Living room with fireplace and TV: practical tips & stunning ideas

You probably already know the basic principles of placing a TV in the living room. And you may have read our materials on how to equip a fireplace in the same living room. What if you need to combine both? How to integrate a TV and a fireplace in the living room so that you can enjoy all its possibilities and views from any angle?

In fact, a TV set in combination with a fireplace is by no means uncommon today. However, since both are very influential interior elements, it is imperative to strike a reasonable balance between them. We offer you several solutions that may well become a starting point or a source of inspiration for you.

TV location in relation to the fireplace: layout options

Before you start thinking about decorative solutions, you need to decide how exactly the fireplace and TV in the living room space will relate. Today there are three basic layouts, which we will talk about in more detail.

TV over the fireplace

In this version of the layout, the recreation area is centered around the area in which the TV is fixed above the fireplace. This is a great way to center a piece of space, especially if you have a large living room and you plan to highlight several functional areas in it at once. In the same case, the arrangement of furniture and decoration around the TV stand with a fireplace is based on the following principles:

  • Use large, solid furniture. Chesterfield sofas, deep and soft armchairs, ottomans, and couches – all elements of the area should promise absolute comfort and relaxation.
  • Symmetry is a must! If you want to create a truly harmonious space, forget about over-creativity. Heigh twin candlesticks on the mantel, twin sconces, tall and narrow bookcases on either side of the fireplace provide visual comfort and a sense of completeness.
  • A minimum of decor in the created area. Since attention in this layout usually concentrates on fire in a fireplace or watching TV, an abundance of decor items risks making an unnecessary visual disturbance. Try to get by with a couple of three elements – and preferably not wall-mounted.

Extended area

With this layout, the TV and fireplace are located against adjacent walls – and possibly at a certain distance from each other. In this case, a recreation area is also formed visually, but you always have a choice – to admire the cozy and warming fire in the hearth or to devote time to watching an exciting film. This arrangement is suitable for both a spacious and a small living room – however, do not forget about the fundamental principles for this solution:

  • Give preference to a corner fireplace. This design is more ergonomic and will save space in a small room and in a spacious one – it will make the recreation area more comfortable and intimate.
  • Decide on the position of your TV. If there is enough space, then you can choose a cabinet of a suitable design. If the area is limited, it can be easily placed on the wall.
  • Be careful with the decor. A sufficiently large distance between the fireplace and the TV allows you to use more sophisticated and stylish things than the first layout option. However, try to make the decor echo and interact with each other – this way, you will create a harmonious and whole space.

Along one line

In this case, the fireplace and the TV are competing for attention within the same horizontal plane – that is, they are located next to each other. This option is entirely original and will suit you only in some instances – if the focus on the fireplace is more important for you than the TV or if you prefer modular solutions in planning and furnishing. The following rules will help you do everything right:

  • Make sure the TV is visible enough. One of the most common mistakes when placing a TV next to a fireplace is to drive it as deep as possible behind the fireplace mantel. Before hanging or installing it, determine how comfortable it is to watch it from a sofa or chair.
  • Use decor to connect elements visually. TV and fireplace are different both functionally and aesthetically. Try to find wall elements that allow the look to flow smoothly from one attribute to the next.
  • Avoid variegation. Try not to use too bright colors on the plane of the wall with the fireplace and TV; otherwise, you will end up with a powerful visual chaos. Too many shades are also not a good idea: two or three colors will be enough.

So, we figured out how to position the TV relative to the fireplace. Now it’s time to move on to an even more excellent theme – and explore design ideas for such a living room to get inspired by your own.

Black and white living room

Dominoes are a timeless combination. Two contrasting achromatic colors go well with almost any architectural and design style. The role of the dark element can be played by the TV – and you can decide on the color of the fireplace yourself.

Minimum emphasis

The minimalist style is a great environment for using a fireplace and TV at the same time. Use modern technologies to integrate the fireplace and place the TV on the wall – all this will be an excellent way to combine comfort and the much-desired laconicism.

More air

If you’ve been pondering for a long time and painfully about how to equip a relatively closed terrace, use a fireplace, the design of which will make it the pearl of your open living room. In this case, as a rule, the TV takes place above the fireplace – we are sure that you will not want to leave such a space for a very long time.

Just like in the Alps

The harmonious coexistence of the fireplace and TV is a key challenge for chalet-style interior designers. As a rule, the TV is integrated into the space above the fireplace, making the entire vertical in the same style – or it is placed in a less noticeable but comfortable area. You can choose any of these solutions – it all depends on the size of your living room.

Don’t be afraid of brightness

Do not think that a living room with a fireplace and a TV invariably implies a calm and neutral scale. Juicy and deep tones are pretty suitable for such solutions! You can use them to paint the entire living room or accent wall with TV and fireplace – you will love the effect. However, in the second case, do not overdo it with the decor to avoid getting an extra headache.

The domination of stone

Decorating a fireplace with stone is a great decorative move, characteristic of current styles, including chalet, eco, and farmhouse. You can opt for ergonomics and embed the TV in stone trim – or put it side by side for a pleasing contrast. However, make sure that the texture of the material does not obscure the screen image. Based on this, you can choose the type of stone – from clinker to sandstone.

Coziness in miniature

If you think that a fireplace and a TV in the living room are an option for the lucky ones with spacious rooms, we hasten to please you: today it is possible in any area. Think carefully about the fireplace’s location, try to abandon the TV stand in favor of placing it on the wall – and enjoy the cozy, comfortable and intimate atmosphere that seems to embrace you from all sides.

The combination of fireplace and TV in the living room is a kind of meeting of the past and the present. You will get an interior that will always delight you by correctly placing both structures in the room, regardless of the mood and weather outside the window. And there is nothing strange in this since such a living room has everything – old-fashioned comfort, unconditional warmth, and access to the most relevant media resources.

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