Loft style wallpaper in the interior

The loft is a common idea for modern interior decoration: loft industrial style wallpapers most often imitate an untreated wall finish. However, by combining a little imagination, the design of a room can combine different colors and textures, complementing each other harmoniously and creating a unique interior.

What types of wallpaper are there?

For the loft style, you can use a variety of types of wallpaper coverings. For walls, plain and multi-colored coatings will have a harmonious, smooth and textured appearance. In addition, inside a room, you can combine different methods of decorating or accompanying the wallpaper.


The liquid wallpaper is so called because of the external result, it reveals a smooth and uniform surface without joints. In fact, it is initially a diluted powder and applied to the wall according to the plaster principle. For a loft-style interior, liquid wallpapers will make an excellent background and can be combined with other decorating methods.

3D wallpaper

3D wallpapers can mimic any material, such as a brick or concrete wall. The volumetric image of a nocturnal megalopolis or of street graffiti will be spectacular.

This decoration is usually done on one of the walls of the room, drawing attention while preserving the space.


Two types are produced. Fully non-woven or vinyl coated. In the first case, the wallpaper represents a textured surface similar to plaster.

This type is often used as wallpaper for painting, betraying the desired shade and preserving the relief. The second type is more decorative, a vinyl coating is applied to a non-woven base. As a result, the surface has a magnificent relief pattern.


A two-layer material, the first layer of which is non-woven or paper, and the second of which is vinyl itself. A textured surface on a smooth base can represent various patterns. In addition to the external qualities, vinyl wallpapers are also practical. They can be washed, they are strong enough and can mask minor wall defects.

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Range of colors


A classic that will always be relevant. The white color will help maximize the space by making it visually larger. The white tone can be used as background or main color inside the loft.

A white wallpaper without image can be distinguished by an interesting relief, by imitating for example brick or plastered walls.


Gray has many advantages. On gray it looks elegant texture and bumps, it can be a laconic background or a glossy filling, and is also one of the main tones of the loft style.

A gray finish will be a good finish, for example, imitation of concrete, plaster or metal slabs in harmony with other finishing materials, wallpaper, wood panels or bricks.


The black wallpapers will look great in the industrial style. For example, only one wall or part is finished in black and the rest is done in a contrasting shade of light.

Another option is to select black with multiple patterns or an image on a lighter background. It is best to use a dark tone in bright, well-lit rooms.


The color brown is immediately associated with brick walls, wallpapers with their imitation can be made in both light and dark colors. The shade is warm, this will add to the modern industrial style the missing comfort. Another option would be wall decoration with imitation paint wallpaper. Inside a room, you can combine several shades.

Depending on room


The loft style kitchen is practical and functional. Modern furniture and fixtures are combined with aged purposes for walls and floors, open ventilation pipes, and untreated surfaces. The loft style is characterized by high ceilings. In the conditions of a standard city apartment, the white color of the ceiling is visually the room.

The kitchen is most often a continuation of the living room, the space is open, combined. Indicate the areas in the room using the bar. In the kitchen, it is more practical to decorate the dining room and the places with the least access to water and the kitchen with wallpaper. It is preferable to emit a tile, a protective glass or a wall panel on a work area.


The industrial style room is very minimalist, there is no overload of furniture and details. In a bright room, the main object is a bed which can only be supplemented by the necessary furniture and decorative elements.

In order not to deprive the bedroom of comfort, it is better to use warm colors, white, terracotta, sand and gray can do it perfectly.

The loft style will be spectacular in a bedroom with large windows upstairs. If not, you can use direct white curtains for decorating the windows.

Living room

In the living room, you can fully reveal the orientation of the loft style by combining different methods of decoration, colors and texture. If the height of the room allows, the ceiling can be decorated with a complex structure of ventilation pipes painted in bold or simply in chrome. The floor can be tiled, stone, laminate or wood. To add a touch of warmth to this loft-style composition, add a small flat rug.

The walls can be decorated with industrial style wallpapers of different textures and colors. For example, the accent wall above the television or sofa is decorated with brightly colored wallpaper, a pronounced texture or a 3D image, and the rest of the living room is decorated in a more casual beach.


The Loft style hallway can be finished with liquid wallpaper, for painting or photo wallpaper. For a small room, it is best to use a clear color scheme, for example white, beige, gray. You can also visually increase the space using mirrors and lots of light.

Open, well-lit hallways can be decorated in brighter colors, such as terracotta or dark gray.

Design options

Brick imitation

The first thing the loft style is associated with is the brick walls. The surface can be untreated or disinfected with paint. To save money and time spent on finishing, use a simulated masonry industrial style wallpaper. A variety of textures and colors gives more choices for decorating a room in a loft style.

The brick finish will find a harmonious look in any room of the house. It also combines with liquid and non-woven wallpaper.

Concrete imitation

Ordinary concrete can have completely different patterns and texture, with irregularities, interspersed with small stones and distinct joints of slabs.

The usual color of concrete is gray. The shade can be cold or warm. Despite this, the interior design is pretty cool. Such a finish will look harmonious in a spacious and well-lit room.

Stone imitation

Natural stone masonry is a fairly expensive and time-consuming finish. In addition, the material is heavy and massive, which means that it will “devour” the space of the room. Wallpaper will be a great alternative.

The photo wallpapers fully recreate the image of a stone wall down to the smallest detail. The stone is in harmony with the plaster wallpaper, simple and multicolored. A finish with an imitation of masonry will successfully decorate the living room, kitchen or hallway.

Plaster imitation

The most neutral decoration, without being the most boring. The plaster can be uniform or with visible bumps, cracked, with careless blows. In addition to the usual gray color, the industrial-style wallpaper imitating plaster allows you to choose any shade.

The finish will look great in any room and will combine well with other materials such as stone, metal or wood.

Wood imitation

The ecological theme has been at the peak of its popularity for many years. The wood has countless patterns, nuances and textures. The wallpaper with a wooden motif [https://www.hackrea.net/fr/stories/papier-peint-imitation-bois-interieur/] will make the interior of the loft style unique and transmit the beauty of real wood.

The color palette can be completely different, ranging from bleached oak to black painted wood. The board adds comfort to the loft style design, it can also be combined with other materials.

Imitation metal

Metal is a fairly cold material. Inside a loft-style house, it is best to combine it with other finishing methods. Wallpaper, unlike metal sheets, is not as cold and does not heat up in the sun.

Metal fully expresses the style of the loft, just like other materials. Texture and color may be different.

Ideas for applying wallpaper in Loft industrial interiors – Images

The stylistic direction of the loft, which has been popular for many years, rightly occupies a place of honor among interior styles. The interior of the style harmoniously combines modern technology, unusual decorative elements and total lack of decoration or competent imitation thereof with remarkable marks and dents. All the features complement each other to create a unique modern image of the interior in the loft style.

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