How to choose wallpaper by room

In an era of simplicity and functionality, wallpapers still hold one of the leading roles when it comes to wall decoration. Furthermore, the new designs that keep pace with the latest trends prove that wallpapers are an all-time go-to option. Still, the wide range of possibilities may get you overwhelmed. There is no place for worries! Stay trendy and original with our wallpaper design ideas, accompanied by useful tips! We will reveal unique approaches for every room of your house, teach you how to make the most of such design solutions, and inspire you for a change.

Living room wallpaper

The largest range of design solutions probably refers to the living room. First of all, this is the space you and your family spend the most time, meaning the wallpaper has to replicate all design preferences. Secondly, it is a multi-purpose space, which opens an even wider sea of possibilities. Not least, this is where your guests come to relax, which implies options that feel welcoming. Designers suggest going with a bit from each part and staying original. 

  • Consider unobtrusive patterns. You can go for any pattern that feels stylish to you, keeping it discreet. These shapes should be slightly perceived without drawing much attention. Maybe a bit of romantic floral motifs or contemporary geometric shapes? It is up to you.
  • Opt for soft colors. A space where you and your guests can fully relax and forget about the daily routine requires a delicate approach to the background color. Consider warm-colored wallpaper, such as calm variations of orange, soothing shades of yellow, or the no-fail beige. Still, a vibrant color would surely go for creative minds that find escape in dynamic interiors.
  • Keep it personal. The living room is still a space where you spend the most time with your family or yourself. Go with a living room wallpaper design that feels close to you and is all about comfort, a beautiful memory, a familiar pattern, or a calming shade. Dive deep into your inner self: maybe a mural that replicates an astonishing place you visited is what you are looking for?

Master bedroom wallpaper

The bedroom is your escape from the world where everything should keep pace with your preference, emotional needs, and lifestyle. Of course, wallpaper is a perfect thing to start with. Set a personal environment that reflects your personality and makes you feel safe. Don’t hesitate to go with your favorite colors and patterns that feel close to you, while we will try to draw a general image of how bedroom wallpaper should look.

  • Go botanical. We again refer to the floral solution and everything green; this time, there is no romantic reference. Consider modern floral or leaf patterns for a blooming effect that radiates vibrancy, while a soothing shade will keep it calm and serene. The last part is played by the exquisitely modern patterns that feel the space with a contemporary sense. 
  • Stick to unobtrusive, relaxing, and soothing shades. We cannot simply suggest any other colors but soothing ones for a place that requires calmness, ease, and peace. According to interior designers, the best colors to direct your attention to are pale variations of blue, pink, and gray. 
  • “Escape” in the literal sense of the word. Opt for wallpaper designs that make you forget about problems and help you dive deep into your thoughts to find peace with yourself. A great solution is to consider wallpapers that replicate the forest ambiance, the mountain scenery, or the beautiful sunset.

You can find all these models and many more on Ever Wallpaper.

Guest bedroom wallpaper

Although showing a bit of your style is important, the essential aspect in this sense is still comfort. Furthermore, different people have different perceptions of comfort, and going with wallpapers that replicate this concept at a general level is the right option. To be precise: consider designs regarded as trendy, unique, and appropriate for such spaces from a general perspective.

  • Choose comfy colors and prints. We cannot give up on florals since this design feels familiar and pleases everyone. The soothing colors are what this solution needs. The result is discreet floral patterns that add visual interest colored in pale shades that feel the room with comfort and offer a welcoming effect.
  • Less personality, more crowd-pleasing. This is not what we go for when it comes to design. Still, a bedroom for guests with different tastes should be neutralized at a level to please everyone, unless you want to keep your guests intrigued; then go with dramatic shades and unusual patterns.
  • Get creative. In contrast with the master bedroom, this space does not necessarily have to be sleep-inducing. Dive deep into your imagination and come up with unusual designs to impress your guests. The go-to solution is murals of any pattern and shade.

Kitchen wallpaper

Alongside the living room, the kitchen is one of the most visited spaces. Whether you gather there with your family, drink your tea in the morning, or prepare dinner, this space requires a unique approach that brings something new while keeping it pleasing to everyone. Try to find a common feature among your preferences and come to an original solution.

  • Go beyond borders. Keep it neutral in the working area while going with an accent for the rest of the space. Vibrant solutions acquire a new look within minimalist interiors, bringing a refined air of positivity. Still, don’t go too extra in kitchens underlined with bold colors.
  • New patterns for a new perspective. Add texture to your kitchen through vibrant geometric patterns. Again, neutral interiors are required so that the wallpapers complete the design rather than add unnecessary details.
  • Functional wallpaper. The kitchen is the space where functionality comes in the first place, particularly when it comes to wallpaper. We suggest opting for antimicrobial surfaces to prevent bacteria growth in an overly-moisturized space like this. Such solutions refer to rather busy kitchens, although you can easily go for it to keep the wallpaper functional.

Dining room wallpaper

The dining room is not only about taking your meal. It is also about spending time pleasantly. There is no easier way to set an environment than going with appropriate wallpaper. Stick to a solution that feels comfy and pleasing to you. Is it repetitive patterns or a standout mural? It is up to you – still, a few tips from us.

  • Choose nature-inspired murals. Bring nature as close as possible and feel this space with an ambiance close to your inner sense of beauty. Go with soft-colored patterns replicating plants, animals, or sceneries to add visual interest so that you can pleasantly enjoy your morning coffee or impress your guests at dinner.
  • Stick to abstraction. Do not opt for a defined statement. Go beyond the limits with abstract patterns and let your imagination do the rest. This solution cannot simply get outdated since every new glance offers a unique perspective.
  • Go with a few drops of watercolor. The watercolor wallpaper has been gaining popularity lately, and an appropriate approach to color, meaning appetizing variations, is a perfect complement. It would discreetly add visual interest and offer this space a trendy look.

Bathroom wallpaper

Firstly, consider vinyl wallpapers to ensure your walls don’t get wet. Secondly, go with a design that matches your style and either goes hand in hand with the overall interior or adds an accent. Keep it soothing and neutralized for a stylish solution that stays trendy.

  • Stick to Minimalism. The simpler the design, the trendier the result. Opt for minimalist linear patterns or repetitive and simple shapes. Keep the wallpapers as neutral as possible and put the accent on the furniture.
  • Soothing floral motifs. The floral solution cannot skip the bathroom. Still, a neutral approach is required with delicate blooming patterns colored in unobtrusive shades. The overly white bathroom will be filled with splashes of color that soften the environment while keeping it sleek and contemporary.
  • Go wild, say original. Although the contemporary solutions imply a neutral design, we suggest switching the accents with places and making the wallpaper a point of interest. Creative minds will surely appreciate the brass-detailed wallpaper for an Art Deco statement, the classic black and white design for a timeless effect, or funny patterns, such as a fishy approach.
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