How to arrange pillows on a king and queen size bed

If you have the opportunity to put a queen-size bed or, even more spacious, a king-size bed in the bedroom, you can be glad that now you can relax in style. However, having placed a sleeping place in the room and picked up furniture and a rug for it, it is too early to relax – it’s time to think about the decor of the bed itself.

Contrary to the common stereotype, bed decoration should not be limited to a bedspread – even if it is very expensive, beautiful, and tastefully selected. Perhaps for a single and a half-bed, this may be enough, but just not for models of the king and queen size, which can look deserted and restless. Decorative and sleeping pillows of various shapes, sizes, and shades will help organically fit them into the interior and add coziness and volume.

If you think that it is enough for you to scatter them on the bed randomly, you are deeply mistaken. Such a messy arrangement does not carry any decorative value and only creates the feeling that someone was lying on the bed and running away without bothering to put things in order. You should take the placement of pillows more seriously – and you yourself will be surprised at how much your bedroom has changed. But first things first.

Bed pillows arrangement: basic schemes

If for a small bed, two or five pillows, placed in a row or laid flat, are sometimes enough, then this will obviously not be enough for a queen or king bed. In this case, you will need more pillows, as well as knowledge of specific layouts. However, there is no need to panic: designers have already invented everything before us. It remains only to choose the option that seems most attractive to you. So – let’s talk in more detail about the most popular arrangement options for a large number of pillows on a large bed.

  • Three-row. It is a kind of arrangement when the pillows on which you sleep are placed close to the headboard, then larger decorative pillows, then slightly smaller pillows, and so on. By choosing them to match the color of the bedspread and wallpaper, you will get an extremely harmonious composition.
  • Shapes by contrast. If there are pillows of an unusual shape in your arsenal, these pillows invariably go ahead in any composition. And this is quite logical: there is absolutely no need to hide such beauty.
  • Chamomile. The pillows are stacked in size from largest to smallest, starting from the back – and at the same time, the cushions are slightly shifted to the side so that a beautiful, somewhat flower-like composition is obtained.
  • French arrangement. It is a very harmonious and geometric scheme involving installing two large pillows at the headboard and three smaller pillows in their background. A long rectangular accessory or a neck roll pillow in the foreground is up to you.
  • European classics. A voluminous and traditional composition for lovers of many pillows. This involves sequential placement of two sleeping pillows at the head, then a row of three decorative pillows, then another row of three decorative pillows (possibly of the same size), and a couple of small accessories in front.
  • Parallel. One of the easiest options. Simply place the pillows in two parallel rows, descending in size from the headboard, so the pillows lean neatly against each other.
  • Triangle. Very nice and popular arrangement with slight asymmetry. Starting with two free-standing pillows at the head of the bed, place the next pair of pads closer together, the next one closer, and finally top it off with one pillow. So, you get a beautiful wedge-shaped composition that resembles a triangle from above – like a diagram of the placement of pins in bowling.
  • Perpendicular. In this case, the first row of pillows is placed on the bed in the usual way, and the second is placed almost vertically, leaning on it. The third and fourth rows are arranged in the same way – and if necessary, you can add a fifth. This arrangement is considered traditional and therefore looks old-fashioned and cozy.
  • Crosswise. Put two large sleeping pillows in the usual way – and place two smaller decorative pillows against them, trying to keep them upright. This layout looks laconic, modern, and quite elegant.
  • Color layout. In this case, you are guided not only by the shape but also by the color of the pillows. In the background and on the sides, light monochromatic accessories are placed, closer to the center – more colorful and with a pattern.
  • Compositional. If you have collected several pillows of the original shape and texture or with an unusual print or pattern, you can use them all on a large bed and at the same time. In this case, the composition and placement of the composition are entirely up to you: lay them out in one way or another until you achieve a result that you especially like.

So, which scheme of the above is suitable for king-size or queen-size beds? In general, you can use all of them while remembering to focus on the color and style of your bedroom. However, if you need a more straightforward guide to action, below, we will describe in more detail the most harmonious schemes.

Pillow sizes: choosing accessories for decorating the bed

Of course, you can use pillows of the same size, but this option is only suitable for small beds – queen-size and king-size will hardly tolerate such simplicity. That is why be prepared to stock up on accessories of different sizes to create a truly rich arrangement.

In this case, you should pay special attention to the pillows for sleeping since these accessories become the obligatory basis of the composition. In this case, you need to know the basic dimensions of the products – this knowledge will be beneficial to you in the store where you have to go for bedding.

