtle lines of these colors.
  • Multi-colored option. We are talking about different colors: pink, yellow, blue, and about their mixing.

The cost of creating a product from the natural stone will always be high. This is because the marble fireplace portal is made from a cast slab.

But today, designers offer a less expensive option, in which imitation of stone is used, but joined into one whole by casting (cast marble).

It practically does not differ from the original, except for the composition, which includes: chips of marble or granite, sand, dyes, and polyester resin. Experts call such a finishing material agglomerate because it is created artificially.

The main advantage here is a wide range of colors and shades. Among the disadvantages, it is noted for its low density, due to which it is less polished and does not have such a noble luster. The fireplace is a rather bulky product that cannot be cut entirely from one slab, so some parts will still be assembled separately.

Marble fireplace design ideas

It is not enough just to install a marble fireplace surround in the room. It is necessary to combine it with the interior design, adhering to the lines and colors.

The facade of the fireplace can be as follows:

  • Tile with a smooth texture. This element is considered an integral part.
  • Carving pattern. This is an ornament or design that is carved into the surface of the marble from the front. The work can be done manually or using modern devices.
  • Columns. This element means the design with various elements of architecture: semi-columns, arches, friezes.
  • Sculptural pieces. A favorite option, in which bas-reliefs or figurines are placed on the fireplace. They rightfully deserve the title of the most beautiful elements, but very difficult to implement.

Before installing the fireplace, it is necessary to clearly understand where it will be located to determine the style, shape, and color. You have to work with a designer to achieve the ideal result.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that it is undesirable to expose marble to direct fire to avoid damage to its appearance.

As for the fireplace location, here it is worth relying on the area and shape of the room. It is better to install a small corner fireplace in small rooms that will fill the space but will not take away the usable area. In large rooms, you can place it in the centre of the longest wall.

Basic rules of care and maintenance of marble fireplace surround and mantels

The durability of marble fireplaces is directly related to the quality of care of the item. Professionals recommend using special products for cleaning. The increased sensitivity of the material requires cleaning with compounds that have a neutral pH level.

It is not necessary to polish the stone with abrasive particles. They can scratch the product, thereby ruining its appearance. In household chemical stores, there are many solutions for marble. It is better to use them.

Wipe the surface of the marble fireplace surround or mantel only with soft cloths made from natural fabrics. The cleaning process consists of applying a special solution to its surface, followed by removing the composition with velvet or flannel fabric. If there are minor scratches, then special varnishes and polishes will help to hide them. From them, the surface will become smooth and shiny.

Sometimes, before installing a fireplace, people forget to treat the iron elements with an anti-corrosion agent. From this, rusty spots appear on the material. You should try to make sure that the marble and metal do not touch.

The marble fireplace surrounds are an excellent option for creating a home and comfort. Their strength and durability distinguish products, and with proper care, they will serve the owners for more than a dozen years. If the high cost of such products confuses you, then you can choose a portal made of plaster or other material.

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