7 Ultimate black shiplap fireplace ideas: an impressive combination of comfort and sophistication

7 Ultimate black shiplap fireplace ideas: an impressive combination of comfort and sophistication

Fireplaces, which are known to be popular in particular parts of the world, have been impressing us lately with their widespread use within interior design. No wonder why! From the stylish perspective, they add a note of luxury that is welcome in contemporary settings. At the functional level, they are a source of warmth for both the owners and the design. 

Do you know what else is trendy now? The irreplaceable black color. It is a bold color that radiates authority, and by the latter, we mean the state of feeling secure. The same shade is also a source of formality and elegance. It convinces us that contemporary interiors require a little bit of sophistication, and what could bring it better than a subtle black accent? 

It is all clear this far; a fireplace with a black surround is the pairing of contrasts that experts in the field have strived for. Nevertheless, it still feels like something is missing. That’s right! An additional splash of coziness. The last months have made us consider it a priority when designing a room. The beloved shiplap, traced to the naturalness and calming Farmhouse environment, is here to complete the earlier mentioned elements. 

Is it worth considering a shiplap surround for the fireplace, and how can you make the most of such a pairing with a splash of black color? Relevant answers, stylish design ideas, and inspirational photos; discover them with us!

Shiplap around the fireplace: is it worth accepting the challenge?

Shiplap is very popular within the context of adding an accent wall, but what do experts have to say about a shiplap surround for a fireplace? Nothing else than “Go for it!” Shiplap radiates the feeling of calmness, refreshment, and comfort, which seem to resemble the features peculiar to a fireplace. 

Nevertheless, the aspect of safety is still to be discussed. Although such an approach is safe, you still have to follow the safety codes. One should note there are codes for fire safety for every state. Besides checking the local requirements, you should not forget about the National Fire Code and the National Standard Building Code before designing a room with a fireplace.  

The good old saying: “safety first”; it seems like we have covered this aspect. The most interesting part is yet to commence. Get ready to fall in love with one of the following design ideas!

Modern Farmhouse chic

Black shiplap, a wooden mantel, and a few to no decorative elements will transform a simple fireplace into a bold accent. The uneven surface of the barn beam will underline this space with texture, while the neutral black will keep it emphasized; two contrasts, two textures, and two different concepts for a perfect pairing of elements that complement each other.

All-black is back

Has it ever left? We don’t think so. The thing is that an all-black accent is at its peak of popularity now, and it would be a shame to skip such a possibility. No contrastive mantel, no decor, say “no” to anything that would draw attention from this outstanding color. The furthest you could go is to opt for a TV above the fireplace or a painting. The latter is allowed to be contrastive, although within limits. For instance, you can opt for the classy black and white pairing. As regards the rest, be sure that you will be on the safe side with as simple an arrangement as the perfect combination of black and shiplap.

What about a classic?

Say what you want, but the classic black and white will go through years of trends and always keep a leading role. The impressive black shiplap will shine in a new way once white enters the scene; a white mantel or white surround, and even a touch of wood in some cases; it is up to you. One thing should be noted: once you start in this direction, there is now way back (no way back to boring designs and draining environments); a successful result is all you can achieve from an approach like this.

Over land and sea

Do you fancy a whole makeover? Go beyond the limits from a fireplace surround to a whole black shiplap accent wall. Is it too bold? Possibly. Is it the best option for an outstanding result? Affirmative without any doubts. Be it a wall totally covered with shiplap or involving a built-in bookcase, we are sure that a modern Farmhouse living, a rustic or industrial setting will benefit to the fullest from this arrangement.

More texture, more style, more accents

Have you gotten used to black shiplap? We hope you have since the following suggestion is as fascinating but much bolder. Consider black shiplap by revealing all its beauty through the chevron pattern. Besides enriching the space with visual interest, such an approach will add texture, and if you are the owner of a large living, this is what you should go for. 

We want to draw your attention to the last photo, where the natural wood surfaces covered with a thin layer of black paint bring texture to the surface at its finest.

Embrace tradition

The traditional look of a fireplace involves a formal appearance with sharp to uniquely-shaped edges. Add shiplap to soften the result and complete the latter with a contemporary shade of black. This subtle interpretation of the past centuries is a perfect possibility to enrich your living with a note of formality and finesse.

No details, no contrasts, no decor

It seems like a lot of “no”, doesn’t it? Look at it from another perspective: no additional elements to worry about; a black shiplap fireplace surround, as simple as that. You probably think of a mantel. No need! A contemporary setting requires nothing more. Particularly appropriate is this modern approach for electric fireplaces. However, the traditional ones do not cease to keep pace in this respect. Oh, and no worries; the black shiplap alone is enough to enrich the room with a bold accent.

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