So, here are the sizes of sleeping pillows you might need:

  • Standard (20×26 inches (50×66 cm)). You will need at least three of these pillows; otherwise, very uncomfortable voids may appear along the headboard line. The standard options are also often complemented by larger pillows, including in decorative compositions.
  • European (26 x 26 inches (66 x 66 cm)). Quite large square pillows that can be used for sleeping or as an add-on – European pillows are usually very comfortable to be placed under the back for reading in bed. In addition, this shape is perfect for creating beautiful arrangements in combination with rectangular pillows in standard and larger sizes.
  • Queen (20×30 inches (50×76 cm)). The rectangular pillows are quite impressive in length – enough to be used in pairs on a bed of an appropriate size and serve as the basis for a compositional group of pillows.
  • King (20×36 inches (50×91 cm)). The largest and most comfortable size for a large double bed. These pillows act as a massive and noticeable base in decorative layouts, so take care of choosing beautiful pillowcases to match the colors in your bedroom interior.

King bed pillow arrangement

A bed of such an impressive size has extensive possibilities: on it, you can not only relax with absolute comfort but also create highly harmonious and voluminous compositions from pillows. In principle, absolutely any arrangement schemes from those we talked about earlier are permissible for a king-size bed. However, designers consider four options as their favorites, which we will now discuss in more detail.

Triangle arrangement

You will need 4 king pillows, 3 euro pillows, and one round bolster or a long and narrow rectangular pillow for this arrangement. Next, we proceed as follows: we put two large pillows at the head, in front of them we line up the euro-pillows, in front of them we put another “royal” pair and finish everything with a neck roll. This option is the perfect balance of volume and restraint. However, do not forget about a small nuance: euro pillows should stand almost vertically; otherwise, you risk losing them under king-size products.

Compositional variation

This pattern is based on a wider variety of elements and includes 2 king-size pillows, 4 euro size pillows, and 3 accent pillows with an unusual texture and a more contrasting shade. How to proceed further, you probably already guessed: first, we lay the most oversized pillows, then we form a background of three euro pillows, and in the front, we put accents in artistic order. Or arbitrary – that’s up to you.

Mixed layout

In this case, you will need quite a few pillows – 2 king-size products, 3 euro size products, as well as 2 standard pillows and one accent pillow. The scheme may seem complicated at first glance, but in fact, everything is straightforward. So, you build a background of euro pillows, leaning them against the headboard. Then you put king pillows in front of them, which, in turn, become the background for standard accessories, and you complete this whole composition with an accent pillow. In such an arrangement, at least a minimal contrast in the color of pillowcases between pillows of different sizes is essential. Otherwise, the combination will turn out to be cumbersome and too faceless.

French arrangement option

To create this simple and elegant composition, you need 4 king pillows, 2 euro pillows, and one decorative neck roll. In this case, it is the euro-pillows that stand perpendicular to the headboard, in front of which larger products are placed in pairs, and complete it all with the neck roll that acts as the background. If this option of arrangement is closer to you, choose pillowcases of different colors or at least a shade for king pillows – it will turn out more exciting and energetic.

Queen bed pillow arrangement

When creating pillow compositions on a bed of this size, you have much more room to maneuver. The fact is that the difference in length between standard and queen pieces is only 10 cm, so you can substitute one for another by slightly adjusting the quantity. But first things first – let’s move on to the arrangement schemes.

European classics

You can use 4 queen or standard pillows, 2 euro pillows, and 2 accent accessories for this composition. Next, you place the 2 largest pillows at the headboard, put euro pillows in front of them, add the remaining large ones, and, finally, put decorative ones. To prevent the euro size from getting lost between the queen sizes, slide the pair from the front row closer together.

Reverse inline

You only need 5 pillows – 2 queens, 2 euros, and one decorative bolster for this laconic yet elegant combination. At the same time, the largest fit not to the headboard, as one might think, but on the contrary – the second row, leaving the European ones as a background. The roller is, as always, in front. This option is the best way to give your bed a fresh and modern look.


Everything ingenious is simple – as in this layout. Take 4 queen-size pillows, place them in pairs in two rows, and, if desired, place a roller or accent pillow in front. You may not even use pillowcases of different shades – everything will be harmonious and so.


Another straightforward scheme with a retro bias. Use queen-size pillows that are laid flat in two and add accent with one or two cushions. Such a reference to the past is incredibly good for classic interiors and loyal fans of traditional comfort.

Placing pillows on king and queen beds is like a fun puzzle game. We hope our tips will help you fold all of the pieces correctly and create a wonderful picture in your bedroom!

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