Kitchen Countertop Trends 2024: What to Look for

Whether planning a kitchen renovation or looking for new kitchen design ideas, don’t overlook the countertop. It can either spruce up the existing design or indicate further design solutions for a new kitchen. Overall, preference is given to non-toxic materials, natural textures, and customized designs in the coming season. When asked what kitchen countertop trends to look for in 2024, interior designers answered with the following. 

How to Decide upon a Kitchen Countertop

  • Consider a stain, heat, and scratch-proof countertop if you plan to use the cooking space daily;
  • Before opting for a particular material, consider its maintenance and how much effort you are ready to put into the process. The manufacturer provides all this information, or you can easily find it by research;
  • Don’t overlook the countertop finish in numbers so that you can do the math and anticipate the price;
  • Visualize the resulting kitchen design in advance, ensuring the countertop material, color, and style integrates harmoniously (scroll through Pinterest pictures or get inspiration from the latest trends, which shall be provided as follows).
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Trendy Kitchen Countertop Designs

Top Countertop Material: Sustainable Wood

Sustainable materials and eco-friendly products benefit your interior, health, and nature. Therefore, designers suggest natural wood untreated with toxic substances as one of the leading kitchen countertop trends. Moreover, expensive-looking textures, such as natural wood, are in high demand this season due to their richly-grained surfaces.

Hottest Countertop Texture: Marble

The natural finish of expensive stones is the best option for a trendy countertop, and they seem to stay the same for at least the next few seasons. Choosing a marble countertop with impressive veins is a great way to elevate the kitchen design without much effort. Consider one of the following best marble types for kitchen countertops:

  • Calacatta Borghini Marble – classy white marble with pronounced gray veins that pair with any color palette;
  • Calacatta Oro Marble – perfect alternative to the previous option, standing out through rather gold threads of color on the timeless white backdrop;
  • Carrara Silver Honed Marble – versatile gray marble with a smoky effect and subtle threads of darker gray all over the precious stone;
  • Calacatta Gold Marble – stately white stone injected with dark and gold drops of color that spread over the natural marble surface;
  • Bardiglio Marble – intense marble with dark gray and white waves of natural stone with a deep effect on the kitchen design;
  • Rainforest Green Marble – rich-grained marble with an organic green color intersected by light veins;
  • Red Ravel Jasper Marble – burgundy stone with gray and white patterns that lend this charming color intrigue and drama;
  • Blue Damasco Marble – soft blue stone with thin darker threads and more pronounced white veins;
  • Black Marquina Marble – dramatic black marble with the finest white patterns here and there;
  • Portoro Genuine Extra Marble – black stone with luxury white patterns that are intense enough to stand out pretty firmly on the dark palette.

Best Practical Countertop Material: Quartz

Out of trending kitchen countertops, quartz has been the No.1 choice for years and appears to stay the same in the coming season. The main feature that makes designers repeatedly opt for this countertop material is its high functionality and practical use. Although manufactured, quartz is mostly natural, perfectly resembling the most popular luxury stones, say, marble. 

Its low maintenance and durability draw so much attention. Did you know that quartz is much more durable than other options? If you plan to use the cooking space to the maximum, yet aesthetics is a mandatory feature, quartz is the best choice for the kitchen countertop.

Brand-New and Timeless: Terrazzo

Be among the first to try this excellent countertop design with the beloved Terrazzo style. Although known as a predominant flooring trend, Terrazzo is relatively new for kitchen countertops. 

The polished material made of concrete with chips of marble and granite is embraced more and more by designers and is expected to be the hitting countertop trend in the upcoming year. From the most neutral palette to the boldest color choice, you can add as much color and shape to your space as you want.

Contemporary Countertop Trend: Stainless Steel

Great news for the true devotees of this material in interior design. Stainless steel is topping the list of the best countertop textures to consider in 2024. Besides being an absolute show stealer, stainless steel is very resistant, durable, and low maintenance. You can choose between the shiny stainless steel surface or the brushed finish. If stainless steel countertops were considered a rather ultra-modern element used primarily in hi-tech kitchens a few years ago, now they can be safely integrated into any style, favoring those with Industrial touches.

Comeback Countertop Trend: Granite 

Granite has been fading in popularity for the last few years, shadowed by more imposing stones. Still, this year, the lasting granite comes more prepared and ready to win the designers’ hearts. Professionals bet on rich-grained granite with standout veins as an emerging kitchen countertop trend. Here are a few granite options you can consider for your kitchen countertop:

  • Viscount White Granite – resilient white rock surface with wavy lighter and darker shades of black and gray flowing through its base;
  • Negresco Granite – foggy black stone with the thinnest white lightning-like veins that perfectly resemble the black marble surface;
  • Blue Bahia Granite – magical blue granite with stone particles and splashes of darker blue accompanied by occasional bursts of gold;
  • Notturno Gold Granite – dynamic black granite with beautiful gray and gold patterns;
  • AJ Brown CC Granite – light brown surface with tinges of white and gold playfully displayed for a vibrant effect;
  • Verde Fantastico Granite – stately green granite with fine white patterns that look outstanding and organic simultaneously.

Rustic Core Countertop: Butcher Block

For lovers of natural wood countertops with a Rustic twist, professionals recommend butcher block countertops. They are made of various types of wood for an intricately textured material. What’s more, the butcher block will last you for a long time due to the possibility of refinishing it anytime you find it necessary. Unlike other options, this one works best with particular design styles, such as Farmhouse and Rustic.

Unexpected Trend: Tiled Countertop

A new trend that sparked our interest is tiled kitchen countertops. According to experts, this option is more cost-efficient. Additionally, they advise us to opt for dark-colored grout for practical reasons. Interestingly, most kitchens with such countertops have a similarly decorated backsplash, which looks much more stylish. 

Mix and Match: Combined Materials

We love the rising popularity of this versatile kitchen countertop trend. Now, you can safely use particular countertop parts for specific activities and not worry about damaging them. Think of marble and wood or stone and stainless steel. 

Countertop Color Trend: Bold

The once-trending one-tone neutral kitchen designs cannot compete with the emerging bright-colored kitchen countertop trends. According to designers, people want more color and energy. Overly neutral spaces no longer resonate with their desire to rediscover themselves and the world. 2024 may be your year to reveal your favorite color through design. Besides, green and blue countertops are expected to take the lead. You’re not sure which color looks best this season? Check out the trendiest 2024 colors.

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