Gray Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Fall in Love With

Gray will always be one of the most practical and stylish color choices in interior design. No wonder many homeowners and interior designers consider it one of the best colors for the bathroom. Small or large, minimalist or vintage, practical or stylish, we’ve gathered a bouquet of top gray bathroom vanity ideas to match your taste. 

Is gray a good color for the bathroom vanity?

One of the best. It manages to stay practical and stylish simultaneously. Despite being the color we are used to, gray surprises us every time due to the vast sea of design possibilities. At some level, it feels luxurious and timeless. Moreover, most experts associate it with a spa-like effect in the bathroom. Who might have thought such a neutral color could bring so much sophistication to the bathroom?

What color walls go with a gray bathroom vanity?

We all know gray is a versatile color that goes with everything. Still, a gray vanity works best in the bathroom besides similarly neutral shades, such as white or beige. Nevertheless, you can opt for more vivid hues if you need more color. Try pastel blues or greens paired with a gray vanity; they look equally astonishing.

Light Gray Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Pair a light gray vanity with white walls in the bathroom and enjoy the spacious and airy result. Even more, designers recommend using gold or black hardware to add more balance.

Dark Gray Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Try a darker shade of gray, even as far as a charcoal tone, to add more depth to your bathroom design. Interestingly, black hardware works here as well. Moreover, we suggest a dark gray bathroom vanity in a larger bathroom.

Small Bathroom Ideas with Gray Vanity

If you are limited in the bathroom space, try a gray open-frame vanity. It will considerably add space to your bathroom. At the same time, a light or dark gray shade will timelessly accompany your bathroom.

Green-Gray Bathroom Vanity

You shouldn’t necessarily choose a true gray shade for your bathroom vanity. Consider a new variation, the organic green-gray. It will beautifully underline the exclusive style of your bathroom.

Blue-Gray Bathroom Vanity

Not a fan of sage, or as we call it, green-gray? Try this gorgeous duo of blue and gray. Embrace the refreshing charm of this ocean gray variation and create a new individuality for your bathroom.

Gray Vanity & Marble Top

Make a Hellenistic statement in your bathroom by pairing luxe gray shades on the bathroom cabinets with a dark or light marble top. Stay in style with this trendy bathroom design idea.  

Gray Vanity with Wood Top

Get that cozy Rustic feel with a naturally textured wood vanity top paired with gray cabinets. Enjoy the cozy effect and ensure practicality with an additional waterproof finish.

Modern Gray Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Stay on the modern side with a sleek and minimalist floating bathroom vanity decorated with the most contemporary color ever – gray. Try handleless cabinet doors, smooth finishes, little to no accessories, and decluttered surfaces. Get the complete modern bathroom guide on Hackrea. 

Think Luxe and Elevated

Recreate a luxe bathroom design with the highly rated bathroom vanity design, all of gray marble with a floating feature. Note that this option doesn’t include storage. Yet, nothing tops its endlessly beautiful effect on the bathroom design.

Industrial Twist: Concrete Bathroom Vanity

Instead of traditional gray-colored bathroom cabinets, opt for a floating concrete vanity and add that edgy feel to your bathroom. Mainly as an Industrial accent, yet perfect for a Rustic design concept, this gray bathroom vanity idea is a show-stealer.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Gray Vanity

Choose contrasting wall tiles in the bathroom to underline the originality of the vanity design. So far, subway tiles in dark colors are designers’ favorites. 

Get in the Cozy Mood: Greige Vanity Ideas

If your bathroom seems too cold and unwelcome, change this effortlessly with a greige, aka gray with beige, bathroom vanity. Mandatorily pair it with gold hardware and be prepared not to get enough of this magical feel of comfort.

Gray Vanity with Dressing Table

If you have enough space, choose gray for a bathroom vanity and dressing table combo. Gray will save as much space as possible and won’t keep your bathroom enclosed. 

A Drop of Gray on Wood Finish

Get the high-class look with gray-painted wooden cabinets – one of the trendiest bathroom ideas with a gray vanity. Let the revealing wood grains add texture to your design.

Think Out of the Box

Although neutrals are the best color match for a gray bathroom vanity, designers still leave a tiny space for interpretation. Thus, choose brighter companions, such as green, blue, pink, or orange, and celebrate the moment.

Gray Vanity Bathroom Idea: Mediterranean

Try this top gray bathroom vanity idea by decorating this space in your home with an open-frame vanity, preferably of wood, with a gray top, be it of concrete or stone. Moreover, think of plastered walls and organic texture accessories. Keep it bright and natural.

Modern Cottage Bathroom

This updated Cottage bathroom design idea with a gray vanity is one of the most exclusive options. Get a perfect design concept that speaks original to you through wall paneling, vintage wallpaper, brass or bronze hardware, and the main character – a large gray vanity with traditional features. 

Regardless of which gray bathroom vanity idea you liked more, you’ll stay on trend. Give gray a try in your bathroom, and become the owner of an updated bathroom design concept that speaks to you individually.

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