Best kitchen colors with white cabinets: 7 stylish combinations to make a statement

White is one of the most used colors for kitchen cabinets. There is no wonder it is so popular as it is a neutral color that enlarges the room, brightens the space, and offers the environment a new sparkle. It should be noted that the kitchen has become more than a cooking space lately. It is a room where you can cook, take your meal, spend the day, or even use it as an office. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right color combination to match the room style and atmosphere that you want to set. Consider yourself lucky for two reasons: firstly, you will always be in trend with a white kitchen, and secondly, we are ready to share some of the best color combinations for a kitchen with white cabinets. 

We have prepared 7 stylish ideas of matching colors for white cabinets for any style and preferences. All you have to do is equip yourself with patience and a good mood. The rest will be done by us. We promise to be relevant and inspiring. 

Classic white & wood

There is no other more pleasant combination than the one between white and wood. The white color preserves the modern aspect of the kitchen, keeping it flexible, while the wood material adds comfort and elegance to the environment. 

Of course, an all-white kitchen sounds like a clean space and a breeze of freshness. But it is not that perfect without a splash of new color. This is why wood elements will add warmth to the atmosphere and texture to the kitchen cabinets. 

Furthermore, this combination can be applied within different styles, starting with the traditional one and reaching the most modern kitchen arrangement, proving one more time that white paired with wood will never get out-of-date.

Modern white & gray

Both colors are neutral and complete each other perfectly. Their soothing features work in harmony, leading to a perfect combination for the kitchen arrangement and environment. 

Furthermore, you can opt for different shades of gray. Consider a dark gray for a colder atmosphere and lighter gray for a brighter kitchen. Either way, you will not be out-of-date, as this combination has been popular for a long time. Unlike the previous combination, gray adds an urban sparkle to the kitchen. Therefore, consider it if you want a contemporary look of the kitchen.

Royal white & blue

This combination seems to have lasted over the years and is still in trend. There is no wonder why, as it adds a touch of royalty to any room. Regarding the kitchen, the traditional-style white cabinets pair perfectly with the navy-blue elements. At the same time, you could also opt for other styles as this perfect combination offers various possibilities regarding the design of the kitchen. 

There is more to come. You could also opt for other shades of blue for a new splash of color, such as teal or turquoise. They will bring freshness to the stability set by the white cabinets and establish new points of interest.

Black & white for a statement

There is no doubt that a black and white combination is a classic when it comes to interior design. Unlike the previous classic that was mentioned earlier, this one is dramatic. Due to the contrastive feature of this pairing, there are a few limitations regarding the style. It is essential not to go too extra with black. We suggest you find the appropriate balance by reducing the number of black elements till you reach a perfect result.

You could stick to any style you want as long as it fits the environment you are looking for. There are no limits in this sense, as even such styles as the minimalist or Scandinavian ones are perfect for this color combination.

Stunning white & brown

Brown is an earthy color, bringing a natural look to your kitchen. It is perfect to emphasize particular elements of the kitchen next to white cabinets. The contrastive border between these colors will lead to a balanced environment and bring stability to the room.

Furthermore, you can consider other small details of other colors if brown is too monotonous for the environment. Either way, don’t go too extra and preserve a balanced arrangement.

White & yellow for a positive effect

Yellow is a bold step, and it will fit your kitchen if you want to set a positive environment. As regards the combination, yellow matches perfectly the white color as it spreads the light all over the place and fills the atmosphere with notes of positivity.

Furthermore, you can opt for different shades of yellow and various styles. For instance, consider a bright yellow for a modern style and a soothing one for a traditional style.

Trio for a triple perfect result

Who said that you could opt for only two colors when it comes to kitchen design. You can add one more shade of color to the existing combination of white and the other color that you consider. 

It is essential to set a balance between the colors and pair them accordingly. Furthermore, not all color combinations are appropriate, particularly for a kitchen. Therefore, we prepared a list of trio combinations that would work perfectly in this sense:

  • White, blue, and gray
  • White, black, and brown
  • White, brown, and green
  • White, gray, and cream
  • White, purple, and green
  • White, black, and green
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