Ultimate Guide on Geometric Wallpaper: Products, Tips, and Ideas

Geometric shapes are the focus of most design styles, and we cannot deny their relevance in contemporary design. Featuring exclusive simplicity yet bringing visual interest to the space, the geometric design is undeniably one of the top wallpaper trends. In this respect, let’s explore some of the top geometric wallpaper products experts shared. Stay tuned for exclusive styling recommendations at the end.

Best Geometric Wallpaper Models

MelunMer Gold Geometric Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wall decor in white accessorized with gold-polished graphic patterns. These repetitive intersected beehive shapes visually enhance the space and add a note of original style when used on walls or furniture.

Heroad White and Gray Graphic Wall Cover

Modern self-adhesive wallpaper with silver geometric forms depicted on a white canvas. This is a waterproof, removable, and easy-to-clean wallpaper that you can use for wall decor or furniture redesign.

Saffiyya Black and Gold Geometric Wallpaper

Statement wall cover revealing visually appealing graphic print in gold on a contrastive black vinyl-finish paper. Add a moody vibe to a modern interior by considering accent walls or decorating all walls with this catchy peel-and-stick decorative paper.

Heroad Beige Circular Vinyl Wallpaper

Enjoy the visual effect of this minimalist self-adhesive wallpaper decorated with circles. Both modern and traditional interiors would benefit from the textured and dynamic design of this multipurpose wallpaper that you can use on walls and furniture.

Osecage Beige Beehive Wall Decoration

The exclusive design of this peel-and-stick wallpaper consists of pairing watercolor stripes into beehive forms. The alluring yet minimalist design is a safe option for all design styles. Think of redecorating an old piece of furniture. 

Heroad Black and Gold Chevron Wallpaper

This glossy geometric wallpaper with illusionary graphic patterns is perfect for a feature wall in your living room, bedroom, or home office. This thick vinyl wallpaper won’t look less stylish on a dresser or vanity cabinet.

Jeweluck Black and White Wallpaper

Expert-choice wallpaper design replicating varied geometric forms, professionally combined into a creatively stylish composition. The timeless black-and-white combination adds even more interest. Use this waterproof paper in utilitarian spaces and on furniture safely.

Kitiko Minimalist Chevron Wallpaper

Multipurpose wallpaper depicting linear chevron patterns in black and white. This versatile wall decor will add dimension to your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. Easy to install and even easier to clean, you won’t have any problem with this geometric wall cover.

Erfoni Black and White Stripe Wallpaper

This enhanced vinyl wallpaper decorated with modern graphic prints will update your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or bathroom. A balanced yet original wallpaper design like this will never disappoint.

RoomMates Modern Abstract Wall Art

This quality vinyl wallpaper illustrates an interactive design with abstract triangular shapes in the timeless black-and-white combination. Made of water and stain-resistant vinyl, this geometric wall covering is also suitable for kitchen and bathroom walls or furniture.

GloryTik Art Deco Feature Wallpaper

This statement wallpaper in black and gold is the perfect accent in traditional and modern interiors. Its glamorous trace adds style to its functionality, ensured by a waterproof finish. You can use it on walls, cabinets, or dressers. 

HAOKHOME Minimalist Arched Wall Cover

Ultra-modern wall decor consisting of arched graphic patterns in black and white to update walls, furniture, and backsplashes. The exclusive design also works for DIY projects. Waterproof, smooth surface, and multifunctionality describe this product best. 

VEELIKE Multicolor Geometric Wall Covering

Choose this trendy wall art for a quick update in living or utilitarian spaces. Since it is a quality vinyl wall covering, you can use it on walls, backsplashes, and furniture. The combination of well-balanced colors adds appeal.

Kitiko Modern Art Deco Wallpaper

White geometric wallpaper imitating updated Art Deco patterns. This self-adhesive cover has water and stain-resistant abilities that perfectly suit walls in any room regardless of the design style. 

CHICHOME Modern Black and White Wallpaper

Multipurpose peel-and-stick wallpaper decorated with linear hexagons on a white canvas. This versatile vinyl wallpaper will stylishly decorate walls and furniture. Think of an effortless side table, cabinet, or desk update by renovating them with wallpaper.

Heroad Retro Neutral 3D Wallpaper

Borrowing vibrancy from retro styles and keeping its modern design, this minimalist circular-patterned wallpaper knows how to uplift a room’s design. Feel free to use it on kitchen cabinets, bathroom backsplashes, or living room side tables – its waterproof feature won’t disappoint. 

CiCiwind Black and Gold Striped Wallpaper

Enjoy the visually appealing effect of this removable wall cover that will catch your attention with gold striped hexagons on a black background. It looks exceptionally trendy and stylish. Due to its waterproof finish, you can also apply this art to kitchens and bathrooms, whether backsplashes or cabinets.

Feisoon Modern Trellis Decorative Paper

This modern geometric wallpaper of thick vinyl with a water-resistant finish is one of the best choices for the bathroom or kitchen. Besides its unique design, you’ll find it practical, especially in utilitarian spaces. 

VEELIKE Modern Abstract Wall Decor

Vinyl wallpaper decorated with the boldest abstract art that you can add to kitchen, bedroom, living room, or bathroom walls. This self-adhesive wallpaper better fits statement walls due to its rich pattern.

