How to restore shine to marble floors: 6 practical ways for a perfect result

How to restore shine to marble floors: 6 practical ways for a perfect result

There is no wonder people use marble for flooring in their houses as it is the best material when it comes to durability and affordability. Furthermore, marble adds elegance to any space and can brighten any room since it reflects the light. There is more to come. Did you know that this material makes your room look bigger? It sounds suspiciously too perfect, doesn’t it? What would be the trick? Here it is: marble flooring loses its shine over time.

You came to the right place as we will provide you with a list of 6 effective ways of restoring the shine to your marble surface by pointing out the necessary products and the process itself. We will also reveal to you some useful tips on maintaining the result. All you have to do is scroll through our recommendations, proceed to work, and enjoy the result.

Commercial cleaner for marble floor

Of course, the first solution would be to buy a commercial cleaner of this kind. What is easy about that is that you don’t have to look a lot for this product. Stores of this kind provide you with an array of cleaners for this particular flooring. 

What comes next is the cleaning process. We suggest you apply the product in a circling motion on the floor by using a clean cloth. It should be noted that you have to cover the entire surface and not miss any parts of the floor for a uniform result. 

When it comes to drying the floor, there are two ways you can do that: whether using a clean cloth to dry it manually or an electrical fan to make it easier. There is no doubt that the effect will be a shining floor that will make the marble look new and restore the brightness of your room.

Baking soda for a deep cleaning

If you are looking for ways of cleaning a marble floor by using products you can find at home, we suggest bringing in baking soda. Additionally, you can use a dish-wash solution to increase the effect.

Here is how it takes place: mix baking soda with a few drops of dish-wash liquid in a bucket with water. The next step is to apply this product on the floor by using a clean cloth or a sponge. By the way, a much easier way to apply the solution would be to use a mop. All you have to do next is rinse with water and let the surface dry. 

When it comes to baking soda, there is no doubt that the result will be perfect. You are probably acquainted with the effective use of this product as it is applied in many cases when there is a need for a deep clean.

Dish-wash liquid & warm water

There is no easier way of cleaning the floor than using warm water and dish-wash liquid. It is probably the most efficient way since you don’t have to spend any money on it, and the products themselves are to be found at home. 

How does it work? This way: the dish-wash liquid will lift all stains from the floor, while the warm water will make this process effective. In this sense, you could use a sponge or a mop for a faster process. 

We suggest you consider this means of cleaning the marble floor as it will not damage the marble surface the way other acidic substances do. For instance, we do not recommend such substances as vinegar or lemon to be used many times as they will reduce the shining effect of the marble surface.

Water + cornstarch + dish-wash liquid

This is another solution that implies using water and dish-wash liquid, but there is another element to increase the effect – cornstarch or cornflour if you like it this way. 

You probably wonder what cornflour has to do with marble. Actually, a lot more than you think. Here is why: a few tablespoons of this product can remove the layer on the floor that causes discoloration.

Follow the next steps: mix dish-wash liquid with a few tablespoons of cornflour in a bucket with water. Use a clean cloth to apply it on the floor and another towel to dry the surface. This solution will remove the dullness from the floor and restore the shining effect.

Marble polishing paste

If you are looking for a product particularly for polishing purposes, a polishing paste for a marble floor is what you need. It will not cost you much and can be found in any supermarket. 

This solution works a little bit differently from the ones mentioned earlier. The paste has to be applied on the floor and left there for fifteen minutes before polishing the floor, using a clean cloth. 

It should be noted that particularly the polishing process is the most important part in this case. You have to buff the paste to achieve a result.

Marble polisher

If you came this far, it means you are looking for a professional way of bringing the shining effect back to your floor. There is no doubt that the best solution in this sense is a marble polisher. Especially if the previous tricks do not work for you anymore, you have to buy a polisher. 

There is more to come. Such a type of polisher is known as a diamond polisher. Would you like to know why? It works by stripping the upper layer of the floor, removing all scratches. It should be noted that this solution is best used for marble flooring on which other products already do not work.

As you have probably noticed, there are various solutions for restoring the shine of a marble floor. Each of them is to be used for particular cases, relying on the gravity of the situation. Therefore, the best advice in this sense is to take care of your marble floor from the start as its biggest enemy is neglect. 

Practical tips on maintaining a marble floor

We would also like to provide you with an array of practical tips on maintaining a marble floor. We suggest you go through the following list and pay attention to the aspects that are to be tackled.

  • Remove on a daily basis the dirt from the marble surface by using a dust mop. We suggest you use a soft one, without chemicals. It should be noted that the mop has to be cleaned after every use.
  • Use rugs at the entry points for wiping your feet before stepping on the marble floor. It will keep scratching materials from damaging the surface. 
  • Consider a vacuum cleaner with brush attachments without wheels in order not to damage the surface.
  • Clean the surface with appropriate solutions, avoid acidic substances, and use soft materials for wiping and drying the floor.

Marble floor is a bold decision when it comes to interior design. There is no doubt that it is not that easy to take care of such a surface. Nevertheless, the sparkle it offers to the room decor is fascinating. Furthermore, if you maintain its shine, this effect will be part of your room for a long time. The better you maintain it, the easier it will be in the future to restore it. Therefore, we suggest you stick, first of all, to our recommendations of maintaining marble floors. Don’t worry if your problem is more serious than that. Find a suitable solution from the ones we provided you with, and the result will speak for itself.

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