Interior doors 2020: Top 5 trends

We all know how important it is during the repair of a house or apartment to pay attention to every, it would seem, even the most insignificant detail. All this happens because we need to create an ensemble from the available components that would ideally harmonize with each other.

And interior doors in this case are no exception. After all, they perform not only a practical function, dividing among themselves all the rooms, but they can often become the highlight of your interior. Moreover, at present, manufacturers offer such a large selection of products of such a plan that you can easily find a model for your taste and wallet.

In this article we have collected all the latest trends that interior doors 2020 should correspond to. We bring them to your attention.

Interior doors 2020 of non-standard sizes

The standard dimensions of interior doors are 190 or 200 cm in height and 60-80 cm in width. Narrow options are used for bathrooms and bathtubs, and wider ones for the living room.

However, in the upcoming season, designers recommend moving away from this stereotype. They suggest using interior doors of non-standard sizes.

High doors

In trend are “high” options, with a box length of more than 2 meters. Their use helps to visually raise the ceiling.

At the same time, the height can be achieved both due to the elongated door leaf, and through the use of transoms. The latter can be rectangular or semicircular, “blind” or glazed. In 2020, such designs will be more trendy than ever.

Fashionable interior doors 2020 with transom look elegant. In addition, they can improve the natural lighting of the room. Such glazed elements of the door structure transmit light and perform the function of another window.

The door design with a stained transom will be interesting. It can be made of pieces of colored or transparent and frosted glass.

Wide doors

Pay attention also to the door with an unusually wide door leaf, as well as double-wing variants. Moreover, it is not necessary that the sashes be the same width and design. For example, the door design 2020 looks original when a wider sash is combined with a sash decorated with a glass insert.

The latest trend in 2020 is tricuspid fashion doors. Moreover, again the movable canvas on both sides is complemented by motionless transparent glass sashes. Such doors with a symmetrical configuration are perfect for classical and neoclassical interiors.

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Sliding doors 2020

Looking for up-to-date 2020 door designs for small spaces? Pay attention to the sliding models. They help save space and can act as an unusual element of zoning.

Glass options

To create a fashionable design of the room, it is proposed to combine two supertrends of interior design. You can use a glass partition with a sliding door instead of walls.

With their help, you can separate the working area from the recreation area in the kitchen-living room or bedroom from the guest.

Striped sliding doors will look interesting. For such designs, clear glass alternates with frosted stripes.

Interior doors 2020 made of wood

For eco-design, sliding doors made of light wood are perfect. They should have the simplest design with minimal hardware.

Again, the “striped” options with inserts of transparent or frosted glass are relevant.

If you want to impress everyone who enters your home, order the rustic wooden sliding interior doors.

They are made of rough boards, on which all defects and even parts of the bark are stored. The most original rustic interior doors in 2020 have a rough edge. Forged metal stands for decoration.

They fit perfectly into the eco-interior. However, these designs will be interesting to combine with the minimalist design of the home.

Door Design 2020: Decor

For the next season, beautiful interior doors with a catchy design are offered.


In the trend of inlaying door leafs by different species of wood. At the same time, we are not talking about complex, small ornaments, although they will look great in oriental style designs.

Choose drawings of abstract content or in the form of landscapes with a small amount of detail. Such an unexpected decor of interior doors will turn them into large panels.

They will decorate any room and make its interior design super-relevant.

Stained glass window

Chic fashionable doors 2020 are decorated with stained-glass windows. Such decor is currently out of competition.

Designers offer a variety of options. For interiors in historical styles, you can choose options with flowers, leaves or beautiful patterns. The modern design of the home will be decorated with interior doors with unusual stained-glass windows. The trend is “mosaic”. It can consist of large or small rectangles of colored glass of different sizes.

You can also choose stained-glass doors in the style of geometric abstract art. They perfectly complement the totally white minimalist interior.

The stained-glass interior doors for high-tech design are also in trend.

You can connect the two trends of 2020 and use stained glass sliding doors.

The stained-glass window can decorate both a door leaf, and only a transom or only motionless shutters.


The main decoration that can make even the most ordinary interior doors more relevant are the accessories.

Immediately, we say that for minimalist options, designers offer models with absolutely no accessories. More precisely, it should be almost imperceptible.

At the same time, for rooms in the Baroque, Empire style and other historical styles, bronze options encrusted with rhinestones are suitable.

Door handles in the form of crystal balls will also look original. The super trend is a metal door handle in the form of an insect.

Trendy interior doors 2020: Color

There is no particular revolution in this matter. As in the last season, green doors are super-practical. However, this year it is recommended to give preference to the coloristic trend of 2020 – the color of Neo Mint. This pale shade of green next year will be unrivaled.

By the way, it is fashionable to “mask” interior doors. For this, designers suggest painting the door exactly in the color of the wall. This solution looks original in bright colors. For example, a bright orange door will look great in combination with the same color of the wall.

Front door 2020

And finally, we want to move away from the topic of the article and write a couple of lines about what a fashionable front door of 2020 should be like.

Obviously, such designs are least affected by the changeable mode. Usually their design is chosen based on the style of the facade of the building.

However, designers continue to offer original ideas. As always, the trend is wooden entrance doors. Respectfully look and options made of metal with forged parts.

A large selection of design options allows you to choose a model even for the most modern design of the facade of the home.

By the way, transoms can decorate not only interior doors in 2020. They will be an excellent choice for entrance doors.

Now you know what the interior or front door of 2020 should look like. We hope that these tips will help you add a twist to the interior and exterior of your home.

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