Wallderful Colorful Abstract Wall Art

This Bohemian circular wallpaper is decorated with an amalgam of colorful circles that will boost the overall design. Add this pop of color and shape to walls, or start a tiny DIY project by decorating side tables, nightstands, cabinets, or drawers.  

Fiula White and Gold Beehive Wallpaper

Modern wall cover decorated with gold-polished hexagons that will harmoniously integrate into the kitchen or bathroom. Style equals practicality, and this geometric wallpaper shows impressive functionality due to its water-resistant feature and thickness.

Heroad Blue Hexagon Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wall cover depicting unique blue graphic patterns. It will add the proper accent to an overly minimalist design. The natural texture looks fashionable next to such wall decor. Since it is waterproof and easy to clean, you can use it in bathrooms and kitchens without risking its design. 

Fiula White Hexagon Wallpaper

Modern geometric wall covering option imitating the trending beehive tiles. This waterproof vinyl wallpaper suits bathrooms and kitchens best. You’ll enjoy this tile replacement, which is more affordable, easy to install, and clean. 

LXCREAT Blue and Gold Geometric Wallpaper

Self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper with a Modern geometric design. The curved golden shapes on a deep blue canvas add confidence and interest to the design. Renovate a furniture piece or add shape to walls.

WENMER Blue and White Graphic Wall Cover

Entertaining self-adhesive wallpaper with a blue and white hexagon design. This thick, water-resistant wallpaper is a suitable option for walls and furniture in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. Think of integrating it into a DIY idea.

ReWallpaper Black and White Stripes Cover

Washable, removable, and self-adhesive – this trendy geometric wall cover is a real find in contemporary interiors. With a light palette and intriguing print, this decoration will add interest to walls or furniture.

VaryPaper Retro Multicolor Wallpaper

Retro is back, and this stylish, colorful wallpaper with catchy graphic prints will personalize your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and even bathroom. You can experience this splash of color in any room due to the waterproof effect.

ZFBIZHI Geometric Silk Mural

Non-peel-and-stick. This standout mural wallpaper catches your attention with its vibrant graphic shapes in various shades of bold tones. With a subtle Retro appeal, it will become a great focus in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or kids’ room.

Livebor Classic Circular Wall Cover

With a traditional black-and-white design, this attractive circle-patterned wall cover adds value to your home design. You can use it anywhere you like since its vinyl finish suits most utilitarian and living spaces. 

Geometric Wallpaper Design Ideas

Here are a few practical tips on making your geometric wallpaper look the best in your home.

  • Combine geometric-patterned walls with wooden furniture, which can either emphasize the graphic print or create a beautiful contrast.
  • Black and white is a timeless duo for a geometric wall cover that works with any design style.
  • Make the staircase stand out by decorating the vertical surface with geometric prints.
  • Create order and harmony in a room using symmetric-pattern geometric wall decor.
  • Use asymmetric-pattern wallpaper to camouflage uneven surfaces and bring interest to the space.
  • Bold geometric wall decoration better suits feature walls to unfold their aesthetic effect, while minimalist geometric prints suit all walls.
  • Simple shapes like dots or stripes on a neutral background are the best option for bedrooms.
  • Rich shades and catchy shapes are a must for dining room wallpaper, adding engaging charm.
  • Green and blue wallpaper depicting abstract forms or imitating tiles is the perfect option for bathrooms.
  • Entryways and hallways are an introduction to interior design and can benefit from catchy geometric prints or classic stripes.

What to Consider When Buying Geometric Wallpaper


Each room looks best when decorated with specific geometric shapes and colors, depending on lighting conditions, design styles, and personal taste. While a living room looks stylish with a statement wall decorated with Retro geometric wallpaper – abstract art in bold tones, a bedroom would benefit from an all-over wall neutral palette diluted with classic stripe patterns.


If you want to decorate a kitchen backsplash and bathroom walls or renovate furniture with geometric wallpaper, look for vinyl covers; their waterproof and stain-resistant surface is easy to clean. For living spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, or dining rooms, you can consider fabric wallpaper for extra texture.

Design Style

Graphic prints are a favored choice in various design styles. You’ll never go wrong with geometric wall decor in Modern, Vintage, Art Deco, and Scandinavian styles. 


What geometric shapes are suitable for graphic wallpaper?

Dots come in various shapes and colors, reflecting playful charm. Squares and rectangular shapes have a solid impact on wall decor; take, for instance, the trending checkerboard. Triangles fill the space with entertaining energy and dimension. Rhombuses are some of the most popular, especially when paired with black and white. Hexagons are true eye-catchers and are used mainly in Retro styles. Lines can be used solely or combined with other geometric patterns; stripes are the trendiest. Arches add illusionary beauty to a space, yet color plays an essential role; these can be attention-stealing bright shades with a Retro twist or minimalist color combinations for modern interiors.

What are the best colors to choose for graphic wallpaper?

Interior designers and homeowners prefer gray, blue, green, black-and-white, metallic, and multicolor. Each brings particular value to design and speaks to specific design styles.

Which rooms best suit geometric wallpaper?

Workspaces, relaxation areas, and rooms where you gather with all family members are representative of the wallpaper decorated with geometric shapes. The top spaces are hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, home offices, bathrooms, and kids’ rooms.

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